NETRO is in a "quality door"

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NETRO is in a "quality door"

2022-01-18 12:05:12 32 ℃

Radar Finance> Zhang Kai 编 | Shenzhen

The high concentration of high concentrations of online shopping communities are doubled by CCTV.

According to CCTV News, recently, Shanghai Municipal Memat Management Bureau sells six kinds of goods such as garment, adult clothing, shoes and accessories sold by 9 e-commerce live platforms. It has found that in 113 batches, 22 batches are not Qualified, the unqualified rate is 19.5%. Where the spot check is the highest, the "mature" e-commerce platform, the sample is unqualified by 50%.

In fact, it has previously been named by Crow with Cult Med Medal, involving problems such as commodity fake, appraisal fees, "high-priced ball shoes", and this is also a desk of this type of two-handed shoes identification, trading platform.

In order to achieve a broken circle, it is also necessary to change the impression of its "fried shoes platform", and work hard to extends the whole category layout to tide. But transformation is not easy. On the one hand, the trend of the game is very easy to be labeled "hype" label, and the netizens snapped up the Ling Na Baber Christmas defined key ring, I have sold 1400 yuan in the Applications APP. High-priced; on the other hand, the wanship between the platform needs to be synchronized with the platform supervision, and from the past experience of the mature, this is a challenge.

NETRAING STR Tricks Description Unqualified Quality Inspection Engineer: Apparel Identity is very important

It is understood that the recent sample inspection of the Shanghai Municipal Municipal Supervision involves 6 types of products of 96 brands, except for the except, the quick hand, the sampling rate of the small red book is 40%, 28.6%, Jingdong, Taobao and other e-commerce There are also some problems with goods in the platform or short video platform. In the detection, more than a quarter of the adult clothing spot check failed.

For details, according to their reply, the company received the test report sent by the testing institution on July 30, 2021, which involves four batches of four product samples, two of which Two products have unqualified items on the instructions (label).

One is the "men's pocket logo short sleeve" sold by Shanghai Duty Technology Co., Ltd., the number specification is marked, the graphic symbol is wrong; its second is the "return to the future black and white gant jacket" sales in Hangzhou Black Star Clothing Co., Ltd. Address, filler name, pills and pills and filling volumes, the surface of the fiber is not standardized, and the tag is inconsistent with the washing.

In this regard, the recent response, verification, two problem-based system identification labeling does not meet the latest regulations, and has taken the goods first. It means that according to the information provided by the brand, the product of the product itself is in line with national standards, and the product will continue to strengthen the inspections and sampling of the product identification.

Radar Finance noted that the two national tide brands of this problem were not waiting for the leisure generation. The two had a considerable accumulation in the development process of brand development, but the treatment of the two brands seems to have Different.

The sky-eyed showed that the scale of technology was established in 2014. "Particle Fever" is positioned as a high-end sports technology brand. It has established a total of 6 financing, of which C-round financing is worth RMB RMB .

In December 202, Particle Fever also announced the global spokesperson Zhou Xun, and the 5 stores now have 5 stores in Beijing SKP-S, Shanghai IPAM, Shanghai Yutan, Shanghai Pudong Kerry and Shenzhen Vientiane, all The top high-end business district, reported that it has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

While Black Star Clothing has no financing experience, it is related to "Killwinner" brand height. As early as 2018, Black Star Clothing has registered the trademark of Killwinner under the classification of clothing shoe.

From the accumulated sales of the mature statistics, the best product sold by Killwinner is "returning to the future graffiti zipper and leads the three-color down jacket", with a total of more than 110,000 people, and the rest of the 17 products accumulated payment More than 20,000.

However, at the current App APP, all the goods of Particle Fever have been removed, but Killwinner is still broadcast live.

It is worth mentioning that engineers with the national silk and clothing product quality inspection center pointed out that "such products belong to three products. The so-called three no products," means that there is no manufacturer's address and name, no The product of the certificate, the three products may have no quality, the online shopping and the real thing not consistent, detecting the chemical composition exceeds the standard, may cause damage to the consumer's skin, respiratory tract. "

In addition, although the two brands unqualified are in terms of identification, another engineer of the National Silk and Clothing Products Quality Inspection Center said: "The standard or chaos of the clothing identifier will be produced for consumers. Deception or misleading. "After all, if the product has quality problems, the correct label of the identification can be used as evidence of consumer rights protection, and its importance cannot be underestimated.

After the goods are unqualified, the test standard is enrichment

For the mode of the product sales, the Radar Finance Consulting Platform Customer Service is known that there are two main business sales and personal sellers idle sale. The customer service also emphasizes that all goods sold in the platform will be checked and identified, ensuring that the new unused will be issued.

This also makes netizens doubts, identifying, is not reliable? Can consumers do not have conditional trust platform? Radar Finance notes that many users are in the near future, and there are more and more wonderful events encountered on the matters, which is gradually losing the trust of severe users of the shoe circle.

In 2015, Hu Jingsheng founded Yang Bing founded the predecessor - "poison", this is a platform for the use of shoes to identify the phone, providing users with the platform of the shoes culture and trend information, but after the size of the user gradually climbed "Poison" expands the transaction business.

In order to solve the problem of fierce in the balloon market, poison use "first identification, after delivery" trading model, there is also a set of identification standards that belong to his own identification, that is, the anti-counterfeiting four-piece set: the authentication certificate, certified shoes, The box and tape, and the goods with four sets of goods are called "in toxic", that is, the identification is true.

