Watson's a branch was fined 50,000 yuan due to false prices, and it was also involved in "can't afford" style.

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Watson's a branch was fined 50,000 yuan due to false prices, and it was also involved in "can't afford" style.

2022-01-18 12:05:33 34 ℃

Radar Finance produced text | Wu Yan Rui ed | deep sea

Recently, Watson branches because of false trading prices lured fine of $ 50,000. The reason is fine virtual standard price, in which event the price of a commodity is higher than the daily price.

At the same time, Watson involved in the "afford" storm. Consumers asked activity matters in the studio, the anchor choking sound "just to stuff penny, like a mad dog bite." To this end, Watson released the official statement of apology.

It is noteworthy that, late last year, Watson was found in drinking water does not meet national food safety standards.

Watson was sent off store prices vacuity activities

According to corporate look up information display, Beijing Watsons Personal Products Co., Ltd. Yanqing second branch chain stores because of wrongdoing, in January 11, 2022 by the Beijing Yanqing District Market Supervisory Authority warned and fined 50,000 yuan.

Subject punishment show, November 25, 2021, Watson's store promotional activities publishing information in the public micro-channel number. Two of these promotional merchandise attracted the attention of District Bureau of Yanqing prison.

"Snow Show Zi Ying muscle this skin care gift box, Price: ¥ 890 / piece, Activity Price: ¥ 449 / piece," including water Yun Yan, Yun Yan milk, cream and cream four kinds of single items. Watson said in the propaganda of the four branches of a single product in a gift box in the form of overall sales, not sold separately. In fact, the gift store business since Watson in 2020 September 30 to December 3, 2021 had never traded before.

Another "Muscle Research Division nourish water surplus water replenishment Mask (Black Pegasus edition) 35ml × 10 films, original price: ¥ 99 / piece, Activity Price: ¥ 59 / piece," since the event began to December 3, 2021 never sales transactions before.

Meanwhile Yanqing District Supervisor Bureau found, which the mask before the promotional activities within seven days no deal, then traced forward to the latest yearly turnover was recorded October 24, 2021, the price of 59 yuan / piece. It is noteworthy that, in the October 19, 2021, October 11, 2021, October 5, 2021 the turnover of a mask each, were sold 55 yuan / piece.

Yanqing District Supervisor Bureau believes that Watson's stores suspected of using false price measures to cheat consumers conduct transactions.

For punishment, Beijing Watsons Personal Products Co., Ltd. chain stores Yanqing second branch, said public identification number price promotion picture in the store are committed, in order to facilitate the promotion, on the release from the public number. The purpose is to let customers feel great promotional preferential price, cheap, pay attention to attract customers and increase sales. By learning, Watson branch recognized the above Prices do not meet regulatory requirements, to December 3, 2021 removed the above promotions.

Online activities are questioned, "can not afford" anchor abuse consumers

Watsons stores punished, involved in the "can not afford" storm.

January 11, Watson online platform launched two promotions Mask 0.01 yuan, activities each consumer can use up to five times the price of each purchase; buying patterns after online order online store delivery. Otherwise a mask priced 69 yuan price set in this event is $ 9 plus 1 yuan packing charges, to pay a total of 10 yuan.

When many consumers reacted go offline store pick up, but was told that the clerk out of stock, even many Watsons stores posted notices directly in front of the counter, represents the active product is not in stock, we will send the customer a little gift as a token compensation.

Consumers have said that beginning 11 am event, Watson 10 am to open the door, around 9:30 short interest continues to receive notification out of stock. After the consumer to shop, the clerk told not to write off delivery, and allow Watson to contact the customer, but the customer can not be connected.

At 11 noon, there will be a collective consumer-initiated complaints in the complaint black platform. At press time, the collective participation of complaints amounted to 1634 people. # Watson 1 minute money to buy a mask of events was challenged not afford # microblogging hot topic boarded the search.

13, there is no mention of consumer goods to express their dissatisfaction among Watson live, ask when to pick up the mask, was abused while being pulled anchor black background staff. "Just for a penny of things, like a mad dog bite," "I kicked you happy," "deserve" and other anchor Watson's remarks once again sent a microblogging hot search.

Evening of March 14, @ Watsons China released a statement of apology. Watson said the cause of the above activities due to the system in a short time had a large number of abnormal orders far more than stock. In the case of store inventory support, the company has not honored a part of the order; after due to lack of inventory, the company suspended payment. To this end, giving consumers good shopping experience, the company apologize. Meanwhile, the company decided to take the way to continue to fulfill the remaining replenishment orders, corresponding to the replenishment of goods will continue.

For anchor remarks, Watson said, related to the live third-party agency personnel Watson cooperation, it does not represent the Watson inappropriate remarks attitude to customers. In any case, the studio appears inappropriate remarks, demonstrated the company's third-party audit agency cooperation and supervision is not in place, can not shirk responsibility for this company.

Watson recently drinking water was found to exist food safety issues

In addition to improper delivery activities, related stores involved false propaganda, Watson's recently exploded food safety issues. On December 17, 202, the Beijing Municipal Supervision Bureau publicly opened the "Beijing Market Supervision Administration on 2021 Food Safety Supervision Summary Information (No. 61 of 2021)." Among them, nominal Guidyuan Health Drinking Water Co., Ltd. production, Beijing Shouhui Jiaye Business Center operated Watson's drinking water, copper green pseudoma, copper greenery, does not meet the national standard of food safety. The inspection agency is the Beijing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute.

According to the public information, Watson's group opened the first soda plant in 1832, and in 1903, Watson's distilled water was founded in 1903.

In 1995, it was found in Guangzhou and established Guangzhou Watson's Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. Most Watson's chain stores are the subsidiaries of Guangzhou Watson's personal supplies store.

Watson's personal supplies store and food beverage company belong to Watson's Group. In 1841, Watson Group has been developed into a world-renowned international health care retailer, with more than 16,000 stores in 27 markets. Each year, more than 53 million customers have shopping at 12 retail brands worldwide and shopping on e-stores.

As of the end of 2020, Watson's store in the mainland has exceeded 4,100. In 2020, the company's 20 billion Hong Kong dollars in recent years has been low in recent years.

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