Wang Si Cong's live broadcast of Sun Yining live broadcast, once the tear or just hype?

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Wang Si Cong's live broadcast of Sun Yining live broadcast, once the tear or just hype?

2022-01-18 18:07:41 27 ℃

Wen 鹭 BT Finance Qingshan Egret

Wang Si Cong, which is a long period of time, I opened my own live broadcast for the first time.

On January 16, Wang Song opened a live broadcast in a platform and interacted with netizens and talked about home. Because I saw the netizens kept brushing the gift, Wang Songcong was frequently discouraged to brush the gift, and broke out again: "Don't brush the gift, I am a month of pocket money is a few hundred million ..." ... "

Netizen said: "Often see 'Wang President' to watch live broadcast, big pens to the anchor, but he is really rare." Wang Si Cong opened a live broadcast and definitely not rushing to netizens. According to media reports, Wang Song's live broadcast is in order to hold "new girlfriend". It is said that Wang Si Cong's new girlfriend network name "Huizi" is also a network red anchor, Wang Sicong, this live broadcast is mainly to help Huizi.

What needs to be emphasized is that Wang Song has a new girlfriend is not a news. The heavy part of this live broadcast is that Wang Si Cong and Sun Yining's "old things"?

Everything is a head?

Who is Sun Yining? I still remember Wang Song and Sun Yining "mutual tear" incident in June 2021. At that time, a large number of media reported Wang Songcong chased Sun Ying, and was revealed by Sun Yining.

According to Sun Yining, the chat history of Wang Sin shows that Wang Song's sister scripture is very "greasy". Sun Yining has shown a high-cooler attitude. Some responses are directly hard, Wang Song, even Wang Si Cong himself is a "舔dog".

At that time, there was also Wang Si Cong's earthquistence. Some statements became the online popular language at the time: "Bao, I infuse today!" "What is lost?" "I miss your night ..."

At that time, "Wang Song's chasing love" was exposed to the topic of the topic, and Sun Yining was also completely fire. Subsequently, it successfully entered a sound to become a net red anchor, taking advantage of this incident, Sun Yining's live broadcast of a sound Show is a game to take more than 20 million fans.

Sun Yining's number of sound fans

According to the media report on June 16, 2021, Sun Yining has soared 264 million in this live broadcast. It is not counting on the gift. As of 0, Sun Yining has incorporated more than 7 million virtual coins, equivalent to RMB More than 700,000, in addition to the platform-related fees, Sun Yining's income is about 500,000, the most critical is that Sun Yining is completely relied on the live industry in the live industry.

Surprisingly, when Wang Song and Sun Yining were soaked in the tear, Wang Songcong was also issued on Weibo: "Don't want to turn it off." And Sun Yining did not continue to expose and diverse Wang Song.

At that time, there was a media pointed out that this "torn", or a good "噱噱", the purpose is to hold the sun, but did not dig more evidence, so the incident could not be excavated. Of.

In January 16, 2022, I didn't expect it to take this "old case", because many "eyes" netizens found that Wang Si Cong lived live broadcast, it is Sun Yining's live broadcast room. ! After netizens carefully compare the curtains of the live broadcast, the layouts of the items, the layout and the placement of the camera, and the set parameters of the camera, and the two are indeed live broadcast live in one room.

Wang Songcong lives the first show of the first show

Sun Yining live broadcast time

In the first two months, two people still treated with water, and claimed that "the old dead is not coming", now actually use the same live broadcast room? Some netizens exclaimed: "Wang Schong chased Sun Yining?" If the thoughts chased Sun Yining, Wang Song used Sun Yining's live broadcast of another female net red, more than a realistic, more netizens believed: Everyone will think simple The biggest possibility is Wang Song and Sun Yining just the relationship between the boss and the subordinates, Wang Siccin or has already signed Sun Yining, Sun Yining and Wang Song's live broadcast is just the company's work.

Vocational Network Anchor Xiaoyue is said to BT Finance, and does not rule out this situation analyzed by netizens. It is normal to use some "unconventional" techniques. Decorated with a family atmosphere, there is really existence, such a live inter-live room is at home, living room, in fact, the company's carefully furnished "model room", the broadcast live is more like "go to work", end live broadcast Go home.

I learned that the netizens of "Truth" said that this time the "new girlfriend" Huizi can't believe it?

Live industry wind and rain

Wang Song's live broadcast on January 16th, in order to help Huizi, Wang Songcong actually jumped up riding dance. From the dance, Wang Song did not dance very much. It can also be seen from the side that allows the "Wang President" to dance in the face of many netizens, which is also to give the benefits to the best.

Sir, Wang Si Cong's launched a set of ways. Even the previous Taobao when the red anchor, Sydney, who was once Wang Sicong's ex-girlfriend. Sydney was also called Wang Song's most successful ex-girlfriend.

Once Sydney was often photographed with Wang Si, shopping together, dining, eating, and even Sydney were also filmed with Wang Jianlin, relying on Wang Song's popularity and traffic, Sydney quickly accumulated his popularity, annual income Easy than 100 million yuan, promoted from "female net red" into "female entrepreneurs."

Wang Songcong packaging characters have a set of methods, and there is also a way for the packaging platform. Previously Wang Song's entrepreneurial project panda live, can be said to be a live platform with a large-handed one-handed live broadcast. There is Wang Songcong sitting behind the town. At that time, the population of 4 rounds of financing was accumulated. The largest financing was a B-round financing from the $ 1 billion RMB that was led by the capital.

Wang Song also uses personal resources and famous excuse. Panda live broadcast, Zhou, PDD, etc. According to analysis, Panda can give the anchor to the anchor, and the benefits are also as required by Wang Sugong.

It is worth emphasizing that Panda live broadcast in the burn talent, now, now, with the live e-commerce industry, due to tax inspection, live broadcast, a sister, Viria void taxation is blocked by the whole network. It is also completely planted on the issue of stealing taxes before Viria. Sydney's Taobao shop has been banned, shake, Weibo, Xiaohong books and other accounts have not logged in.

There is an analysis pointing that the live e-commerce will also have more amazing rollover accidents. It can be sure that the entire industry is experiencing an unprecedented tremendous pressure, the industry is falling into a downturn and downtime, and the negative broadcast of live e-commerce The effect is spreading throughout the live industry.

There is a live industry practitioner pointed out that Wang Song's work mode of live broadcast, or more like "Battal attack", through the establishment of contact (or partnership), Wang Song to take the lead, follow-up to work The final profit is divided into. Compared to previous platform modes (such as panda live broadcast), this way is more lightweight, and it is not so big. This way is undoubtedly low risk and is smart.

Perhaps the same thing as netizens: "When everyone thinks that the principal is still in the snow, the original Wang President is planning another big game."

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