Development and Reform Commission: Will develop relevant policy measures in time, and support consumption in the income of urban and rural residents continued to expand

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Development and Reform Commission: Will develop relevant policy measures in time, and support consumption in the income of urban and rural residents continued to expand

2022-01-18 18:08:42 49 ℃

January 18th, Director Jin Xiandong, director of the National Development and Reform Commission Policy Research Office, said on the 18th that it will formulate relevant policy measures in the right time, continuously improve the institutional policy system that promotes common prosperity, increases residents' income and reduction, innovation, and income distribution And consumer full chain benign circulation mutualization mechanism, with general growth of urban and rural residents, the consumption continues to expand.

In-depth advancement of online consumption and convergence development, and continue to promote new consumption demonstration cities and leading enterprises to cultivate construction.

Encourage green consumption to lead green production.

Vigorously enhance the e-commerce, express into rural comprehensive levels and agricultural products circulation modernization level, improve the county rural three-level e-commerce service system and express logistics distribution system, promote rural products and service brand, standardization, digitization, and industrialization.

National Development and Reform Commission January press conference

National Development and Reform Affairs was held on January 18 (Tuesday) 10:00 am, and held a national development reform committee in January 18th press conference.

Jin Xiandong:

Dear media friends, everyone is good! Welcome to the first press conference in 2022 national development reform committees. Taking this opportunity, I sincerely thank you media friends to support the development of news propaganda work in the past year. At the same time today, Mr. Yuan Da, Mr. Yuan Dai, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Mr. Li Yunqing, Director of the Economic Operation Regulation Bureau, I am Director of Policy Research Office. I first informed 5 aspects, then I will answer questions about everyone with my colleagues.

In the first aspect, the overall situation of economic and social development in 2021

In 2021, in the face of complex and severe development environments, under the strong leadership of Comrade Xi Xi Ping, through the whole country's top-down efforts, my country's epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development continue to maintain the world's leading position, and build a new development pattern. The new pace, the high-quality development has achieved new results, the main target tasks of the economic and social development of the whole year are completed, and "145" has achieved a good start.

From growth, my country's economic growth rate ranked first in the world's major economies. In 2021, my country's domestic production value (GDP) reached 114.4 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.1% year-on-year, an average increase of 5.1% in two years; the total economic volume was $ 17.7 trillion, considering the exchange rate appreciation factor, the increment reached 3 trillion The US dollar is still the biggest contribution to the world's economic resumption, accounting for the proportion of the world economy, and the per capita GDP reaches $ 12551, which is expected to exceed the global per capita GDP level, which is further close to the high-income economy.

From demand, consumption and investment have stable recovery, and import and export remain rapidly. The investment will continue to increase, and the fixed asset investment is 54.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.9% year-on-year, including manufacturing investment, folk investment increased by 13.5% and 7.0% year-on-year, high-tech industrial and social field investment increased by 17.1% respectively. And 10.7%. Consumption has steadily upgraded in continuous recovery, and the total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 44.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.5% ​​year-on-year. The foreign trade has grown faster, the annual goods import and export volume is 39.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.4% year-on-year; export 21.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.2%, imported 17.4 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.5%.

From the view, the industrial chain supply chain toughness continues to improve. Innovative driver development strategy is implemented, and the national strategic scientific and technological power is accelerating, and my country's global innovation index ranks to 12th. The industrial structure continued to optimize, and food production has maintained above 1.3 trillion pounds for 7 consecutive years. The production of animal husbandry has grown a solid foundation for economic stable operation and people's livelihood improvement; over-year size increased by 9.6% year-on-year, which manufactured The increase value of the industry is 9.8%, which has increased by 1.1 percentage points over the previous year. The new industrial new state has grown, and the high-tech manufacturing industry has increased by 18.2% year-on-year; the advanced manufacturing and modern service industry integrates, the annual service industry added value increased 8.2 %, Accounting for 53.3% of the gross domestic product, reaching 54.9% for economic growth contribution rates. Comprehensive green transformation accelerates the pace, accelerates the construction of carbon Dharma carbon and "1 + N" policy system, desert, Gobi, desert area large wind power, photovoltaic base project planning and construction accelerates.

