The giants of 100 billion heritage disputes, "a piece of money" is tearing for 10 years?

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The giants of 100 billion heritage disputes, "a piece of money" is tearing for 10 years?

2022-01-15 18:04:57 7 ℃

On the surface, the purpose of the lawsuit is to ask the family company to repurchase a 33,000-mu, located in Nansha, Guangzhou, worth about 7 billion yuan. Considering that this place has soared to hundreds of billions, even the gimo Hohist, this is also fat meat that blocks out of effort.

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1 Piece Causes a giant bucket.

On January 11th, the Hong Kong Court heard a case involving a amount of billion billion, and both sides of the lawsuit came from the famous Huojia, which is "the Queen" Guo Jingjing's family.

The complaint is that Huo Yingdong Chang Huan Lao San Huazhen, the long-wither Huoliping, the second female Holina, the defendant is the old Huo Huo Zhenqi (Guo Jingjing Gonggong) and the old second Hawo.

After the death of Huo Yantong in 2006, Huojia had a big time in the upper and lower, and it was difficult to achieve a peaceful completion in 2012. Now the smoke has started again.

▲ From left to right: Huo Zhen, Huo Yingdong, Huo Zhenzi, Huo Zhenyu map source: network

In fact, this lawsuit Huo Zhenyu has begun to apply since 2013, until 2016 The Hong Kong SAR Government approval and dragged to 2022. The case involves numerous characters, interests, and can be seen.

On the surface, the purpose of the lawsuit is that the family company is required to repurchase a 33,000 mu, located in Nansha, Guangzhou, worth approximately 7 billion yuan. Considering that this place has soared to hundreds of billions, even the gimo hovers, this is also a fat meat full of effort.


/ "Giants battle" / a piece of money

Things still divert back to the 1990s, patriotic businessmen Huo Yingdong has developed a 33,000-acr acrity of land in Nansha and local governments in Guangzhou, and Huojia holds 51%. And the 51% of the equity is held by Huojia's family company Honorable Co., Ltd. And Huo Yingdong Panyu Development Co., Ltd.

"Nansha" is not the Nansha Islands, Yes is located in Nansha District, Guangzhou, is a hub connected to the city of Pearl River Port, and the only sea channel in Guangzhou. In the early days of the reform, there is no smoke here, Huo Yingdong is like a torch, and it is intended to build it here into the economic link between Hong Kong and Guangdong.

In 1997, Hu Yingdong symbolic sold a glorious shares to his Huo Yingdong Foundation with 1 dollar, this foundation is a donated donation to the country. Therefore, including Huojia people feel that this part of the equity is not the asset of Huojia.

However, there is still a terms in the agreement of Huo Yingdong and the Foundation, that is, Hih family has the right to repurchase this part of the equity within 10 years.

▲ Huo Yingdong old photo source: Huo Yingdong Foundation

In 2006, Huangdong died, the 2012 heritage is over. As a result, Hui Zhenyu found that Distinguo Hawoha was the legacy executor, and the "land" was concealed in the time of distribution of the heritage. He believes that the second brother inherits the main business style of Huojia, deliberately concealed for this matter, and hits the lawsuit.

It is said that this year Huo Yingdong bought this 330,000 mu of land in the price of 600 yuan per mu, about 22 square kilometers.

What concept is this? It is equivalent to such a large place in the Forbidden City.

Some people have to build a house with a capacity of 0.5, which can be built 11 million square meters of building area, and now the housing prices of Nansha Bay have risen to 40,000 yuan, so the total value of its future is close to 50 billion yuan.

Although Huojia is called a giant, 2006 Hui Yingdong died, the property for executable is about 30 billion yuan, allocated to 13 children, each people do not have much money.

If you can successfully chase the land, Huo family has a few billionaires that are not a problem.

These two-day Hong Kong court began to trial, both parties prepared thousands of materials for this case, and the light is reading a total of three or four days.

The two sides are also fighting, hired Hong Kong's top big lawyers. Among them, the senior lawyer Yu Ruohai, Xue Shu Hui; Huo Zhenyu hired senior high-ranking clifford smith; Huang Zhenwei defended Huang Renlong and senior lawyers, Yang Renlong and senior lawyers; Chang Sizhi Huo Zhenzi is from the seniority Du Fu 堃 representative; Huoling Another seniority of Liu Weiren representative; Zhai Shao Tang, Text and Huang Wenjie and other senior lawyers, representative Huo Yingdong Fund, Huo Xingying Hall Real Estate and Honor Co., Ltd..

It can be said that Hong Kong is the top and most versatile big lawyers come, this is still in Hong Kong or .

Only a lawyer fee is not a few billion, I am can't take it. When I get the word, the other side is relative, and the wonderful exquisite does not lose TVB.


/ Three-bedroom lady is good, the son struggle to live /

The giant Hoh family should start from Huo Yingdong .

Mr. Huo Yingdong is born in Hong Kong, China in 1923, is an outstanding social activist, a famous patriot, a well-known entrepreneur in Hong Kong.

Mr. Huo's young age is high, and there is a gallbladder.

