China-South Korea Green Development and Enterprises Seminar held in Seoul

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China-South Korea Green Development and Enterprises Seminar held in Seoul

2022-01-15 18:05:08 6 ℃

Xinhua Net, January 14th (Reporter Tianming) Zhonghan Green Development and Enterprise Symposium was held in Seoul on the 12th. More than 300 guests from all walks of life participated in the "online + line", in order to better collect the resources of all parties, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in green development, and spread green and sustainable development concepts in China and South Korea.

On January 12, guests discussed and answered the participants in the seminar on the Green Development of China and South Korea. (Event organizer for map)

China's Ambassador, China, said in a speech that in the face of increasingly severe ecological environment and air challenges, green development has become an important consensus of countries and is inevitable. China and South Korea has similar geographical positions, and the development concept is fitted with industrial chain depth. The green economy is expected to become an important growth point of the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, and can also become the key areas of the two countries to jointly carry out third parties.

Yin Shun, Chairman of the 2050 Carbon Participation Committee in Korea mentioned in the speech that the 26th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was closed in Glasgow in England in Nproductive, England, November 2021. In order to cope with the climate crisis, the world is involved in this "Green Environmental Olympics". Nowadays, we have always won the "low carbon environmental protection gold medal" and work together.

The seminar was hosted by the Korean Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Chamber of Commerce, and sets two links with "main ideas" and "case sharing". The relevant representatives, industry experts, enterprises, executives, etc. from China and South Korea, in the meeting, the policies and international cooperation, the latest situation, corporate practice, green finance, etc. Interpretation and practical case sharing.

This seminar was co-organized by the People's Network Korea, and China Everbright Bank Seoul Branch, the Korea Environment, the Korean Chamber of Commerce, and the Beijing Zhongguancun Office in South Korea.