From the perspective of people's livelihood, the people's living standards have been steadily improved. Employment priority policy continues to strengthen, the employment situation is generally stable, and the urban new employment has more than 12.69 million, an increase of 830,000 in urban years, and the annual urban survey is 5.1%, down 0.5 percentage points over the previous year. Promoting the common prosperity strategy deploying solid progress, resident income has grown steadily, per capita disposable income of 35,128 yuan, actually an increase of 8.1%, growth rate and economic growth. Synchronize. At the same time, public service replenishment and short board strong weak items are advanced, and the social security network is further weaving, and important people's livelihood commodities are adjusted in order, and it is strong. In the context of the exudative of the epidemic, my country has better guaranteed the employment and income of residents, in order to stimulate domestic demand, promote economic resumption, and maintain social harmony and stability laid a solid foundation.

From the perspective of anti-risk, preventive significant risks to make aggressive progress. Compact local affairs responsibility, departmental supervision responsibility and corporate responsibility, grasp the risk of risk disposal and rhythm, and order the risk of key fields. Local government implicit debt risk prevention and resolution work solid progress. Timely "precision bumping" in a timely high-risk financial institution. Properly dispose of individual high-liabilities real estate companies. Virtual currency "mining" full chain rectification work has achieved remarkable results. Anti-monopoly, anti-unfair competition, preventing capital disorderly expansion is important. In general, the situation in 2021 is more complicated than foreseen, difficult than expected, but we condense our own things, stand against the pressure, prevent risk, and maintain continuous resumption of development. The economy growth and lower inflation is achieved with a relatively small policy cost, which is not easy. Although my country's external environment is more complicated and uncertain, domestic development faces many years of demand contraction, supply shock, expects to weaken triple pressure, but the beneficial factors and conditions of supporting development are still a lot, and my country's economic development is strong. The potential, the prospect is broad, and the long-term good characteristics have not changed. We have all basis for all basis. It is confident that you have the ability to maintain a smooth and healthy and sustainable development.

In the second aspect, the approval of the current and investment project

From the perspective of power generation, 2021 yuan of industrial power generation 8.122 billion kW, a year-on-year increase of 8.1%, a year-on-year increase of 11.0% year-on-year, averaged 5.4% in two years. In December, the national power generation was 723.4 billion kilowatts, a year-on-year decreased by 2.9%, and the hydropower fell by 4.9%, 6.8%, nuclear power, wind power, and solar power distribution, a year-on-year increase of 5.7%, 30.1%, 18.8%.

From the view of electricity, 2021 national electricity consumption increased by 10.3% year-on-year. Among them, one production, banye, three-yield and residents' live power increased by 16.4%, 9.1%, 17.8% and 7.3% respectively. In terms of region, the 19 provinces (districts, and city) in the country, more than 10% of the electricity growth rate, including Tibet, Qinghai, Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong, 8 provinces (district) growth rate exceeded 13%.

In terms of investment projects, in December 2021, I have approved 6 to approved 6 fixed asset investment projects, with a total investment of 18.5 billion yuan, including 5 appraisal, approved, mainly in transportation, water conservancy and other industries. In 2021, I have approved 90 fixed asset investment projects, with a total investment of 775.4 billion yuan, including 67 approvals, 23 approved, mainly concentrated in traffic, energy, water conservancy, informationization and other industries.

In the third aspect, there is a progressive situation of "a belt all the way"

First, build a circle of "a belt all the way" to continue to expand. Since December 2021, my country has signed a total of "all the way" cooperation documents with Sao Dome and Principe, Cuba, Morocco, Nicaragua, Syria, and the Laos Planning and Investment Department signed the establishment of a total construction. The memorandum of understanding of the cooperative work coordination mechanism, as of now, I have signed more than 200 groups of "all the way" cooperation documents with 32 international organizations.

