Steady growth Theme 50 is released, the faucet valuation is as low as "floor price", the intelligent funds changed to change the big increase, high growth shares only 5 (list)

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Steady growth Theme 50 is released, the faucet valuation is as low as "floor price", the intelligent funds changed to change the big increase, high growth shares only 5 (list)

2022-01-15 18:05:18 6 ℃

Smart funds have been sold from a large sale to the beginning of the part of the faucet.

The real estate chain shouted in last year, suddenly burst into fire after entering the New Year. In the background of the short 4 trading days, the real estate chain has risen, the real estate index, the two major sections of the home appliance index rose more than 4%, and the building decoration, building materials and other plates have also increased by more than 2%. There is a view that after the central economic work conference is stabilized last year, the steady growth theme of the real estate chain began to force.

Securities Times · Data Tree Cards the recent institutional perspectives found that steady growth Theme has also become the direction of institutional attention, and there are no shortage of head brokerage reports that steady growth theme stocks are expected to evolve into medium-term rebound. Accordingly, the Securities Times · Data Tree combs to the "steady growth theme" list to readers.

Steady growth Theme is a mechanism concern focus

The steady growth theme is a new name in the past two months. In December 2021, the Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing and transferred a steady growth signal for the first time. Well-known economists have passed the clear signal for this review, and the central economic work conference passed the clear signal. The new round of steady growth came.

Since then, the Work Conference of the Development and Reform Commission and other ministries will also land. From the signal released from the Six Series, Changjiang Securities believes that "steady" connotation is more diverse. Steady growth is first "steady" growth, emphasizes to maintain a good trend, rather than specific growth; second is "stable" growth, emphasizing the long-term constraints of short-term goals.

Since then, steady growth has become a hot word of brokerage development, including Zhongxin Securities, Zhongjin Company, Ping An Securities and many other head brokerages in the near future becoming a keyword. The steady growth The subject matter continues, how long, in the moment, may be the focus of many investors. Minsheng Securities Suggestions are highly attached to the infrastructure chain. Since the first quarter is optimistic about the infrastructure chain, consumed consumer building materials, the new material plate market is expected to run through the whole year.

Looking back over the past ten years, my country has roughly experienced in 2009, 2012-2013, 2015-2020, 2019 and 2020 this five rounds of steady growth. Two of the two major levels have grown, corresponding to the two big bull markets, and the time corresponding to 2009 and 2015-2016; 30% to 50% of the interval. The remaining two rounds have grown, the relative strength is not very strong, and the stock market performance is not difficult.

Some think about that the current economic downturn should be significantly greater than the past two small steady growth, which means that steady growth must be greater than 2019, in 2012, it is possible to stabilize the economic growth in a reasonable range. From this perspective, the steady growth market has a large probability.

Steady growth Theme 50 is released

In the context of steady growth, it is expected to develop a stable growth of the topic of the topic of the topic of the topic. As mentioned earlier, the steady growth Theme mainly includes real estate development, household appliances, architectural decoration, building materials, steel, machinery and equipment (construction machinery), and household products in light industry manufacturing industries. Screening conditions include:

After the above screening, more than 200 incorporations were selected. In order to the balance of the list and the stock fine industries attributes, the data treasure screens the lead varieties of each industry, and the list of detailed stocks is as follows. From the industry, the building material sector contributes up to 12 shares, mainly the building materials industry has certain consumption attributes, and some stocks have a certain scarcity; most of the six industry stocks contribute 6 to 8 shares. In the list, there are 19 billion months in stock, the lowest market value is more than 10 billion yuan, highlighting the dominance of the industry.

The faucet valuation is as low as "floor price"

In the past year, the steady growth theme is not good, even if it has experienced a rebound stage, many faucets are still low to floor price. For example, Vanke A, the latest scroll ratio is 6.64 times, which is 5.52% of the number of historical points, which means that only 5.52% of the transaction daily estimates are below this level.

In addition to the real estate industry faucet valuation is generally in a historic low, some of the six lead values ​​of the six major industries are also in low. For example, Baosteel Shares in the steel industry, rolling the P / E ratio is 6.19% of the number of historical points. In addition, the construction machinery industry's Zoom Head, the home appliance industry's Gree appliances, the building materials industry's conch cement, the Chinese building in the construction industry, etc., the price-earnings ratio is at a lower position of the number of historical points.

The capital wind in the north is changed, and the big plus

The north of the name of the intelligence funds, and the attitude has suddenly changed, and it seems to smell the different smell. Data Bao statistics show that the stock of the 20021 annual list is only 33 million shares in the north, and 4 trading days have increased by 363 million shares this year.

Some faucet varieties are more intense. For example, Vanke A. Northern China has reached nearly 2 billion shares in 2021. 4 trading days this year have increased more than 40 million shares; Baosteel Shares, the capital funds in North 20021 will reduce nearly billion shares, this year, nearly 50 million shares; The three heavy workers were reduced by more than 260 million shares in 2021, and this year was increated by more than 51 million shares. According to the average price of the deal in January, 13 stocks have been increased by over 100 million yuan, three heavy workers, Vanke A, China Electric construction, Baosteel Shares, etc. have increased more than 300 million yuan.

It is worth mentioning that 2022 and 2023 net profit is expected to continue high-growth stocks, which is more scarce in the list, only 13 institutions are unanimously predicted that the growth rate of net profit exceeds 20%, and the net profit growth of 5 stocks exceeds 30%.They are Kovus, Mona Lisa, Kobe Shares, oriental rain, three trees.

Disclaimer: All the information content of the data treasure does not constitute an investment recommendation, the stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

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