Nancai research options, Zhongjin, said that the intelligent cockpit market will reach 100 billion yuan, which investment opportunities in smart cars are fully "screening"?

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Nancai research options, Zhongjin, said that the intelligent cockpit market will reach 100 billion yuan, which investment opportunities in smart cars are fully "screening"?

2022-01-18 12:06:52 32 ℃

Southern Finance and Economics, China, Xing Ruihan, comprehensive report, the new energy vehicle represented by Tesla, Qi Zi, is driving the upgrade of smart cockpit, Huawei Hongmeng cockpit system also plans to have a driving experience of consumers.

This intelligent trend of new energy vehicles is concerned by brokerage. Zhongjin Company recommends investors to pay attention to investment opportunities for incremental and upgrade components in the intelligent cockpit. As of 17, January 17, the car parts sector rose 2.44%.

Policy requires smart car to have DMS

In July 202, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Opinions on Strengthening Intelligent Network Auto Production Enterprises and Product Admission Management", requiring smart driving vehicles, must have drivers to monitor DMS (driver monitoring system) functionality.

Zhongjin Company believes that the development of the car seat has roughly experienced three stages. In the first phase, the car cockpit is gradually mounting the car radio and tape player with a low electronic level. The second phase is based on the key, the screen is smaller, and video playback cannot be provided.

At present, the automotive cockpit is gradually integrated with many fields, with a large screening, multi-screen trend, HUD, stream media rearview mirror and other display technologies rapidly develop. While hardware development, the software technology represented by human-machine interaction and application software is rapidly developed, and the comprehensive upgrade of intravenous audio, smart seat and other equipment, the automotive cockpit officially enters the rapid development of intelligent development.

At this stage, Tesla, Ideal, Xiaopeng actively strengthens the intelligent cockpit configuration, Huawei Hongmeng cabin system is more than "ecological" as cornerstone, rechape consumer's driving experience. Zhongjin Company believes that the new power of the car focuses on improving the use of consumers, promoting smart cockpit software, hardware is fully upgraded:

From the perspective of hardware, the cockpit hardware of each new forces continues to upgrade, and the types continue to expand. Touching the control screen, the LCD instrument panel has been standard. Most models have added fatigue driving reminders, and the cabin configuration such as the inner atmosphere light is also equipped with a head display (HUD). At present, the size, quantity of the medium control screen is improved, and the existing new forces are basically more than 11.3 inches. In addition, multi-screening has also become a trend, ideal one even launched quad-clad and cockpit information entertainment features significantly increased.

From the perspective of software, the smart cockpit is integrated into multimode interactions, personalized services and intelligent scenarios. Human-machine interaction technology continues to improve, the speech recognition system has become the standard of new force cars, Xiaopeng P7 can even recognize facial recognition. In terms of personalized services, the smart cockpit of the new forces has introduced a lot of new features in improving consumer experience, such as steering wheel heating, front and rear seat heating, ventilation, massage, etc. In terms of intelligent scene, new forces car cockpit application scenarios are more abundant. Huawei's Harmony OS smart cockpit is equipped in Aiito, can be seamlessly flowing with people, mobile phones, smart homes, smart watches, etc., realizing the convenience of Wan Lian, the ultimate goal is to provide consumers more intelligent, more Convenient, more comfortable car moving space.

Zhongjin Company believes that with the upgrade of smart cockpit software, the amount of bicycle is also continuously improved, will bring a hundred billion-level incremental market. Benefit from the upgrade of in-vehicle information entertainment system, intelligent configuration penetration rate increased, 2025 China's smart cockpit market space reached 11.96 billion yuan.

Sitting on both sides of the consumption upgrade

Consumers continue to improve the demand level of the car, and more diverse the demand for automotive functions.

Demand side: The car is from the initial travel tool to highlight social identity and status, and then to the interior space to achieve social functions, this process is accompanied by the increase in personalized demand for consumers. Consumers' requirements for car cockpit are no longer a simple vehicle, and will become a mobile smart space.

Supply side: high-altitude chip, heterogeneous distribution hardware architecture, etc. Hardware upgrade, superimposed car regulation operating system and cockpit function software development, bicycle intelligence is improved. Automotive Electronic Technology Reform is reflected in both high-altitude chip hardware and multi-function software. Taking the ideal one quarter-only screen as an example, the instrument panel and car control screen are equipped with Texas Instrument J6 chip, central large-screen and wonderful entertainment screens, high-power 820A chip, not only support smart voice interaction, navigation and other functions, but also equipped with Himalaya , IQiyi and other entertainment apps. In addition, 5G communication technology provides technical foundation for cockpit instant communication functions.

Intelligent cockpit investment logic

Guotai Junan Securities believes that CERENCE launches a car voice system that can predict the needs of drivers, and the interaction of smart cockpit is evolved from passive to active forecasting, which is expected to drive the value of smart cockpit.

Institutions pay attention to investment:

Rainbow Soft Technology ( The company is a computer visual technical leader, a cockpit visual algorithm head player.

Deye Westway ( The company is a leader in the intelligent network technology actively promoters, IVI / LCD instruments and other fields.

Huayang Group ( The company has developed large-scale high-tech enterprises that are dominated by automotive electricity, photoelectric, communication components.

Wan Electronics ( The company is a globalized automotive parts top supplier, mainly to intelligent driving system, automotive safety system, new energy vehicle power management system and high-end automotive function assembly, etc.manufacture.Koboba ( The company is a system plan provider of automobile intelligence and energy-saving electronic components.

Echo Electronics (688533.SH): The company is committed to promoting driving experience using acoustic technology, and is a domestic technology leading automotive acoustic product program supplier.

Boardi (00230.SZ): Car speech leader, specializing in intelligent voice and language technology research, software and chip product development, voice information service and e-government system integration of national key software enterprises.

(Report Source: Zhongjin Company, Guotai Junan Securities; This article does not constitute any investment suggestions, published content from the license securities institution, does not represent platform views, please investors independent judgment and decision-making.)