During the anti-US aid chartering, in the case of my country's national embargo, a large amount of urgently needed materials were transported for the motherland; after the reform and opening up, he actively participated in the mainland investment. He has received several generations of leaders; 2001 Beijing Olympic Games is successful, there are also behind Mr. Huo Yingdong "Mr. Money work. For Mr. Huo, Huo Home is not the richest Hong Kong, but the integrated influence is the top.

Li Jiacheng's son Creators Kidnapped, who has heard that Huojia has "something"?

On October 28, 2006, Huo Yingdong was at the age of 84 in Beijing. Although it has been divided into property prior, it is still an accident.

Huo Yingdong married three houses, there were 13 children (see below). In 1978, he made a will of his will.

Three ladies and 13 children, including Huo Yingdong, have beneficiaries. On the quantity assignment, the three sons of the big room dominated the big head, inherited the children of sports, Hong Kong business, Nansha caused, and the children of three rooms in the three rooms, and she must not be born, they can only engage in other industries.

▲ map source: network

So "eccentric" property distribution, the second room three rooms are used to, even their children don't say anything. In 2011, the old three Huo Zhenyu as one of the legacy executives took the lead in being difficult, and the court requested the court to abandon the identity of the aunt Huo Zhenwei heritage.

The reason is that I feel that my aunt has not fulfilled the work, and I also accused the family of approximately 6.4 billion my father. The 6.4 billion family includes a shares worth 5 billion in Huo Xingye, and there are 3 overseas trust funds for 700 million assets, and there are 3 overseas joint accounts of 700 million cash.

This lawsuit is more than 2 years.

Teguo, the front of the Hong Kong area, the first Tung Jianhua, personally surpassed, and finally Huo Zhenwu, Huo Zhaoyu, Huo Zhenyu three brothers reached a reconciliation, the big house three brothers were divided into 20 billion yuan, and the children in the second room were 1 billion.

November 2012 Guo Jingjing and Huojia Chang Sunhjang held a wedding banquet in Nansha, the famous Chinese world's celebrity, and domestic and foreign media competed.

▲ Huo Qigang, Guo Jingjing in the South Sand Wedding Fireworks scene: Netease Entertainment

Huo Zhenzi, Huo Zhen, Huo Zhenyu, attended the wedding banquet, released brothers and good signals to the outside world, and the first battle of the family came to an end.

Now Huojia struggle to die, it is not a new case, and the top is more than the continuation of the 2011 competency.


/ 蝉蝉, isn't it afraid of the oriole behind? /

Why do you have this case now?

In 1997, Hu Yingdong sold the shares 1 yuan to the Huo Yingdong Foundation, but the reasons for retaining the redeemed clause must be known. But according to the contract, do not need to fight the law.

By 2007, Huojia has the right to redeem the shares, and Mr. Huo Yingdong has died in 2006. Huo family is completely time to make a decision.

Huo Zhenyu is an executor of Huo Yingdong, and is a director of Huo Yingdong Charity Foundation. It is obvious that it does not know the issue of this relationship.

Moreover, Huo Zheng's representative lawyer also said that Huo Zhenyu knows in 2011, before Huo Zhenyu has any questions about these gels, never care about these land.

Why is it to join the dispute now?

This is not well speculated, but it is clear that this is worth money, it is greatly appreciated.

In 2012, the development and construction of Nansha in Guangzhou was a national strategy. In 2014, Nansha was also included in the Guangdong Save Zone.

The land bought by Hokberong, Hao Yingdong in the 1990s, is now the core area of ​​Nansha Bay.

Above we have calculated, if the building is built, the market value is up to 500 billion yuan. If the equity is transferred to Huojia, there is at least 120 billion on the book of the Hop family, and 3 times more than the heritage left by Huo Yingthorn.

The dark eyes see the real gold and silver, there is no unhappy.

Their brothers and first hit the lawsuit, if the lawsuit more than 5 years, it is very likely that it will still last.

Huo Yingdong was a will of his life: "Don't be separated within 20 years after death."

It is still not 5 years after full full calculation, and it may not be no.

After all, Huojia is large, family enterprises include the honorable company and Huo Xingying Hall, Dong's Trust, Shuide Shipping, Oriental Overseas Industrial, Sindh Group, Panama's three overseas companies, etc. Three overseas companies and other full-owned subsidiaries.

Invest in Nansha includes the Tianhou Palace, Nansha Hotel, Dongfa Pier, Humen Terminal, Nansha Bus Terminal, Puzhou Garden, China Chamber of Commerce Building, World Trade Center Building, Nansha Yacht Club, Golf Club ...

So much property allocation, you can't use the ruler to cut into 13 copies!

Huo Jia is now busy with lawsuits, but the other sounds, they can be heard.

Huo Yingdong family has long been a good place in Nansha, which is not developing. There is media report, Nansha Local private business owner said: "If it is not Huo Home to buy so much, now there are many investors in Nansha, and the development of Nansha will be a lot."

On September 23, 2020, a document issued by the Chengdu High-tech Zone "Letter" from the ban on Huangpu Real Estate (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Financing, Loan and major asset restructuring "is circulated online.The media interpreted it as: 16 years, Li Ka-shing finally annoyed Chengdu.I don't know, Guangzhou has never been developed in the Feng Shui Bao of Nansha, and how many years can you endure?