The top ten accidents in 2022 were released, and the Wall Street prophet predicts that the gold price will create a historical high.

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The top ten accidents in 2022 were released, and the Wall Street prophet predicts that the gold price will create a historical high.

2022-01-18 18:08:30 38 ℃

Recently, the US Blackstone Group, an authority known as the Wall Street seers Bailunweien and chief strategic investment adviser Qiaoqideer jointly issued ten accidents in 2022 edition, in this report they believe, 2022 the main event will be inflation, interest rates, stock prices and China's influence expand.

Blackstone Group of the United States each year of the famous prophet will publish their forecasts for next year's top ten accident, this was his 37th consecutive release of this forecast. Before the Bailunweien ever well-known investment bank Morgan Stanley's chief investment strategist, one of Wall Street analysts but also the most talked about, he began publishing ten incidents from 1986 forecast published his views on the accident of the new year in economic, financial and political might occur, which is now 37th. What is he called it an accident? The definition he gives is only a third of investors generally believe that the probability of occurrence, but he himself was considered a high possibility that this thing happened, the probability of more than 50%. Or say call it an accident? Everyone is surprised, he was considered to be expected. One by one we might look at this man of God predicted.

He expects US inflation pressures will be eased, especially the rise in commodity prices will be eased. But he also believes that wages and rent increases will allow the consumer price index this year's CPI is maintained at a high of 4.5%. At the same time, he believes gold will rise significantly, he predicted that gold prices will rise by 20%, reaching record highs. He believed in the serious global inflation backdrop, investors will be more emphasis on increasing the value of gold than ever before. For this, I think he'd predicted nothing new.

Before the show we will talk to, and now the countries of the world gold reserves hit a new high, especially in some emerging market countries has even gold as the national currency stable Stand, because in the big dollars turn on the water situation, there is nothing more than gold better hedge against inflation, despite the investment of dollar assets have interest income, but can not stop it much faster than the rate of depreciation return on investment, return on gold although there is no interest, but the reliability of dollar-denominated assets can not be compared with gold. Face serious inflation, although the Federal Reserve released a strong signal contraction of monetary policy, but this can only be an impact for those affected by the financial factors that influence the price of relatively large, such as some commodities, energy prices, transport costs fell, turn on the water but the money to bring wages and rents continue to rise, but it can make persistent inflation called the next topic, which with the Fed chairman insisted the so-called Powell to say inflation is only temporary, it will be increasingly the more the opposite.

Wayne believes that because of rising inflationary pressures, the overall interest rates will also rise, interest rates will rise in US Treasury 10-year period from the current 1.63% to 2.75%, but he also predicted that the Fed will be four times within the year hike, three times more than the market generally expected, and accordingly will be entering the US stock market fell.

Wayne in the forecast now think oil prices will not fall, but will rise more than $ 100 a barrel. Many investors feel that the current sustained high oil prices will accelerate alternative energy plan, the US shale oil production accelerated because of high oil prices may already support the high cost of mining shale oil, shale oil so that there is economic incentive to miners to increase production capacity. However, Wayne that an increase in production capacity does not offset the increase in market demand. It is estimated there are two factors which, on the one hand because in order to address global climate change, countries are adjusting energy structure, the traditional fossil energy producers in such a bleak prospect, not to choose to develop new oil fields, to improve their capacity, long-term investment could end long wait is an increasingly shrinking, until it was eventually replaced by the market.

On the other hand, the dollar printing too much, you increase the speed that oil can not be digested and absorbed currency of the United States two years running crazy. But then, Wayne also saw some hope of rising energy prices, that nuclear power will be taken seriously again, again enabled. Prior to Western countries, taking into account the Fukushima nuclear accident etc. these nuclear power brought about a profound lesson a long time suspended the construction of nuclear power in some countries even phasing out nuclear power. However, faced with the pressure to respond to environmental changes, countries have made a commitment to carbon emissions, we must make adjustments on the subversive energy structure. Thermal power is clean power generation alternative, just started the transition to natural gas market has been made rocket into space, price spikes have been the traditional energy markets upside down. Slowly people will never have reason of wake up in the fear of nuclear energy, including nuclear energy seen as hostile to the West that the politically correct party, since their banner name of environmental protection, it is necessary to address climate changes in digestion and make a choice of nuclear energy in hostility. In Wayne, the future of nuclear energy will not only called most important clean energy alternatives, future development and utilization of nuclear fusion also will enter the fast lane.

In the current international public opinion, China is an unavoidable hotspot and key topic. In Wayne's forecast, China naturally can't escape. Among the top ten accidents in Wayne, he mentioned the growth of investment needs in 2022, China's asset management industry will thrive. Although China mentioned China, this is not an unexpected event. Today's China's economy has maintained rapid growth, and China's per capita disposable income, and China's family financial assets are growing. It is said that China's family investment demand is growing, and China's asset management industry is booming. This is not surprising, but an lying "in , any investors who have objective observation of China will have this common sense judgment. . However, in his forecast, there are some judgments about the Chinese market to be inspired by investors. Wayne believes in 2022, as the Chinese government strengthened the restrictions on real estate speculation, he expect China's investment funds to turn to the stock market and other investment markets. It seems that Wayne is very optimistic about this year's stock market. He believes that this year will be a good time to carry out asset management business in China this year. Of course, he will not forget to stand on the US position, remind the US government, can't depend too much on the lithium battery, China's leading in the lithium battery will make yourself in the future world electric vehicle industry chain take the initiative. He believes that once China monopolizes the market in the lithium battery, the production of electric vehicles will be turned to China, ending the United States in the advantages of traditional fuel truck era.