Because of the difficulty of liquidity, Fujian Sunshine Group, a 400 million credit period for 3 months

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Because of the difficulty of liquidity, Fujian Sunshine Group, a 400 million credit period for 3 months

2022-01-18 18:08:14 33 ℃

Fin Federation (Shanghai, Reporter Wang Haichun) News, Sunshine City ( Big Shareholders - Fujian Sunshine Group should have a company bonds you will pay in 17 this month, after consultation with investors, get 3 months Excellence.

According to information disclosed by Fujian Sunshine Group, the company's bonds were obtained as "19-positive set 01", bond code, the total issuance of the bond is 400 million yuan, with a ticket 7.5%, and the dead is 3 years. The bond was at the end of January 15, 2019, the bond payment date was January 15th, 2022, in case of legal holidays, rest days, the day, the first trading day.

Fujian Sunshine Group said that due to the difficulty of liquidity in the near future, negotiating with the company and the holder, all parties agreed to the current bond principal and interest delay until April 15, 2022.

Fujian Sunshine Group said that it is actively raising credit funds to enhance asset use efficiency. "Strive to complete the bond principal and payment of interest to interest, to ensure investor's rights, and will continue to perform information disclosure obligations, and cooperate with the managers to do well."

The analyst of the Shanghai real estate agency said that from the time period, January this year is a small peak of the housing enterprise bond; in addition, this month is a peak of the project payment before the Spring Festival, so Fujian Sunshine Group is exchanged The pressure is not small.

"The redemption is only three months, this extension time is not long, just a short post; but for Fujian Sunshine Group, it has obtained a fairly valuable buffering time. However, due to short time, Whether in April can be timely On, there is still uncertainty. "The above real estate agency analyzes.

When the big shareholder, the bond was obtained, and the Sunshine City recently announced that he received the company's holding shareholder Fujian Sunshine Group, the controlling shareholder, the company, Fujian Kangtian Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Sunshine Group, and Kangtian Industry Some accounts maintained The guarantee ratio is lower than the position of the position, from December 7 to December 10, 2021, through centralized bidding methods passively reduce the company's shares 41,403,800 shares, accounting for 0.99% of the company's total share capital.

Sunshine City introduces that this centralized bidding method is reduced, and the passive reduction behavior of Fujian Sunshine Group and consistent actors, this passive reduction will not have a substantive impact on the governance structure and sustainable operation of listed companies, nor directly Change the company's control.

It is understood that after passive reduction, Fujian Sunshine Group holds 16.31% shares in Sunshine City. Eastern Xinlin shares will share the shares of 6.42% in Kangtian Industrial. The controlling shareholders have a sunshine shares, which is previously 41.97. % Fell to 40.97%.

"Fujian Sunshine Group and consistent actors have been communicating with creditors, and based on the requirements of quality control, carry out debt exhibition, funding funds, to reduce the adverse effects of this passive reduction stock." Sunshine City said .