The three major index of the US stock market rose, no one in the popular stocks

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The three major index of the US stock market rose, no one in the popular stocks

2022-01-15 12:05:30 4 ℃

On Friday, the US stock market has not fallen, cut off the close, and the road fell by 0.56%, and the Nag is 0.59%, and the S & P 500 index rose 0.08%. The bank stocks are weak, and the financial report is not expected to fell in Wall Street. Morgan Datong fell over 6%, Morgan Stanley fell more than 3%, and Citi fell over 1%. Top Overaids have risen, and there are more than 4% of spells, Jingdong, and 哔 rose over 3%. The Gaming Unit is high, and the Jinsha Group has increased by 14%, and the Yongli resort has increased by 8%.

Global economy

Tighten the strongest sound! Federal Reserve Director: If the inflation is high, I am afraid this year, I am 5 times.

Looking back over the past six months, the US inflation level has been greatly innovative. Since the 3% of the April last year, it has risen until 7% in December, from the new high-income of the three years, gradually evolved into the peak of 30 years.

A round of US loose policy with a copy cycle: US stocks walk out of the long cattle, slow cow

We conducted a reset of assets, US dollars, renminbi, and Chinese bonds during the previous round of US loose policies. We found that the US debt yields have taken place in the TAPER Talk, and the subsequent tightening policies have also produced air effects but offset by other factors.

The dawn of global supply chain pressure relief has been

Supplier delivery has begun to improve, and the production bottleneck is gradually digested, and the efficiency has improved, and there is no more serious clogging and blocking in international and US domestic transport. US consumer inflation is expected to fall, and inflation is alleviated for monetary policy.

US stocks focus

"Wood Sister" doubles the year

After the 150% historical brilliant achievement, "Cathiewood", "Cathiewood", "Cathiewood", is over the past year, "Waterloo" in the past year, fell more than 20%. The main reason for this fund loss is a few heavy warehouse stocks.

US technology stocks also: Tesla plummeted 450 billion micro-soft fell 600 billion! The stock is also madness: B stops over 10%

Another important indicator of the United States measures inflation PPI elderly continuous explosive table brush, the year-on-year increase continues to innovate! But the growth rate is slightly lower than the market expectation.

US stock company

Tesla: December 2002, 22 super charging stations and 128 super charging piles on 21 cities across the country (county)

According to Tesla WeChat public information, December 2021, 22 super charging stations and 128 super charging piles were launched in 21 cities across the country (county).

After the ford is a hundred billion, the market is still below 1

Ford Auto ( rebounded and successfully breakdown by $ 10 billion, but this still does not affect its quite strange existence as a market: the market value below the revenue.

Meta Platforms is controlled by a market dominance in the UK to face more than 2.3 billion pounds

According to reports, Meta Platforms (FB.O) facing more than 2.3 billion pounds (about $ 3.2 billion) in the UK, which uses 44 million users of personal data due to its allegations of abuse of market dominance.

Melody CFO: Chip supply is tightly tightened to 2022 every week

David Reeder, Chief Financial Officer, Crystal Fudal Foundries, is estimated that the supply of the chip industry last year will continue to this year, indicating that the core has received several tongs and additional orders.

Ali across border e-commerce transformation accelerates Jiang Fan to play overseas "first fire"

In December 2021, Ali ushered in a major organizational architecture adjustment. Former Taobao Tmall President Jiang Fan is responsible for the newly established "overseas digital commercial" sector, in charge of two overseas business, Alibaba International Station, and Lazada, etc. The heavy responsibility of strategy.