Cool will return the table: 1 year financing of HK $ 2.1 billion, behind real estate family real-controlled 5 listed companies

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Cool will return the table: 1 year financing of HK $ 2.1 billion, behind real estate family real-controlled 5 listed companies

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Jingji Second Generation Investment "Level"

高 远山

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Coolpad, this brand in the domestic mobile phone market, has a recent movement.

At the beginning of December last year, Cool sent a new mobile phone. This is the second new product launched in China after three years; in October last year, Cool Pavilion built a new management team, introduced a small rice background. In the past year, the financing of Cool sent market has exceeded HK $ 2.1 billion; establishing a new digital channel model, as of December last year, it has built more than 3,000 cool authority service stations nationwide.

Not long ago, Cool Group ( Chairman Chen Jiajun also set up the "three years to return to the first echelon" FLAG.

However, in the case of Jia Yueping a few years, the cool voice is weak, and now I want to return to the first echelon. It will be more inner mobile phone market, head manufacturer millet, OV, glory, Huawei, etc. Take the main market share.

The chairman of the 30-year-old Chairman Chen Jiajun, another identity is the founder of the Beijing-based group. Jingji Second-selling investment is a market recognized. In addition to Cool, Chen Hua family also controls Jingji Zhiyang (, Jingji Financial International (1468.HK), Jingji Wisdom Culture (0550.HK) and other listed companies.

Chen Jiajun said in an interview: "Cool Pai does not have any business and equity relationship with Beijing base production, belongs to individual independence entrepreneurship projects." As we all know, compared to the father, the real estate second generation is more favorable investment, Zi Jing Zhu Shijong, R & F Tensor is all examples.

As the head real estate developer in Guangdong, the Jingji Group in Shenzhen 100 billion goods is not listed, there is a bit of mysterious colors. Chen Huixin has been developed from capital development, and Jingky has not expanded too many years, but this conservative low-key posture is also beneficial to resist risks in the "Go Finance" regulation.

And how will the old mobile phone manufacturer of Jingji Second generations? "

Real estate second generation rudder, cool reap out the rivers and lakes

As one of the "China Cool", Cool Pavilion also appeared. In 2003, after the Cool sent to the mobile phone market from the paging field, it launched the first CDMA1x color screen power resistance touch screen mobile phone. In 2004, the sales of Cool mobile phones broke through 1 billion yuan, and it was also called "China's BlackBerry" when listed in Hong Kong.

The 3G era is the peak of Cool, and the Cool Pai is blended with the operator's depth, one degree is among the first echelon of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, with overseas brand Samsung, Apple "Chamber to resist".

But around 2014, in order to stabilize profits, three major operators began to lower marketing and subsidies, and ended subsidies for Cool mobile phones. Since then, more and more consumers turn online e-commerce channels, operator channels account for smart phone market share It has gradually narrowed, which has great impact on the coolness of the depth relying on the operator channel.

On the other hand, the glory of the main line of e-commerce channels, Xiaomi and OV are governed, and it seizures a lot of market share of Cool. In order to respond, Cool and 360 cooperate, launch "Crate" and seek Internet transformation. But later introduced Jia Yueping's "Le Shi" holding, Cool Group gradually became a "LeTV" enterprise tool, the company's operating conditions have begun to appear. Financial data shows that in 2016-2018, the Cool's accumulated losses were as high as HK $ 7.46 billion.

As domestic market share, Cool is forced to abandon domestic smartphone business, began to attack overseas markets, and since then in China The sound is weak.

For today's reopening China's mobile phone market, Cool is said that the current intelligent mobile phone industry has the opportunity for decades. First, the hardware iteration slows down the chance of catching up; the second is the low risk advantage in the rise of supply chain risks; the third is the channel change opportunities brought by the storage shrinkage. Cool is called, the future R & D direction is AI, new materials and new processes.

Cool re-returned to the rivers and lakes, starting with a equity transaction four years ago. At the beginning of 2018, the first major shareholders of Cool Group, Jia Yuenting, who sold Cool 597 million shares by 670 million yuan, gave Overseas Company, Venture Caral Ventures, is a family trust controlled by Chen Hua family in Jingji Group. This is the largest shareholder of Cool.

After the singer, the Cool Group has ushered in the new development phase. In January 2019, Chen Jiajun was an executive director and president of the company, and the old department of Cool was all out of place.

The founder of the Beijing-based group Chen Hua knees have two sons. Changzi Chen Jiarong, Zengji Group, Vice President, Hosting External Investment and Acquisition; Chen Jiajun, who entered the Cool Group, is only 29 years old, has a master's degree in the University of Southern California, has been engaged in investment in Beijing base production Work. Both people have been held in the Jingji Group, and they also have Various Investment.

It is fun that in December last year, Cool sent a preheated poster shouted Jia Yueping: "In the past few years, we not only filld the pit you left, but also cover new cool buildings, waiting for you to return to China next week. Welcome back to see ".

Dispose of assets, frequency of action

After picking up the shares held by Jia Yueping, Chen Jiajun began to show his hand.