The second is that the Central European class continues to maintain high operation. In December 202, China-EU passed 1353 columns, transported 131,000 TEUs, an increase of 20%, 24% year-on-year, and 98.4% of the overall daming rate, continued to maintain high operation, and two consecutive months. In 2021, China and European class opened 15,183 columns, transported 1464,000 TEUs, an increase of 22%, 29%, and 98.1% respectively. As of the end of December 2021, China-EU Class has opened 48,8814 columns in the Chinese European class, and transported 443.2 million tanks in the car. The accumulated airborne materials were transported by 13.62 million pieces, a total of 105,000 tons.

Jin Xiandong:

In the fourth aspect, there is a development of economic bands in the Yangtze River

In 2021, the economic zone of the Yangtze River and the effectiveness of green development has been significantly higher, and the support of the national economic development is further highlighted. First, the ecological environment is continuously improved. The Yangtze River Economic Belt 2018, 2019, the 484 issues revealed by the three-year ecological environment warning film in 2020, completed and basically completed 437 rectification, other 47 questions were also rectified, pollution control "4 + 1" project Vigorously implemented, key tributation protection repair, in-depth promotion Second, the green high quality development is steadily advanced. The integrated transportation system along the river will be accelerated, and the gold water channel function is further exerted, the gross area of ​​the Yangtze River, the middle of the Yangtze River, the total number of people in urban groups and the resident population have grown, and the innovation drive development is continuously strengthened. Green development pilot demonstrations form a lot of effective experience practices. Third, the system mechanism is constantly improving. The Yangtze River Protection Law is officially implemented, the "1 + N" planning policy system of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the "1 + N" planning policy system is basically established, and the negative list management is strong, and the provincial consultation cooperation is further deepened.

Next, the Office of the Yangtze River Economic Tel Development Leading Group will continue to implement the intensive speech and instructions of General Secretary of the Popular Secretary on promoting the development of the Yangtze River economic band, implement the work deployment of the leadership team, adhere to the problem-oriented, strengthen system governance, and grasp the ecology The environment highlights the problem rectification, in-depth promotion of "4 + 1" project, continuously consolidation of the retention of the Yangtze River, smooth the gold waterway, vigorously promotes innovation-driven development, promoting the pilot of the green development demonstration and ecological product value realization mechanism, strictly implement negative list management System, establish a coordination mechanism and water ecological assessment mechanism of Yangtze River Basin. In the fifth aspect, progress on optimizing business environment related work

In recent years, our committee has consulted the party's central government, the State Council decision-making deployment, earnestly fulfilly implementing the responsibilities of the leaders of the Optimized Business Environment Group, accelerating the pace of reform in key links and important areas, with "6" results, 3 "1 + N "initiatives, leading and promoting the continuous optimization of national business environments.

The so-called "6" results are constructed a set of Chinese business environmental evaluation index systems that meet the national conditions, standard unified, form a set of scientific objective, multi-party evaluation methods, and reproduction a group of reform measures, launched A batch of benchmark city, promoted a "Optimized Business Environment Regulations", prepared a "China Business Environment Report" "Optimized Business Environment" and other a group of leading cadres such as "Building a first-class business environment" Read book.

The so-called three "1 + N" initiatives are supported and standards for optimizing business environment in the "System + Indicator + Report" innovation. System 1 + N, composed of the national "Optimized Business Environment Regulations" and the processed regulatory policy issued by the countries; 1 + N, which combines the N-term index of China's evaluation index system and local; report 1 + N, by The Chinese business environmental report is composed of local self-assessment report. After years, the scientific, rationality and operability of national index systems have been recognized by the departments and localities in the scientific, rationality and operability of the national index system, and has become a wind direction and baton to promote the reform of the reform. All regions and income of the city, the "Regulations", Indicators and "Business Environment Reports", the annual development of work accounts, local optimized business environment policy measures have risen from version 5.0 from version 5.0, which is really mobilized and excited. The enthusiasm and initiative of local reforms, and the vivid situation of the optimization of the business environment is accelerated.

