Frequent face, still doing the head, Li Guoqing turned into "celebration" is the self?

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Frequent face, still doing the head, Li Guoqing turned into "celebration" is the self?

2022-01-15 18:06:06 9 ℃

Internet entrepreneurs, on the high-profile, Li Guoqing absolute list.

Recently, the talk of the town and not law-abiding, micro-Bo public disss Swiss fortunate coffee.

The reason is very far-fetched, because Switzerland was actually lucky to buy coffee beans too fine. He also did not forget to pull the end of "hate", he said the quality of coffee beans is for the elite drink, not suited to the chain.

The top students of Beijing University, a listed company CEO, seems to have been flying personal.

New Year's first micro-Bo, Li Guoqing dedicated to the Swiss fortunate coffee. Fortunately, he publicly diss Rui new coffee courtesan, said that "talk of the town is very angry!"

He said in the video, the year China imported more than 100 tons to Africa courtesan beans, Swiss Fortunately, one would have bought more than 90 tons, and therefore constitute the upstream supply chain monopoly. In addition, he stressed that deliberately stir up wildly, with a chain of coffee shops courtesan is a waste of beans, let boutique coffee shops, making the sign of the red beans with people who did not.

Remarks, and drew friends "counterattack." Comments district, condemning, someone said, "but good on the line, I Guannameduo", and said "I do not Li Jie, only to elite specialty coffee drink?"

There are arguments that, in fact, Li Guoqing and Swiss fortunate jointly marketing, mainly to traffic.

Have to say, the idea is very tricky. Technology monarch noted that the video, although the talk of the town was shelled others, but did not forget to promote their morning and evening reading project, and referred to the studio.

In fact, no matter what he is in the end, the new Swiss fortunate coffee courtesan, indeed sell "explosion" of the. According to the official said, this new on-line only after 10 days, 90 tons of beans have been courtesan drank nearly half.

Closer to home, however, whether an expert or Li Guoqing to act as "Daweibalang", it is necessary to explore some.

Speaking of coffee, its refreshing effect of this is to occasionally act as a social accord, and tea is no essential difference.

But with the development of the coffee market in recent years, the emergence of a variety of product categories, drinking coffee chain has also been despised.

Mounting brackets drink, instant drink look down; coffee milk, the drink look down on the lug; the American drink, a coffee milk look down; hand punch drink, standing despised top chain.

Obviously, Li Guoqing was very tall, is mentioned several times in the video hand punch, also gives "professional" argument indicates the courtesan was too shallow baking there is acid, dirty hands, and they do the best, and finally pull a flower.

Fortunately, however, the Swiss official feedback to the first time: dirty do not need to pull the flower.

From this point of view, Li Guoqing is consciously placed himself in opposition to the chain of coffee shops, specialty coffee for sound. But as Rui Xing said, the elite specialty coffee is not coffee, beans good is fundamental.

What's more, industry sources, hand punch may not be able to show all the coffee flavor, by the great influence the process.

However, after this "reverse with a cargo of" Swiss coffee courtesan fortunate, really famous.

Li Guoqing was "hit face", nor is it the first time.

If there is no farce, Ms. Yu and his ex-wife, he really does qualify as elite. Young and promising, turned from the North Wets listed company founder, described as brilliance.

But fifty years old, he embarked on a "comedian" line. "Qing Yu in" story, widely circulated on the Internet. Right now, "Keiko", the most important thing is decent, not as good as the studio sold more than a few bottles of wine.

Last year he ridiculed Overheating front foot with a cargo of debt is absurd, sellers began to rear, but also threatened to "Overheating that does not lose."

His debut, selling sooner or later reading reading cards, only the last transaction of 50 million, with a turnover of hundreds of millions of the old law simply immeasurably.

Seeing does not make money selling books, Li Guoqing began to sell liquor, Maotai among them what he called "IQ tax".

Not only frequently self-contradictory, he is also good at rubbing traffic. Just their divorce, he was mentioned numerous times. Even to attract attention, he also made an official seal waistband do not move.

Mouthful of lying, "Keiko" in the Internet world, like a clown jumping up and down, continue to take their own "black stuff" to please the public, and then run their own business.

He was a shrewd businessman, to some extent, also a poor man. After all, maybe even he does not know what "elite" and "Keiko," Who is the real him.