An evaluation of Ding Lei "horizontal worry", triggered Ding Lei and the public author of the author!Discuss from the point of view, threatened?

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An evaluation of Ding Lei "horizontal worry", triggered Ding Lei and the public author of the author!Discuss from the point of view, threatened?

2022-01-15 12:06:02 9 ℃

On January 12th, a public number issued "Ding Lei is wrong", opposing NetEase CEO Ding Lei's recommendations for "Unified Smart Electronic Equipment Charger Standard Port", the last sentence of the article "Level is worrying."

On January 14th, this public number issued "I was threatened by Ding Lei", indicating that the legal letter sent from the NetEase's legal department, called its previous article as "destroyed".

Subsequently, netizens discussed broadly, as well as NetEase "with large bullying".

Summary, the key points of the two parties "grievances" are not the view of the unified charger standard, but they all believe that the other party has no "things", a comment, you can't, a buckle "诋诋", two sentences The other side is stimulated.

A person who reported the incident revealed Sina Finance "5D survey", Ding Lei recommended that the integration of the charger standard is from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, he is very hoped to promote this matter.

In fact, about this point of view, there is always a discussion in the network. NetEases feel that if there is no problem, objective discussion is no problem, but the problem is in the last sentence of the article, the ability to evaluate Ding Lei. After the communication of privately deletion, the NetEase legal department issued such a letter that uses severe wording such as "destruction".

After the release of the second public account, NetEase is considered "Large bullying", wording improperly, and NetEase also have problems with the problem. According to reports, NetEase did actually feel very wronged, and thought that many efforts were also said to be said, and the heart was not a taste.

The public number of the two articles published the above two articles also told things through the "5D investigation" of Sina Finance and confirmed the above statement.

Laiping said that after the first article is released, Netease is contacted him and hopes to modify some words. "He said that the front (referring to the point of view) is no problem, but thinking that the last sentence is not very good, let me delete the manuscript. I said that I have no problem, I will definitely not delete. Later, he said that you can't tell you the last sentence. I can change, I said it. Later, I have used this manuscript to change the permissions. I can't change it. I will communicate with him. I can't change it, I can't change it, it is so simple. "

Yu Ping said that it is very good, "suddenly became murdered in the evening, I was shocked."

"Yesterday I wrote (I referred to" I was threatened by Ding Lei "), I told him, I said that you sent this thing (refer to the letter), is it serious. If it is serious, I will reply seriously, and I don't care about me, then I have to write this article. "For the letter sent by the law, he said" I am going online, too scraping. "

As at the afternoon of January 14, Netease is again connected to him, and the information will apologize to him. But because of private chat, it is inconvenient to publish specific information content. In addition, it is currently revoked for complaints for its public accounts. (Sina Finance Liu Kai Tai)