The business environment is only better, there is no best. Compared with the international first-class level, China's business environment still has a gap. In 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission will meet with the relevant departments, from 5 "focus", continue to create a first-class business environment for the internationalization of the internationalization of the market, providing continuous motivation for my country's economic development in the "14th Five-Year Plan".

First, we will focus on deepen market-oriented reforms and break the hidden barriers. The revised "Market Access Negative List (2022 Edition)", the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port will be implemented to relax market access several special measures to implement. Departing the full process of bidding and bidding, improve the e-bidding system rules, technical standards and data specifications, and clean up the invitement of the tenderee in the bidding and bidding activities, establishing branches, specific administrative areas, industry awards, etc. unreasonable bidding condition.

The second is to focus on promoting the construction of rule of law and strengthening justification. Promoting the "Optimized Business Environment Regulations" and other implementation in place, do a good job in optimizing the business environmental laws and regulations, establish and improve the "1 + n" regulatory system of the operator environment. Improve the property rights protection system, protect all kinds of market subject rights and legitimate rights and interests according to law. Increase the government about the publicity of the governance information, and crack the "new official ignore the old account" problem. Improve the credit repair mechanism during the enterprise reorganization, establish a bankruptcy information sharing mechanism.

The third is to force an internationalization process to create an open economic pattern. Strictly implement foreign investment laws and supporting regulations, continue to clean up regulations, regulations, and normative documents that do not match foreign investment laws. Improve foreign investment access to the national treatment and negative list management system to ensure foreign enterprises enter the area where it is open according to law. Promote the implementation of major foreign investment projects, and timely solve the problems of the project.

The fourth is to focus on improving the level of convenience, and in depth, advancing government service optimization. Promote the implementation of enterprise investment project commitment system, expand investment project online approval supervision platform function, enhance service investment supervisors, other departments, local, investment subjects, financial institutions, etc. "Blocking" problem, fully optimize the investment environment.

The fifth is to focus on evaluating and leading the role and supervising the role and improve the long-term mechanism. Continue to improve the Chinese business environmental evaluation mechanism for market entity and social public satisfaction, and promote the Chinese business environment. Singing summary and copying promotes all regions to upgrade, to promote excellent typical experience practices, encourage and support the active exploration of original, differentiated optimized business environment, and form an optimized business in the country within the framework of the rule of law. The demonstration effect of the environment.

My notification is here. Let's enter the question link, please inform the media represented before the question.

People's Daily reporter:

The Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that my country's economic development is facing demand shrinkage, supply shock, and is expected to weaken triple pressure. How do I treat the pressure in the 2022 economy? What is the whole year?

Yuan Da:

Thank you for your question. Director Jin Xiandong has notified the overall situation of economic and social development in 2021. It should be said that in 2021, my country's economic and social development has achieved new major achievements, and the achievements were refreshed, and they were excited. It is also clear that the current international environment is more complicated and severe, and the uneven problem in China is still prominent. In 2022, economic development faces a lot of pressure challenges. Local emitting epidemic directly affects resident consumption, investment growth has also been restriction, and foreign trade import and export is uncertain. The problem of the production of elements of enterprises is increasing, and the difficulties in small and medium-sized enterprises have increased, and market expectations and corporate confidence have fluctuated. The Central Economic Work Conference is analyzed and accurately grasping the problems in the economic development. It has been deployed for 2022 economic work. We will fully implement it, do not have a good implementation. Looking forward to the whole year, we have confidence, condition, and capable to promote smooth and sustainable economic development.