Cool Group has a frequent operation in nearly one or two years, in business, its new executive team, release new mobile phones, formulate new strategies, etc .; financial, Cool is frequently disposed of assets in the past two years and actively finance, Chen Jiajun said at the new product launch. In the past year, Cool sent in capital market financing Super 2.1 billion Hong Kong dollars. Public information shows that Cool Pavilion has set a large amount of land in front of Guo Deying, including Shenzhen Nanshan High-tech Industrial Park, Cool Information Port, Dongguan Songshan Lake, Xi'an Industrial Park, Xi'an Industrial Park, and the project, Heyuan Construction Agricultural Ecology There are many projects such as the park, and the land value is nearly 10 billion.

In 2018, the Cool Group has taken various measures to improve the flow of liquidity, one is to extract Jingji Group Co., Ltd., and sell 80% of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, there is one Land; the third is to sell a number of property investments located in Shenzhen, and the relevant income payment is approximately HK $ 113 million.

On April 25, 2019, the Cool Group also released an announcement that the land use rights of Xi'an a plot and the ground on the construction of the Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone land reserve center, the price of 23.6 million yuan. It is also this year, the cooling of the Cool will end for three consecutive years, and achieve profitability.

A large amount of land resources do not allow the foreign language to associate the real estate background, but Chen Jiajun explained to "Shenzhen Net": "The price of cool land is not as big as the outside world, cool building and other land belong to the fixed assets of listed companies It is not possible to sell it outside. It is only to say that the land can thicken assets to listed companies, bring a certain cash flow. "

In the past two years, Coolpa is still disposing of its assets. The financial report shows that in 2020, due to the change of the fair value of investment real estate, the Cool Pavilion received the income of HK $ 176 million. If there is no income, the amount of Cool 2020 will undoubtedly exacerbate. In addition, in order to borrow, as of 2020, the Cool mortgaged the Hong Kong dollar worth 1698 million Hong Kong dollars and fixed assets (building) of HK $ 115 million.

On January 12, 202, Cool Group announced that the company subsidiary Yulong and Xinghua An signed a cooperation agreement. According to this, both parties have conditionally agreed to jointly cooperate to develop the second phase of the city project of Cool Information Port, the project plan from Yulong Provide a plot, Xinghuaan provides construction funds. It is worth mentioning that the first phase of Cool Information Port City Project is also completed by Xinghuaan, and the completion project includes a new cool building.

Cool Building Picture Source: Cool Official Weibo

After the equity was penetrated, Xinghua Anima was constructed by Thai Commercial Huang Chulong's Star Holding Group. Chen Hua, the founder of Huang Chulong, Jindi Group, Chairman of the Shenzhen Real Estate, Xingji Group, is known as the "Shenzhen Real Estate Most Bull Low March".

In the 2021, there were HK $ 63.23 million in the middle newspaper, and the renewal of the construction project was HK $ 6.3.23 million, while this data was zero.

Chen Jiajun said: "Cool sent has basically clear the owed supplier's arrears. In May, Coolpass also re-received a total of more than one billion RMB bank credit, meaning that Cool Future can pass through equity or claim Way financing. "

It is not difficult to see from major shareholders blood transfusion, disposal of real estate projects, and broaden financing channels. After Chen Jiajun is in charge of Cool, in order to clean up the rotten stadium left by Jia Yueping, the situation in comparison when she took over - cash exhaustion The supplier of the accounts is blocked by the company - too much.

As of the end of June 2021, although Cool Pavilion was still in a loss, the asset-liability rate dropped from 64% at the end of 2020 to 34% of the end of June 202; the company's account cash has also increased from HK $ 1.175 billion from HK $ 1175 million.

In November last year, Cool official microblog said: "Life is in the world, don't touch it, it is important to fill the pit counter." Cool returns to the target of the first camp and long, can it reproduce the glory of the past Time test is required.

Family real control 5 listed companies

As the second generation of private family companies, Chen's brothers have a very different growth environment with their parents, and foreign investment is also more active.

Chen Jiarong was born in 1988. After the return of Canada, he returned to the Ping An Securities, mainly responsible for the listing, mergers and acquisitions and other business. Chen Jiarong entered the Jingji Group since 2014, he served as a vice president, mainly responsible for human resources, strategic investment two major sectors, but his most high-profile investment is mostly in the name of personal name.

In 2015, Chen Jiarong Joint Xiangjiang Group 2nd-generation Liu Gensen, acquired the first media equity with the total cost of HK $ 374 million, and later, Chen Jiarong controlled the Yidian Global Hold Unit to 26%, becoming the largest shareholder. The media is the predecessor of Jingky Wisdom Culture.

In 2016, Chen Jiarong purchased the Yingqi Holding Shares through the first media, and then continued to increase and put forward mandatory cash, and became the largest shareholder in 2019.

It is worth noting that in 2016, Chen Jiarong first entered the stock for the first time, and the Hyper Holdings acquired Hongpeng Capital Securities, and the two securities licenses held by the latter were incorporated in the bag. The first listing platform named "Jingji" was named "Jingji".