While playing the "True Shoe" label, the product has also earned a lot of money. It is understood that every sale of shoes will be extracted in the middle of the middle, and 5 fees, payment, and 5 fees, and packaging service fees, the higher the price of the ball, the higher the achievement.

It has been reported that the total amount of Monthly GMV in 2018 has reached nearly 200 million yuan, and the company's total GMV is 60-7 billion yuan in 2019. The sharp increase in the turnover, promoted the growth of the company's valuation, and after A-round financing in April 2019, the obtained estimate was once more than 1 billion US dollars.

But the shoes apparatus is always "metaphysics". People who are familiar with the appraisal of the ball say that it can look from the shoe box, then look at the shoe label, the opposite side of the insole, the traces of the shoes, etc., which involve many expertise. "I have encountered the most powerful shoes apparatus, I took the shoes to taste, I knew the true and false shoes of the shoes."

However, this methodology is not a hundred trials. The industry-recognized classic shoes - Replica black color AJ6, has a large number of counterfeit inflows that cannot be identified. For the reason, the fake shoe manufacturers are solid, and the genuine shoes are covered by the top floor. It is not possible to see the high-end trace and glue holes are critical, and the identifier is bought and participated in the fake.

"There is still no 100% identification standard, just in Nike, Adi did not make perfect anti-counterfeiting solutions, identifying shoes is the most recognized true and false method of the balloon market." The division has been revealed.

In this context, the matte has appeared many "rollover".

In June 2020, "" 618 "" "" 618 "" "" "" "" "" "" And other issues. If there is any consumer feedback, the defective shoes that buy the right foot shoe, which is questioned, which is questioned.

There is also a balloon seller who bought the shoes from the official website and sold from obtaining, and eventually showed that the identification could not be passed. "Different date identification conclusions are different, this identification is not reliable, let us lose a lot."

Back to alien Sneaker Culture is still in this, and other trend products outside the ball shoes.

In the first half of 2021, because a GUCCI's belt, the mature and Vipshop will play a knot war. At that time, Mr. Guo Mr. Guo has bought a belt after Vipshop, and the application platform is identified as a fake, causing a hot discussion.

It is worth mentioning that the date of delivery of the China Inspection and Certification Group Shanghai Co., Ltd., which has been issued, showing the sample as a false, the identification result of the China Inspection and Certification Group of Vipshop will show that the sample is true. In the end, according to the Guangzhou Internet Court judgment, the Gucci belt provided by the Vipshop is not a counterfeit, and the report and other platforms given are not enough to prove that the goods are counterfeiting.

I want to break the "hype" loop

How to improve the identification and supervision of goods, thereby improving the credibility of our own in the hearts of consumers, just one of the difficulties facing the top. In the process of taking the full-class platform of the two-handed shoes identification platform, there is still a lot of problems in front of the mature.

One of them is how to get rid of the shadow of "fried shoes". From 2019, "shoes are not fried", until 2021, because of scorpion shoes, it is hot. Although it has repeatedly responded that "the price is the seller personal setting", but in many industry people, it is difficult to escape. Help the scallions.

In order to change the platform attributes in the eyes of the consumer, they are also attracting a large number of brand merchants and star nets while catching the young group.

Such as 2020, Chen Weizhen, the tidal card CANOTWAIT_ has officially settled, and chooses the first summer special defined eternal flies "series of clothing. Other, such as Xue, Chen He, Lin Yun, Li Chen, Zhang Yixing, Yang Chao Yue and other stars have also brought their brand to settle, and many trend of new products will also be obtained as a starting platform.

However, after expanding the tide game class, it is still difficult to change the nature of "speculation concentration camp". As long as it is profitable, there will be a business that the merchant will keep the product price crazy.

At the end of 2021, the "Chuansha", "Chuansha", "Chuansha", is out of the sky, and at the same time, the major e-commerce platform is not necessary to ask for the surroundings of Lingna Bay, and the yellow cattle sniffed this. The idea of ​​tax-limited.

In the Ground App AP, the Christmas defined Ling Na Ber, just launched on December 12, the Christmas limit, the price of the Ling Na Bayer key ring is as high as 1929 yuan, 1729 yuan, the price of the ordinary dolls in Ling Na Beibei also have 1259 yuan. Take the common doll as an example, its original price is only 219 yuan. According to a tide, the seller revealed that the bubble mart Mega series "Molly1000% Earth's daughter", the original price of 4,999 yuan, the price price is once up to 80,000 yuan, and this model has been removed. The newly released "" Molly400% Earth's daughter "was originally 999 yuan, and the price of November, 2021 was once a degree of up to 12999 yuan; even if there was slightly until 2022, there was still 6989 yuan as of 6989 yuan.

Kaws, Be @ rclicks, the tide of the Book and the like, the OG (Endow), the price is higher. Amidited a BE @ rbrick 2G empty mountain foundation sold by the "Xiong Wang", the price of the platform is 8800 yuan, and the price is once more than 170,000 in 2021, and the price is nearly 150,000.

"Although there is no active to promote screaming shoes, it gives the seller 'pricing freedom', and also provides loan products for the transaction. It is difficult to say that the platform can be completely placed in the platform." Sound pointed out .

The prevalence of hype is not a good thing for trying to establish long-term trust in long-term trust with young people. From the current situation, there are many need to improve in supply chain management, logistics, product appraisal, etc., in the black cat complaint platform, accumulated complaints reached 120,000, far exceeding general brand.

The future can get rid of the "fried shoes" label, is it successful? Radar Finance will continue to pay attention.

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