Prefabricated vegetables suddenly burst?Special prefabrication trend?Prefabricated vegetables become the favorite of young people?

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Prefabricated vegetables suddenly burst?Special prefabrication trend?Prefabricated vegetables become the favorite of young people?

2022-01-15 18:04:41 7 ℃

According to the report of titanium media on January 15th, the Spring Festival is approaching, the prefabricated dish will come from the small table into the men's menu, and this year's prefabricated fruit is hot.

In the A-share market, the prefabricated vegetable concept stocks such as Guolian Aquatic, Tongqing Tower, and Quanjar ushered in the daily limit. At the same time, Lu Zhengyao has also been introduced from Zhengda Zhangqi to hatch the prefabricated vegetable program "Tongue Tin Workshop", and threatened 3,000 stores in one year. Even organizational predictions, my country's predicated vegetable industry will be expected to be the next trillion catering market in the next 3-5 years.

Whether it is a self-rescue as a catering company or a breakthrough in the food industry. The hot vegetable lanes have attracted a batch of a batch of players pouring in. Among them, Haidi went launched "Opening" series, Xibei launched Jia Guolong's hardfred vegetable, boxed horse, daily, 买 菜 菜,,,,, 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品 产品

The capital market is also active, and the inspection data shows that in 2020 to 2021, there were 23 financing incidents in the prefabricated vegetable road. The semi-finished industry dragon's taste Zhixiang was also successfully launched in the market in April 2021. Under the boosting of market and capital, prefabrication seems to have become a new style of the catering industry.

It is said that the prefabricated vegetables suddenly be so red, many people will be very strange, I want to ask what is going on, how do we think about this?

First of all, we must understand that the prefabricated dish is so red, it is actually not a sudden phenomenon in a short period of time, but after being affected by the epidemic, a lot of people began to try at home, this kind of vegetable skills gradually Beginner is accepted by everyone, but after all, everyone is very good at cooking, so in this case, the prefabricated vegetables have been born out, and the main practice of preform is actually ready to prepare some things. The raw materials are ready. For most people, as long as they are slightly heated or handled, they can already be used, and such prefabricated vegetables are actually very convenient for people who don't have a dish. Especially after the epidemic, this prefabricated vegetables began to be red in the market, in fact, this is the reason.

Second, the current prefabricated vegetables are so red, in fact, there are several special roots, on the one hand, because of the influence of the epidemic, many hotels are more or less faced huge pressure transformation, have become a hotel must do Things, for many hotels, doing a small number of goods can only meet their own small needs, except for those fast food restaurants, it is actually not making money, so prefabricated vegetables become Many hotel companies, a better way to survive. On the other hand, along with the development of the times, more and more hotels have gradually realized, compared to other things, predictive vegetables is a very good way to enhance the efficiency of the hotel, because often goes to the meal When the hotel should maintain a very fast speed, if you use a traditional practice, it is very likely that the speed of the upper dish is unable to meet the needs of the user, and finally let the user generate bad feelings, and prefabricated vegetables This problem can be effectively solved, which is also the core reason for the current predicated vegetable market. It can be said that preform is a good market development opportunity for catering enterprises. It relieves the relationship between the current capacity and epidemic contradiction between catering enterprises, and it has also promoted the development of the whole catering enterprise, and for users to use prefabricated Cuisine, actually a relatively good choice that is very in line with the current increasingly fast-paced lifestyle.

Third, facing the red fire in the preform market, we have to recognize its urgent needs and actual value, but we can not ignore prefabricated vegetables, there is a potential huge risk, if this is blind into the market, very It is possible to trigger a huge aid investment risk. So we are looking at the prefabricated vegetable red fire, and we cannot ignore the prefabricated vegetables in this kind of high-speed development potential risk.