From the basis of development, it is effective to have an impact on the overlay of the hundred-year-old paragraph and the century epidemic, and my country's economic development and epidemic prevention and control are maintained worldwide. Comprehensive national strength continues to increase significantly, 2021 has more than 114 trillion yuan, and the intensity of industrial system is continuously highlighted. The industrial chain toughness is continuously enhanced. The people's lives continue to improve, and the society maintains harmonious and stable, anti-risk, and impact resistance.

From the election conditions, we will focus on solving the shortage of supply sectors, and the supply guarantee of energy raw materials is significantly increased. The high-quality production capacity of coal is released, the price is obvious, and the number of electric coal inventories can be maintained for more than 20 days, and the electric power supply is stable and ordered. The yield of chip production is rapidly increased. In 2021, the output of integrated circuits increased by 33.3% compared with the previous year, and the supply of automotive chip gradually increased, and automotive output has been increased for 4 months.

From the perspective of internal life, accelerate the development of a strong domestic market, and build a new development pattern. The income of residents continued to increase, the social security level has been steadily improved, and the consumption structure has been continuously upgraded, and the growth potential of consumption growth is huge. Innovative drive development, in-depth advancement, traditional industries accelerate the expansion of digital, networked, intelligent direction, accelerated green and low-carbon transformation, booming, regional major strategy, and new urbanization construction are actively promoted, public services, infrastructure and other fields Accelerate the short board, improve quality, and investment demand. The reform of key areas has been advanced, and the development of development is further improved.

From policy support, enhance the organic combination of across cycle and inverse cycle, "Seven Policy" combined effects continued to release. The "card point" "card point" to restrict the economic cycle is accelerated, which is conducive to economic stable policies to promote high quality development. At the same time, the macroeconomic policy still has a large space, and there are many policy reserves and have the ability to maintain a smooth operation.

In general, my country's economic continuous resumption has not changed, supporting the production factors of high quality development have not changed, and there is no change in the long-term fundamentals. We have a smooth opening of a season in a first-year economy. The interval is full of confidence.


Zhonghong Network reporter:

Since the fourth quarter of 2021, the energy supply and demand has continued to be tightened, and the National Development and Reform Commission has adopted a number of measures to stabilize my country's energy supply. What is the effect of energy insurance for stability measures? What kind of key work should you do next?

Li Yunqing:

The question you mention is that society is generally concerned. Ensuring energy supply is an important task we must complete. A comprehensive impact of many factors at home and abroad, at the end of September 2021, there was a tightening of coal power supply in some parts of my country. In accordance with the party central, the State Council decision-making deployment, the National Development Reform Commission has given full play to the interaction mechanism of the coal and electricity gas transportation work, against the highlighted contradictions and problems, and fully strengthen the coordination of overall coordination, and promote energy insurance for stability work. Stage sex, coal price regression and reasonable range, power plant storage achieves the highest level of history, and the supply of power supply continues to be stable, and the supply of natural gas resources is more adequate.

First, persist in stages, tightly guarantee the stability target to take targeted measures. Based on the current, you can focus on the long-term, adhere to the energy supply, and urge big companies, especially state-owned enterprises, take the lead in stability. Accelerate the advanced capacity of coal, continuously improve the coal capacity level of the power plant, and promote the power generation unit should be issued, and the state-owned enterprise assessment of the national-owned enterprise assessment of a major adverse effect is implemented, and the power stable supply is guaranteed. National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, before winter, energy supply in the peak period of heating season is smooth and orderly.

The second is to persist in overall management, and adjust the relevant policies in time. Adjusts unreasonable measures affecting energy production and preservation stability, and promotes the safety of coal production enterprises to increase. Strengthen coal production cost investigation and futures, spot market supervision, measures and guide the reserve of coal price regression. In response to the cost of electricity supply enterprises, it is timely introduction to coal-fired power-on electricity price market-oriented reform measures.

