Yanjiao fried tenant defeated, the end of an era

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Yanjiao fried tenant defeated, the end of an era

2022-01-18 18:07:23 36 ℃

This paper summarizes: In the process of downtown in stock prices in recent years, it is not short of people who have realized financial freedom or replacement to Beijing through the roofroom. However, for most real estate investors, including Yanjiao City is the city. A nightmare, especially before the introduction of Yanjiao purchase policy, a part of the investment in Beijing Pinggu Line, some investigate, with more than 30,000 yuan / flat price hoarding room. But by 2020, the impact of the regulation of the epidemic and real estate policies, many buyers helplessly went to break, and looked at the house was recovered by the bank. The data shows that the number of listing rooms in the national residential law has already exceeded 1.6 million, which has risen by 180 times compared to 2017! It seems that it has been ended in the times.

1. The fire development of the Yanjiao Room City, the speculation is swarmed

2, room rate plummeted (epidemic, policy), the choice of the speculative housing group

3, future property development

In a social platform, a netizen called "thick soil" posted, "Give (Yanjiao) Tianyang City Real Estate (there is still a loan), first come first served, and loan itself."

This netizen is in 2016 in the housing prices in Yanjiao, with a total price of 1080,000 yuan per square meter, and bought this 40 square meters of one room. This house has been more than 4 years of mortgage, with a monthly repayment of 4,200 yuan, and 7.364 million yuan left.

As with him, there is still many people. These buyers have a group contract with the developer or second-hand housing owners in the case of purchasing houses. After the House prices in the Beijing House continued to fall, many people's houses have not yet arrived, they will lose half.

The property market has come to reality from the magic, some people enter, some people leave, some people have been set, why is the Beijing property market!

Towards the magicalism of Yanjiao City

Historical materials record, Yan Chow is located in the suburbs of Yan Guo, and builds Yanjiao Palace. It is the first stop of the Dongling, and the first stop of Dongling, and the main street of Yanjiao main city. The hotel in the core and the core area is called a palace hotel, and the vegetarian market is called the palace market.

Today, from the executive, Yanjia is affiliated to Hebei Langfang, but from the location, it is closer to Beijing. Yanxia is only 35 kilometers from Tiananmen Square. From the Yanjiao Development Zone, it takes only a 500-meter-long tidal white river. It is unique to the geographic location, let Yanjiao are crowned in the title of "Huan Jingyi". This Jingcheng flying, there is a colorful door with similar to Chang'an Street, and there is also a dense residential area and traffic similar to Beijing Tongzhou.

It is also because of this, Yanjiao is sent to high hopes - to undertake the "test field" of Beijing industries and population transfer.

Ten years ago, Hebei Province has invited Beijing to plan to create a "ring capital economy". This is included around Beijing Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Langfang, Baodian City, and 13 counties (cities) such as Zhangzhou, Sanhe City (including Yanjiao), Xianghe County, Gu'an County.

From 2010 to 2015, Beijing has introduced the regulation of real estate policies, from commercial housing room purchase, to pay social security, and then to Tongzhou's most strict purchase order, housing prices are also rising and rising, many of the northern trukers in Beijing shopping room, have arrived Real estate is purchased by the Beijing area. At the same time, the speculators also flocked. In a short period of time, the demand for buying house has increased, causing the property market for inquight, and the Housing price of the Beijing is almost doubled.

Capital smelling, Vanke, Wu Mine, Cheng Yan and many other real estate enterprises have entered the town of Yanjiao, Xianghe and other towns, and began to run the horse. The concept of Huan Jing continued to be hot, November 2014, Yanjiao house priced broke 10,000 mark. At this time, Beijing housing prices are only 35,000, Shenzhen is still 24,000, Hangzhou is only 17,000.

"The house of Yanjia is selling crazy, one day, one day, starting to rise dozens of dollars a day, and then can rise one hundred dollars in one day. When the house is no one, the developer hire the driver package truck to Yanjiao People are looking at the house, and they are old and old, and later the house is selling, the intermediary is selling in the high-speed mouth. "Yanjiao local people recall," bus stop can go to Beijing, 25 kilometers to Beijing, 25 kilometers To Tiananmen Square, these developers wrote in advertising, attract countless speculators swarming.

Before and after 2016, the housing prices of Yanjiao even reached nearly 40,000 yuan per square meter. The world is hot in the world, and the developer is a joy. Some major developer projects opened, and even 200 salespeople were mobilized. Baidu Encyclopedia updated the Data of Yanjiao Population in 2016 - 1.2 million, 10 times more than ten years ago.

"At that time, there were real estate experts predicted that the house of Yanjiao was in the 50,000 yuan mark," Xiao Wu recalls, when you buy a house, I didn't even see the house, I gave the mediation. "You don't buy it, it will be sold immediately. At that time, I didn't have the opportunity to think, I would like to buy it." In 2017, Xiao Wu hurried into the mortuary, fantasy can achieve freedom of wealth with the lever, but I didn't expect this. A nightmare.