Image Source: Canned Gallery

In November 2016, Chen Jiarong invests 927 billion Hong Kong coins. As the company, the company, the United States, the United States, the United States, Meitu Company (1357.HK). After a month, Chen Jiarong has passed the second-level market and the big trading method. A shares listed company Honglei shares (002647.SH), with a total shareholding ratio of 5.0037%, accumulated a total cost of 690 million yuan. Honglei shares today now Rendong Holdings. In addition, Chen Jiarong also invested over the Ou Ke cloud chain, a safe doctor, the Ray snake, Northern News Group, Excellent second-hand car and other listed companies, involving electricity, Internet technology, cultural Media multiple areas.

Starting from the second half of 2019, Chen Jiarong transferred the investment of Jingji Financial International, the first media, and the price of 1 US dollar to the tendon Chen Jiajun. The reason why the Chen family given by the Chen family is a family wealth plan.

At present, Chen Hua family is in Hong Kong stocks, three listed companies, is the Jingji Wisdom Culture (0550.HK), Jingji Financial International (1468.HK) and Cool Group (2369.HK). In addition, the Jingji Group also wandered with Huada Group for many years, renovation of agricultural stocks in Cangdal, renamed it to Jingji farmers (000048.SZ); 2020 Listening company Sunshine Shares (000608. SZ) control, the President of Jingji Group, Zhou Lei, Chairman, in August last year, Sunshine Shares announced that it will manage Jingji commercial assets to avoid competition in the industry.

In summary, Chen Hua family and its real-controlled Jingji Group currently controls 5 listed companies.

Old to change the king

The end of Jingji's basic displacement is still old.

The Chairman and Visit Director of the Beijing-based Group, Chen Hua and Chen Hui are brothers. In 1984, the two people were 20 yuan (one said 10 yuan) from Zhanjiang to Hainan, the year to Shenzhen Jinjin, due to the contracting project, in 1994, Jingky Real Estate was established, and the registered capital was 88.88 million yuan in Geely.

In 1995, Jingji developed Shenzhen Meilin's old reform project, built a bishlite garden, and stabilized. 25 years later, the Jingji Group's business has touched education, film, agriculture, and technology, but 93% of the revenue is still from real estate. The characteristics of its real estate layout are still heavy. Signature Construction Shenzhen Second High-rise Building Jingji 100 Building is standing in the old reflection area of ​​Luohu Cai's house.

Image Source: Canned Gallery

However, the well-known housing and enterprises in Guangdong, Country Garden, R & F, etc. in the same time, and in the wave of more than 100 billion yuan, the amount of Beijing base production has floated in 10 billion, and there is no listing, the influence is also Only in Shenzhen.

"China Real Estate News" has reported that Chen Hua's chairman is disgusted with high debt and adheres to its own fund development, so the expansion is slow. But frequently listed companies, diversified business layouts, tray Shenzhen old change project, and highlight its financial strength.

At present, Jingji's old change project in Shenzhen is distributed in Luohuxin Village Shuiwei Village, Shuibei Village, Nandy Old Change, Sha Yun Village, Shang Dynasty House and Tianxin Old Village, Zhu Guangcun, Mefu Village, Jingji Cai Wei, Jingji Wood Bay is old.

In Jingji Group's internal magazine, few high-profile and proud were revealed from executives: "We built Shenzhen's best office building, the best hotel and the best shopping mall."

The outside world is high in Beijing, the old reformed value is as high as 400 billion yuan, and the Jingji has replied to "debt", but there is no doubt that the Jingji Group is called the domestic housing enterprise. On the "2021 Hu Runfeng List" released in October last year, Chen Hua family ranked 202 yuan with 30 billion yuan, down 43, and 3% of assets.

In the Rights Rights Rights Report of Sunshine Shares, the financial situation of the Jingji Group is slightly presented.

As of September 30, 2019, the total assets of the Jingji Group were 81079 million yuan, with a total liability of 55.68 billion yuan, and the asset-liability rate was 68.59%. The same period has achieved revenue 5.603 billion yuan, the total profit is 1.19 billion yuan, the net profit of return is 590 million yuan, and there are nearly 10 billion yuan in cash on the account.

At the same time, the rivers and lakes have a total of Beijing-based news.

Last year, Everbrucks raised 26 billion Hong Kong dollars to six investors share, including Chen Hua Surns of Chengyu Holdings to subscribe to 5 billion yuan. It is reported that the essence of the transaction is Chen Hua, which has made Beijing base production in Shenzhen, "Jingji Yujing" is hengda, and then uses the resulting funds to exchange 1.875% stake in constant large cars. But some sources denied it.

This transaction is likely to have a reversal. Love, inspection, Shenzhen Baolu's "Jingji Yujing" business project construction unit Shenzhen Baina Investment Co., Ltd. has changed the Quality Superun, Chen Hua Chen Jiajun, etc. In August, the Hengda senior executives retreated, replaced by the staff of Jingji.

Image source: love

The stock price of Evergrande has fallen from nearly 70 Hong Kong dollars / shares that are less than 46 billion yuan. Chen Hua, who grasped the old change project, perhaps a giant loss.

The father and son are each open up in the capital market. Sometimes they are going to the stage, and they will hide behind the scenes.