Watson's turn!1 penny refuses to pick up, and insult consumers in live broadcast

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Watson's turn!1 penny refuses to pick up, and insult consumers in live broadcast

2022-01-15 18:05:20 7 ℃

Recently, due to the sale of "1 penny promotion mask" in the platform, it refused to ship, and the live insulted consumers were "mad dog", and Watson was pushed to the microblogging.

In the early morning of January 15, @ 屈 氏 中国 发布 声 声 美 团 团 团 团 团 团 点 点 团 点............

Watson said that this activity has caused a large amount of abnormal orders that have produced far inventory in a short time due to system reasons. In the case of supportible, Watson has been exchanged in some orders, and the post-inventory is suspended due to insufficient inventory, Watson's decided to take replenishment The way the remaining orders are fulfilled.

Image Source: Watson's official Weibo

Watson also said that the anchor of the big consumers is a team of third-party agencies.

According to Xiaoxiang Morning News, Li Xinan, Hunan Wanhe Joint Law Firm, said that consumers pay 0.01 yuan in this incident, paying 0.01 yuan to buy goods, non-malicious "薅 wool", and there is no fault.

Merchants should be shipped to consumers in accordance with the agreement, and they cannot refuse delivery or with advice consumers.

In response to this, the US ministerial customer service staff said, "Is Watson's merchants set the amount of time to set the event."

The US ministers said that the US group is currently negotiating with Watson's incident, and the results of the consultations have not been agreed. "Even if the order is automatically turned off, the US group will give a processing method on this matter."

For some consumers have received 50 yuan without a threshold coupon, the US ministry customer service staff said that this is considering the consumer shopping experience and is not Watson's compensation plan.

In fact, Watson's decline has already appeared, because missed e-commerce bonuses, revenue also declined year by year, and now I have learned other retailers to engage in promotional drains online, actually "turning".

Online "1 penny promotional mask", there is no way to pick up the goods

Because 1 widget, Watson's anchor is the "mad dog", what happened?

It is understood that on January 11th, Watson's online launched promotion activities, some of which were a mask, only 0.01 yuan. Therefore, there are many wool party to go to "薅 毛毛".

However, when the consumer of wool went to the goods, it was told "no goods", and some stores also posted the notice, indicating that the order activity is hot, some of the wedding mask products have been out of stock, unable Pick up, I hope consumers will contact the official customer service to solve the problem, and the store has prepared a small gift to apologize.

However, consumers are not satisfied, according to the black cat complaint platform, there is a consumer reflected after they pick up the SMS notice, the first goal shop pick-up, waiting for more than 10 minutes to pick up the goods, the clerk suddenly received the phone and did not let With the goods, the suspected store is in the premise of goods, refuses consumers to pick up the goods, and believes that Watson's official activities have finally "play", waste their time and money.

At the same time, there are also consumers to find that Watson's claims that the goods cannot be picked up, but still sell in live broadcast.

Therefore, some consumers react out in Watson's official live broadcast platform and hope to be resolved, which also triggered conflicts between emergencies and consumers.

There is a consumer reflection, and when you ask for a mask in the live broadcast, you can send it, followed by the live broadcast, kick out the live broadcast, and you can't enter again.

According to the video clip of the net transmission, a female anchor accused consumers who want to bite like a mad dog, and express "my live broadcast, I want to play." I don't welcome you, you don't have to come. I am happy. "

Suspected goods, not let the issuance, food safety, etc.

It is worth noting that in addition to using the "mad dog", there are consumers say that Watson's anchor has lived in the live broadcast of the mask in the live broadcast on January 13, "乞丐".

The black cat complaint platform shows that within nearly 30 days, Watson's complaint has exceeded 2,800, and most of the mask is suspected in which it is not allowed to issue issues.

According to Phoenix Network, July 2019, the Shanghai Market Supervision Department issued an announcement that there is a consumer complaint in Shanghai Watson's daily necessities Co., Ltd. Jing'an Hu Tai Road Branch "Kracie Sakura Candy Candy 32g" expired, on-site inspection, and "Kracie Rose Candy" expired. The supervision department made an administrative penalty for the confiscation of illegal income and fined RMB50,000.

In 2020, a batch of three-fold automatic opening umbrella produced by Watson's production was unqualified. Umbrella tail design is short, so that the strength of umbrella decreases, the service life is lowered, and even an umbrella bone punching hangs .

In October last year, Shanghai Watson's Daily Need & Co. Yuan and confiscate illegal income.

The sky-eyed shows that in March last year, Shanghai Watson's daily necessities Co., Ltd. is several administrative punishments for the production and operation of health and safety, and the production and operation of the product has not obtained the medical device registration certificate.

Among them, due to the production and operation of the second type of medical device registration certificate, the third type of medical device was confiscated by the Shanghai Hongkou District Market Supervision Administration, confiscation of illegal income of 1.04 million yuan, fined 367,000 yuan. Revenue declined year by year, Watson's abandoned by young people?

The new crown epidemic causes a huge impact on the entity economy, and Watson is also affected.

The 2020 financial patent announced by the Yangtze River of Watson's mother-in-law shows that in 2020, Watson's revenue was 133.53.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year reduction of 6%, and creating a biggest drop since 2016. At the same time, EBITDA (expendant profit before taxation) is a big drop of 15% to 12.04 billion yuan.

The profitability in the Chinese market is also worrying. In 2020, Watson's profit fell as high as 39%, and 15% of the overall overall market.

In August last year, the Yangtze River and remembered the first half of the year in 2021. During the period, the sales of Watson Group was 82.621 billion Hong Kong dollars (approximately RMB 68.775 billion), up 12% year-on-year.

In the Chinese market, Watson's sales were HK $ 11.599 billion (approximately RMB 9.655 billion), up 32% year-on-year. Although the maximum increase in the Chinese market in the past five years, it is actually a bottoming rebound in 2020.

Since 2015, Watson's revenue in China has begun to decline by year. In 2016, Watson's Chinese revenue fell by 4%, and the first time, the sales of the same store fell 10.1%, 2017, the sales of the same store continued to fall 4.3%.

The decline, the performance of the year fell forced Watson's to launch internal reforms.

In 2017, Gao Hanta took over the CEO of China, Watson's China ushered in the internal reform, but opened a new store in a crazy, and said "in China, speed is all".

2017-2019, Watson's store amplified, speeding up speed, and constantly introduced some Japanese and Korean explosive products. In addition, gradually implement digital transformation upgrade, launch lightning delivery, store self-raising, scan code purchase, member reservation free makeup, 2020, hurry online "Cloud Store", expand the customer community underline online.

However, in the online continuous opening of the store and active transformation of Watsons, or "perfect missed" the e-commerce bonus period.

Watson's propitations are not as good as before. If emerging Chinese products want to enter Watson, they have to accept their speech model - it is necessary to pay high-level setup, but also tolerate up to about 35% buckles and longer 3 months. Account.

At the same time, the rise of the new beauty collection store represented by the coloring division, Wow Colour is not only more attracting contemporary young people, but also generally have more friendly accounts and discount clauses, and often take the buyout model, and the profit and loss must not be Branding party is borne by the collection store.