Seeing the collapse of Yanjiao Town

At the beginning of 2021, the Yanjiao commute personnel entered the Beijing New Administration, and the small flowers in Yanjiao spent four hours to arrive at the company. After the light, the 500-meter bridge took 2 hours, a epidemic, let more people feel: "So many people in Beijing, Yanjiao is close to the national trade, Gu'an is close to Daxing Airport, they After all, I was not Beijing. "March 2017 In March 2017, after the purchase of Yanjiao purchase, the house price was immediately falling. By October 2018, it has fallen to $ 16,000 per square meter, nearly 35% decline, two years later, the housing prices of Yanjiao have been from the highest point 4 10,000 yuan per square meter, falling to less than 20,000 yuan per square meter; housing prices in the large factory area, from 35,000 yuan per square meter, falling to 10,000 yuan per square meter.

As a place in a house price, Yanjiao also became the destruction of the speculators. The People's Court Assets Litigation Network shows that as of December 16th, the number of paid houses in 2021 was 818 sets (not excluded repeated auction), which was 1.6 times in 2020, which is 4.4 times the year 2019, the people's court The asset suit is also shown. In the next month, there will be three sets of hovera in the suburbs, and the starting price is between 1.23 million to 2110,000. Among the listings of these judicial auctions, there is a considerable part of the creditor's banking institution, which indicates that most of which is a disaster.

It is actually very simple, which is not to make money on the month, and the bank will urge the repayment monthly, and the bank will continue to pay for half a year. The bank will start the prosecution procedure, freeze the house through the court, and then take the procedure Final auctioned this property.

"The house price is falling, the house is constantly depreciated, the market value is even lower than the end of the end. The economic turnover is not open, and the profit will only choose to stop the stop loss." A real estate agent revealed that in his four or five years In the hidden Yanxia law, most of them are more than a break, including the real estate of Fu Cheng and the tide.

If you have a breakman, it's not a discharge. On December 10 this year, a netizen exposed "personally experienced, I broke it", this post caused an uproar in the network. This netizen bought a set of houses in Yanjiaohua 426 million in 2017. It has a mortgage of $ 800,000 in four years. Among them, only 160,000 yuan of principal, the remaining 630,000 yuan is interest. The house is more depreciated to the current 235-240,000 yuan. What can't be accepted, it is at least 2.8 million yuan after breaking.

In late December, there is a post of Yanjiao owner "this room whiten", which is circulating in the social platform. The text on the photo shows: because there are too many houses, you can't afford the month supply, this room is not, white. As long as you have a month, I just don't want to have time.

"Nostalvous, not only the infrastructure, such as transportation, etc., software facilities, such as educational resources, medical resources, etc., but more importantly, their industrial structure is also a single one." A senior real estate is analyzed. The industrial structure is single, meaning that the employment problem of buyers can not solve, even if there is a household, people can only go to work in Beijing during the day, and come back to sleep at night. In this way, the Beijing City may still be a "sleeping city". In essence, although it is close to Beijing, Yanjiao is only a small town in Hebei, its industries and economies are not enough to support its rates.

Lack of fundamentally supported property markets, destined to be influenced by policy, regulation This also explains another question: Under the same regulation cycle, why is Beijing housing prices only about 10% of the callback, and Yanjiao faces the destiny of the waist?

End of an era

In the past year, real estate declines have continued to increase, as of November 10, 2021, single is 339 housing companies that have released bankrupt book announcements, with an average of 1.07 per day. The main reason for the continued decision of the real estate market is that the government's "three red lines" in real estate strict regulation and financing, the "two red lines" of mortgage, direct refers to the supply of house and enterprises and bank credit, 2021, national real estate regulation Cumulative approaching 600 times, is the most stricted era in the history of real estate.

A few days ago, the full text of the "National Central Committee on developing the fourteenth five-year planning of national economic and social development and the comments of the Visionary Objectives of the 2013 Five-Year Plan". Regarding the five major signals in the real estate market, in the future, the direction of the property market in the next five years is indicated: "House is not fried" run through the next five years; reducing real estate to financial resources; housing lease is still "wind"; pay attention to old communities; Reconstruction; housing consumption health development.

The 14th Five-Year Plan proposed to lead the high-quality development of China's economy, and obviously the economy mainly rely on the era of real estate development. Resources are more assigned to high-tech industries.

Some experts pointed out that in the short term, until next year, in the second quarter, the real estate market will be relatively stable. From the perspective of the overall policy, the regulatory policy will not usher in a large relaxation, which will lead to a series of economic imbalances, and threaten housing and enterprises. If it is too loose at this time, it will make the market ushered in a substantial rebound, which may strengthen the housing prices forever, the government always cares for the wrong expectation of real estate.

"This is a self-return return of the property market." In the past ten years of housing prices soared, the speculative house passengers are rampant, the industrial structure is deformed ... The real estate industry has become a wealth game that drums flowers, now, passed through the wildThe times, "housing prices will not fall" is already a complete lie.No matter what, the momentum is, the era of buying a robe, is over.