Shanghai blind box new regulations?Is there a single limit price of two hundred, all things can be the era of blind boxes?

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Shanghai blind box new regulations?Is there a single limit price of two hundred, all things can be the era of blind boxes?

2022-01-15 18:04:41 7 ℃

According to Jiufa News, January 14th, the Shanghai Market Supervision Administration "Shanghai Blind Box Business Activity Compliance Guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as "Guide"). "Guidelines" from the clear guidance of the scope of application, the blind box operates the red line, the compliance business recommendations, etc., etc. are norms to the blind box business activities. Among them, it is clearly proposed that the price of single blind box is generally not more than 200 yuan, prohibits suggestions such as minor sales under the age of 8.

In terms of compliance business advice, "Guidelines" proposed, standardize the price system of the blind box, the actual value of the goods in the blind box should be basically equivalent to the sale price, the price of a single blind box is generally no more than 200 yuan; clear blind box extraction rules, blind The box operator should publicize the type of commodity species, drawing rules, quantity, hidden extract probability, etc., fully inform consumers, and retain complete probability settings, extract results, and payment. At the same time, "Guide" also encourages blind box operators to set the boot mechanism.

"Guide" is also standardizing the marketing speculation in front of the blind box market, requiring blind box operators to carry out financial marketing, there must be no market behavior in the secondary market, may not carry out high-priced hype, excessive marketing, hunger marketing .

Many people are asking, what do the current blind box new rules? Are everything that can be a blind box?

First, the current new rules are still very positive for the entire blind box market. These years, with the high-speed development of the blind box market, the industry developed in the form of a blind box in these years. It is already a dazzling, in such a big background, even everything can be blind box, we cannot deny It is a blind box to bring more new ideas to the market, but also bring more consumption needs to the market, which has a very important role in improving consumption. However, in the process of the high-speed development of the blind box, the practice of blind box is abused can not be overlooked. For example, there is a blind box that can be accepted by mail vibrant animals, and there is also a child. Blind box addictive and there have been some social problems, which are chaos in the development process of industrial development. In such cases, the regulatory layer out policy to standardize the development of the blind box industry is actually very important, and the standardization of the promotion of the blind box industry is actually a huge value.

Second, the introduction of new regulations will have any effect on the blind box industry? We must understand that the so-called blind box is just a sales method, this way can be used on any item, so we are difficult to define what is a blind box industry, but we still use a blind box. Time play industry as an example, let's analyze the impact of new regulations:

First, the new rules will be more standardized, for the current market chaos, the emergence of new regulations has begun to have a standard model, allowing the participation of the play industry to have rules, which is actually helpful The industry is developing, so the new rules may have an impact on some less regulatory tides, but the overall benefits of the market are greater than negative impact.

The second is that the new rules will promote the upgrade and differentiation of the industry. This new rule is actually more conducive to the standardized large enterprises. For large companies that have stabilized in the game market, the current new regulations help is on the development of its business, after all, large enterprises itself is fairly standard, which is far less than the compliance costs of small and medium industry participants.

Third, the new rules will help rationalize the blind box mode. Some blind box before the chaos is blind box more and more expensive, and this provides price caps for operating norms blind box market is actually significant, so the current vantage point of the new regulations will undoubtedly be very clear.

Third, the current market for businesses affect how much it? The current wave of market participants to play, such as the familiar bubble-Mart listed companies, in fact, the price of the product itself is not illegal, plus all these years have also been relatively compliant business, and therefore subject to the new regulations the negative impact is small, market participants learn to square dance in shackles for compliance management is a good thing not a bad thing.