The third is to stick to the bottom line thinking and fully eliminate the hidden dangers of the use of gaps. Promote the full coverage of the electricity supply enterprises in the fourth quarter of the coal, and the national power storage power plant in the whole country reached the highest level of 168 million tons last year. Adhere to the national game, carry out weekly scale scheduling, coal coal electrical and air-raising nuclear power, using all net resources and unified scheduling advantage to adjust power. According to the peak daily air supply, the gas supply is preparative resources, and the natural gas supply is effectively guaranteed. The fourth is to adhere to the people-oriented, and earnestly protect the people's warm winter. Highlight key areas such as Northeast, coordinate the pure heating enterprises and rural heating coal, and do well in the northern heating area. Comprehensive investigation "coal change" "coal change" users use electricity gas problems, and focus on monitoring and disposal of heating cases.

The fifth is to adhere to the main line of the safety, ensuring energy safety production, safe operation, safe use. Supervise all relevant aspects to promote the safety operation of coal mine safety production and grid pipe network, and fully protect the safe use of electricity. Establish meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning mechanism, and make a good weather prevention and response to energy production transportation.

In the practice, we have deeply realized that we must do a good job in energy insurance, and we must adhere to the strong leadership of the party centers as Xi Jinping as the core. Under the situation of global energy supply and demand, the foreign market price is generally large, the party's central government is all overall, scientific decisions, decisively deploy a series of correct and effective measures, promoting my country's energy supply is generally sufficient, the price is basically stable, fully highlighting the social social characteristics Promoter.

The current national energy supply is overall, but the supply and demand situation and the international market environment are still more complicated. In response to the difficulties and challenges facing energy insurance, the National Development and Reform Commission will follow the Party Central Committee, the State Council's decision-making deployment, tightly seize the main contradictions and contradictions in the guarantee supply work, adhere to the problem-oriented and goal orientation, and continue to deepen The construction of energy-produced storage and selling systems provides a solid and reliable energy guarantee for economic and social development.

One is to ensure energy security and stable supply. Instruct production coal provinces and coal production enterprises to maintain normal production and sales during the Spring Festival, and do a good job in coal-producing transportation. Strengthen the operation management of coal and electricity, gas units, improve the capabilities, and multi-channel enhance new energy power generation. Promote production of domestic oil and gas fields, maintain crude oil, pipeline gas, and LNG import security and stability. Keep up on the Spring Festival holiday, Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics, strengthen operation scheduling to ensure smooth and orderly energy supply.

Second, ensure that the masses are warm in winter. Strengthen demand side management and resolutely hold the bottom line of the people. Further refine the solid-use can guarantee plan, continuously optimize natural gas, electric power, and coal "pressure non-protected" plans. Cleaning from the northern region, adhere to the electricity, should not be qi, Yi coal, coal, strictly implement "gas-changing" "first-standing" to ensure the safety of the masses.

The third is to ensure smooth operation of economic and social. Coordinate electricity and raw materials, urged the company to sign and perform well in coal long-term contracts. Optimize the operating mode of the grid, use enough to cross the provincial cross-regional transmission channel to make the rest of the district, and the peak valley complement each other. Play the advantages of natural gas "National Net", focusing on strengthening the scheduling guarantees for northern regions, especially resources. Take measures, scientifically confess, effectively meet the reasonable energy requirements of economic and social development.

CCTV Financial News reporter:

The current demand growth is weak, the economic downtown pressure continues to be reduced, and in 2022, what will the specific measures in the development of domestic demand, especially in promoting consumption?

Jin Xiandong:

Since the epidemic of the new crown pneumonia, under the strong leadership of the party centron as the core of Xi Jinping, all local departments have made all localities to prevent and control the economic and social development. It has introduced a series of policy measures to promote consumption. The effect continues to appear, the consumer market will gradually pick up . In 2021, the final consumption expenditure has a contribution rate of economic growth to 65.4%, and the GDP has increased by 5.3 percentage points. Follow-up As the epidemic is effectively controlled and promoted the consumption policy effect, consumption will continue to maintain recovery growth in further emergence of effective control and consumption policy effects, and further introduction of new policies.

