The beauty city share is transcendence, becoming a new air-conditioned brother, Dong Mingzhu is unable to

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The beauty city share is transcendence, becoming a new air-conditioned brother, Dong Mingzhu is unable to

2022-01-18 18:09:26 54 ℃

Recently, my country's 2021 economic-related data was officially released, and the total GDP exceeded 114 trillion, per capita disposable revenue reached 35,128 yuan. It can be seen that the living conditions of our people are getting better and better.

In this case, in addition to meeting the need for basic food and clothing, my country's residents attach great importance to improving the daily life experience. Various consumption is also soft. For example, air conditioning, it can now be said to be a must-have electrical appliance, air conditioner is called "one of the world's greatest inventions".

Based on powerful needs, my country's air-conditioning market has always been quite hot, and competition is also very fierce. Gree, beautiful, Haier, Oaks, etc., is a more well-known air-conditioned brand in my country.

In the past, the first air-conditioning brand of my country, I believe that many friends think of Gree. Unlike other home appliance companies, Gree is quite "special" for air conditioning products. "Good air conditioner, Gree created" this classic slogan, I believe everyone has heard. It can be said that Gree has achieved an air conditioning product and has been unanimously recognized by consumers.

Since 1995, Gree is steadily sitting in the throne of the air-conditioned sales champion in our market. However, in these years, with the strength of the United States, the main competitors in the air-conditioning field, the dominance of Gree is also greatly threatened.

As early as 2020, there was news from the news: The United States has successfully exceeded Gree, became the first air-conditioned brand in my country. But this is not the case. In 2020, it is just more than Gree in the revenue, but Gree's air-conditioning sales remain leaded.

According to relevant data, in 2020 my country's air-conditioning market, Gree's share proportional is 36.9%, and it is still a leading air-conditioned brand in my country. In other words, as of 2020, Gree also maintained the status of "air-conditioned brother". But there is no doubt that this status is already in jeopardy.

It is worth mentioning that the status of Galie can stay in the air conditioner overlord in 2020. In that year, Gree has been severely impacted, and the revenue and sales have declined significantly. Still the core character Dong Mingzhu personally lives to sell, so that Gree has "return blood".

In the past 2021, Gree still lost the throne of the first air-conditioned brand, and believed that Dong Mingzhu also did not expect.

According to a recent related data, 2021 America has completed the anti-superchard of Gree. Specifically, the share of the air-conditioned market in the United States last year is 38.19%, while Galle is 30.21%; online market, the US share accounts for 30.34%, and Gree is 26.31%.

From the perspective of the data, Gree has become an indisputable fact. Since then, my country's air-conditioning market pattern is formally changed, and the beauty has become a new "air-conditioned brother".

The reason why Gree will be superior, and the reasons behind it are many aspects.

First of all, Gree has previously been highly emphasized for online sales channels, just focusing on the online air-conditioning sales market. However, in the era of high-speed development of the Internet, the importance of online sales channels is undoubtedly high. Although Gree, I also started to realize this in the past two years, but I have to catch up with the beauty of the United States on the online air-conditioned market layout, it is undoubtedly difficult.

Secondly, my country's air-conditioning market has actually ushered in the "bottleneck" and the growth space is large. Under this situation, the product price does not account for the advantage, the sales volume declines or even more than it is, and it is also expected. After all, the quality of the products of major brands is guaranteed, and many consumers are naturally more willing to choose some products.

Since 1995, Gree's first air-conditioned brand position has been 26 years old, but it is still superior to the United States. Finally, do you think Gree is also expected to achieve the ultimate goal of beauty in the future? Welcome to the next message to discuss.

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