The high salary of the big factory is very harmonious?What is the young man who is a big factory becomes more and more?

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The high salary of the big factory is very harmonious?What is the young man who is a big factory becomes more and more?

2022-01-15 18:04:54 6 ℃

According to reports, "Financial World" magazine's January 15 "Now from the manufacturers out of the quest for youth wages are too high!"

One afternoon in late December 2021, after the interview away smiling young company middle Yuan Li, could not help but issued such a sigh colleagues.

According to the evaluation of the Yuan Li, the young man "resume very bright," Master graduate school is also very good, although not to the actual work experience of two years, but already several established businesses in the industry tried the water, but also to be deft at more than six months. But when hear each other out salaries, Yuan can not help but gasped, "It's too high."

Internet industry has become the first choice for young job seekers. According to 58 city issued the "employment of college graduates Report 2021" shows that students in the employment sector choice, IT, electronics, communications, the Internet industry job alive, not unexpectedly become the most popular industry graduates, accounting ratio of up to 19%.

Salary is indeed high. Pull hook Network in March 2021 release of "Internet People payroll report" shows, the Internet open in 2021 the average annual salary reached 15,600 yuan. In contrast, the Peking University made a "nationwide survey of college graduates employment status": Dr. May 2021, master's, undergraduate, specialist of the average starting salary is 14,823 yuan, respectively, 10,113 yuan, 5825 yuan, 3910 yuan .

Indeed, to see high current Internet market as a result of the overall salary level, causing the ratchet effect, in fact, is a very normal thing, then we in the end how to see it?

First of all, for the entire market, human resources, young people accustomed to the Internet giant's high company actually is normal, this is a market in the development process of survival of the fittest, for after market develops to a certain stage, young people must will move toward a more profitable direction of industry development, but only because the Internet industry can gather a lot of wealth in a short time, it became one of the highest in the industry pay, which is an inevitable result of the entire industry, but in the context of this below, the Internet industry will often offer a higher level of income. This is also the reason why we see the current wages of young people in the Internet where manufacturers tend to be very high, the Internet giant is not only higher wages, better welfare, it can be said the Internet giant to meet the short time needed for the success of young people a core set of key requirements, this may be the current Internet giant development lies.

Secondly, most recently with the adjustment of the Internet market, in fact, a number of young Internet giant's traditional industries began to sustainability, this time there will be a serious contradiction, which is what we said before, the Internet giant to out of high wages, so that young people themselves have a high income is expected, under the circumstances of such high expectations, almost everyone has a significant ratchet effect on their income will be, and this is we often say the older generation by the thrift into the luxury trade, into a luxury to economy, but for the average employer, it often will find a problem, the Internet giant is indeed a young environment, these background qualifications Yes, but he opened the high wage demands, which gives non-Internet companies has brought tremendous pressure. Internet good talent, but wage pressure, far more than the possibility of being able to give ordinary business, which undoubtedly will continue to cause problems talents.

Third, the Internet giant for young people out, it needs to have a rational and objective understanding of their own, to understand their own in the end is suitable to the Internet, if still suitable for the Internet, it might not think of jumping to traditional industries, because traditional industries can not give high-income Internet, you can only spin within the Internet industry. If you want to do then roll life, think of traditional enterprise development, then we must accept the traditional companies may pay out far less open Internet, so their objective understanding possible is the most critical.