Commercial Restaurant Observation: Annual Inventory | Top Ten Keywords to understand 2021 Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial Restaurant Observation: Annual Inventory | Top Ten Keywords to understand 2021 Commercial Real Estate

2022-01-15 18:06:04 12 ℃

Time pointers have been pointed to 2022, reviewing the commercial real estate market in the past year, there is a surprise. We are happy to see that the industry is in the challenge, and it is also accelerating innovation and seeks the dawn of the breakout during the transition pain period.

This paper passes the top ten key words of the national commercial real estate in 2021 to experience the rapid changes in the market, and also perceive the future of commercial real estate development opportunities.


Three red lines

In August 2020, the central bank, the Bank of China and other institutions proposed an indicator requirements for real estate enterprises, that is, after eliminating the pre-receiving payment, the asset-liability rate does not exceed 70%, and the net liability ratio does not exceed 100%, and the cash short debt ratio is greater than 1.

The "three red lines" continued to play potential energy in 2021, which has brought a huge impact on the entire real estate industry, and the commercial real estate as an important part of the real estate market is not available.

Under the "three red lines" constraints, the risk of the housing and enterprises increased, and after the opening of the new commercial project, the new speed of the market slowdown, and the housing industry class was "cured" to a certain degree.

On the other hand, large-scale housing enterprises that have strong capital power, the credit risk of small and medium-sized housing enterprises in the curve overtaking, selling speed, and poor degradation, and the overall market will present differentiation.


Real Estate Technology

In the context of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, block chains, more and more housing companies began to devote from PropTech.

In the current real estate application scenario, PropTech concentrated on development, intelligent home, property management, real estate loans, spatial management, leases and other fields.

According to market surveys, nearly 15% of commercial real estate or real estate sectors will digitize the strategic choice for future enterprises, and the industry spreads rapidly in the industry.

Especially under the influence of the epidemic, PROPTECH will use Proptech as a powerful driving force that promotes industry change in the next few years, whether in wisdom office, smart barrel, or retail real estate.


Real estate investment trust fund

Real estate investment trust fund (REITS) is an important means of real estate securitization. Real estate securitization is the financial transaction process of financial transactions in securities assets in the capital market in real estate, non-securities.

In the context of the transformation of the trust industry, trust companies participated in the enthusiasm of asset securitization in recent years, and in 2021 overall business ushered in explosive growth.

According to statistics, 2021 market trust companies participated in asset securitization products were issued 944 orders, and the scale reached 171,7367 billion yuan. Under the policy orientation of the economic development, it is foreseeable that the asset securitization market has great growth space. .


Logistics real estate

In recent years, with the introduction of the industrial policy of my country's logistics hub, all policies have been continuously released, making the logistics real estate market competition prominent, and various participants have entered the logistics real estate market.

In particular, the rapid development of fresh e-commerce and high-end manufacturing and other industries, so that the demand for high standards is growing, so that high-standard circles are not reduced in 2021, which is favored by various investors. At the end of 2021, my country's high standard warehouse is about 70 million square meters.

As the development pattern of logistics real estate is further clear, the industry will drive the industry to depth transition to intelligent warehousing, green warehousing, etc.


Green real estate

In 2020, my country clearly put forward the goal of "striving for carbon-up peaks in 2030, 2060 years ago". Under the influence of the double-carbon strategy, in 2021, the concept of "green real estate" was promoted in the commercial real estate market, and the industry's overall trend is moving toward the green economy.

Many developers are based on profitability. Under the premise of building aesthetics, many of the construction aesthetics, with the principle of the ecosystem, the cultivation of the harmonious society as the connotation, energy-saving and environmental protection technology is supported according to the establishment of the green building standard. Commercial real estate project.

Today, more and more owners and tenants have recognized the many advantages of green certified commercial real estate projects, such as economic benefits, will promote the rapid development of green buildings in the fields of office buildings, retail, industrial and hotels, will also promote city Green update process.


Business management light asset

In recent years, the "light assets" model of commercial real estate has quietly rise. With the development of REITS, "business management light assets" became a hot topic in 2021.

Light assets are relative to heavy assets, most of the light asset operations is to make their own assets in the way of living storage assets and brand output, and use relatively small costs to shake large business.

In addition, after-sales rental, commercial trust, cooperative development and other means have gradually become a means of commercial real estate enterprises to achieve light asset management, and gradually gradually increase the value-added service benefits from earning asset appreciation benefits.


Reorganization M & A

In 2021, it was a "big shuffle" period of Housing Enterprise entered the survival of the fittest. Compared to the market abandoned, more housing enterprises were continued to survive or depart, and the M & A market was collected. play.

According to the statistics of the point of view, as of October 23, 2021, the number of mergers and acquisitions under the second class of WIND real estate has a total of 572, which is 156 in the same period last year; the total amount is 47.6123 billion yuan, which is 2.359 billion compared with the same period last year. The amount of single mergers and acquisitions this year is 832 million yuan, which is 26.7% over last year. As the participating main body "big fish eats small fish" receipt mergers, the future of the commercial real estate market will continue to be highlighted.


Flexible office

The 2020 epidemic has spawned the "flexible office" boom, which continued until 2021.

Currently, there have been more and more enterprises to discover the elastic leases and on-demand regulation of flexible office, which can be more scientifically cost management and risk control to increase asset liquidity and risk-saving agility, which remains in unknown Unflappable.

In this case, a new office, hybrid office, online remote office, etc. are gradually accepted, and start running. With the surge in flexible office space, the owner has actively made changes to all kinds of investors, re-measure the lease strategy.

Currently, owners and investors are usually involved in the flexible office space in three business models in traditional rental models, platform modes, and income sharing.



As commercial real estate is huge, homogenization is serious, companies can not quickly pay back, accounting for a large amount of cash flow, how to travel business, office, apartment, Wen Travel, industrial park, etc., have become a house company The main subject matter.

After entering the end of the epidemic in 2021, the baptism of the epidemic and the warmth of the year, and the stock business has more new actions. For example, upgrading the old commercial street, re-establishment of the shopping center, transforming the office building into rental housing.

No matter which disk life, it is important measures to maintain commercial space vitality, business performance and competitive advantage. From macro, stocks also play an important role in reshaping the value of commercial society.


Community business

From the location of modern business, young trend and high-end quality are generally concentrated in the central business circle of the city, while the family daily consumption is more completed in community business. In 2020, under the superposition of the epidemic, the community business ushered in high-speed development. In 2021, the community commercial heat was not reduced, and there was a heating situation.

In May and July 2021, the Ministry of Commerce issued two times to promote the construction of the city's first bell. There is no doubt that the construction of the city is a long life circle means that the development potential of community business is huge and the prospect can be diluted.

As far as the current development trend is concerned, the future community business basically presents two ways of development: one aspect is the O2O mode of the online line-in-line O2O mode, and on the other hand, it is differentiated, specialized as the core of the Minimarket.


Review 2021, the impact of the epidemic has not been completely dissipated, and it has brought impact to the commercial market. A new development cycle.

Outlook 2022, with the normalization of the epidemic, the new application of Internet technology, commercial real estate has more powerful power continues to deepen innovation. In a visible future, a golden age belonging to commercial real estate is coming.