The Lanzhou Bank, which is broken, the listing of the listing is rising, will it change the bank share?

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The Lanzhou Bank, which is broken, the listing of the listing is rising, will it change the bank share?

2022-01-18 12:04:58 28 ℃

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As the first bank share of A shares, Lanzhou Bank finally ushered in the first listing trading day. According to the net asset calculation of the Lanzhou Bank, it is about 4.33 yuan / share, and Lanzhou Bank's IPO release is priced at 3.57 yuan / share, in other words, the release rate of Lanzhou Bank is only 0.82 times.

Lanzhou Bank, which is broken, did not make investors disappointed on the first day of listing. Analysis of the price performance from the first day, Lanzhou Bank rose by 43.98%, and the stock price after closing has been significantly higher than that of the net asset per share, and the net rate of Lanzhou Bank also returns to 1.15 or more.

However, from the initial turnover of the first trading day, the initial turnover of Lanzhou Bank is as high as 537 million yuan, and the current valuation level is not cheap, so from the perspective of the market, maybe it will reserve certain cautious Watching attitude.

The new stock is listed on the first day, itself has the advantage of low market value, new stock premium. It can be seen that at the beginning of the new shares, the main factors affecting the volatility of the stock price are not entirely on the fundamental conditions of the listed company, but will be affected by factors such as market environment, stock liquidity. With a stable market environment and better liquidity advantage, there will be a certain premium space.

Lanzhou Bank broke the release and became the first bank share in the A-share market. Perhaps, from the point of view of bank itself, this is an insufficient reflection, and I hope to meet the speed of the speed of the market by pressing the price. However, from the perspective of investors, if the listed company is willing to take the initiative to make the second-level market moderation, the market will be willing to accept this issue. Over the years, I took the initiative to have a new share of the second-level market. Subsequent stock prices were more difficult, which is also an embodiment of listed companies and investors' mutual benefit.

However, although Lanzhou Bank adopted a decision of the decline, from its own price-earnings, it is not cheap with the same industry. Throughout the current A-share market's valuation level, it is generally in a state of being reduced, and only a few high-quality bank shares have a level of 1 times higher. Therefore, behind the Lanzhou Bank's first day, when the net rate of Lanzhou Bank returns to more than 1 times, it has actually exceeded the valuation state of most bank stocks in the A-share market, and the Lanzhou Bank will drive a shares Bank stocks achieved estimates, there is still a certain difficulty. After all, Lanzhou Bank itself is not large, the market value is not high, and the Lanzhou Bank itself belongs to the stock, so it is difficult to bring the entire industry sector. Substantial impact.

However, in response to the broken net distribution of listed companies, it is also worth advocating that it is also worthy of advocating the actions of secondary market investors. However, for listed companies, the breaking issue should not be just a form, but more need to reduce the distribution rate, improve the dividend ratio, etc. In fact, this is also a way of mutually beneficial and win-win, and the brand image of listed companies will also bring a positive impact.

For now, most bank shares in the A-share market have fallen below the clean assets, only a few levels of the net rate of listed banks above 1 times. However, on the other hand, in recent years, the quality of assets of A-share listed banks is in a state of continuous improvement, and the average estimate of the industry is also lowered by the market. Behind the industry's valuation is low, the internal differences of the industry sector will be very obvious, and there is only a part of the quality bank stocks to continue to run the market index performance of the same period. Perhaps, it is a market for bank sections, or the market is that bank stocks still have uncertain risks, but in the industry fundamentally continuous improvement, the valuation will continue to be lowered, and will eventually have an opportunity to repair. The biggest risk during this period is from time-to-date and policy factors.