Next, the National Development and Reform Commission will implement the deployment requirements of the central economic work conference. On the basis of uncompexity, we will adhere to the expansion of the strategic base point of domestic demand, deepen supply-side structural reform, and distribute production and distribution. , Circulation, consumption, focus on excavating the consumption potential of residents, promote the total amount of consumption, the improvement of the quality, the sense of happiness, safety, and constantly consolidate the fundamental role of consumption on economic development, in order to promote high quality development and Creating high quality life provides strong support.

First, quality, optimize consumer supply. Combine the expansion of consumption with improve the quality of people's life, promote the high-quality consumption supply system, rich in content, excellent quality, and reasonable structure, and guide enterprises to increase cost-effective goods and services, fully meet the individuality, diversification, and improvement of residents. Consumer demand.

The second is increased ability and enhance consumption will. Purpose-time development policy measures, continuously improve the institutional policy system to promote common prosperity, increase residents 'income and reduce the burden, innovation, income distribution, and consumption, all-chain, benign circulation mutualization mechanism, with urban and rural residents' income general growth support consumption continued expand.

The third is to extend space and release consumption potential. In-depth advancement of online consumption and convergence development, and continue to promote new consumption demonstration cities and leading enterprises to cultivate construction. Encourage green consumption to lead green production. Vigorously enhance the e-commerce, express into rural comprehensive levels and agricultural products circulation modernization level, improve the county rural three-level e-commerce service system and express logistics distribution system, promote rural products and service brand, standardization, digitization, and industrialization. The fourth is to supervise and optimize the consumer environment. Strengthen the construction of consumer credit system and quality standard system, improve the diversified consumer rights mechanism and dispute resolution mechanism, and in-depth regulation of market order, strengthen the quality and safety supervision of consumer goods, and create safety and consumption environment.

Traditional holidays such as Spring Festival, Lantern Festival are coming soon, in order to better meet the consumption needs of residents, release consumption potential, and recently, our committees are issued "Notice on Doing a Good Job to Promote Consumption Work", and put forward the main system to meet holiday consumption needs, build line Shangqing Consumption Upgrade, expands the county country consumption, expands ice and snow consumption, and improves the 10 aspects of the literary leisure service supply. "Notice" emphasizes that insists on stabilizing and expanding consumption under the conditions of prevention and control of the epidemic, implementing local subject responsibility, preventing simplification, "one knife", "layer of layer plus code" prevention and control, minimizing production of people in the people Influence. At the same time, increase the strength of the difficult people, effectively protect the wages of migrant workers, do everything possible to meet the basic living needs of difficult people, to ensure the festive, peaceful, safe, healthy, green festival, and strive to achieve the whole year The economy "opens the door".

Xinhua News Agency:

The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that this year's economic work should be stabilized, steady, across cycle and inverse cycle macroeconomic regulation policies should be organically combined. How do I control in macroeconomic regulation in 2022 to ensure that the economy is running in a reasonable range?

Yuan Da:

Thank you for your question. This is a problem that is concerned now. Regarding this year's economic and social development tasks, the Central Economic Work Conference has been fully deployed. Implementing the requirements of the central deployment, adhering to the overall stroke of work, maintaining the economic operation in a reasonable range, the macro-control focus on the following three points.

One is to highlight the stability, the macro policy should be robust and effective. Maintain macro policy continuity, stability, sustainability, improve forward-looking, targeted, effectiveness, grasp the rhythm, strength, and focus of policies, and focus on stabilizing the macroeconomic market. Active financial policy should improve efficiency, guarantee the strength of financial expenditure, speeding up spending, surrounding the key industries such as small and medium-sized enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, and manufacturing, and accurately implement a greater combined tax reduction and tax reduction policy. The steady monetary policy is flexible and moderate, maintains liquidity and abundant liquidity, guiding financial institutions to increase the support of the entity economy, and promote the stability of the comprehensive financing cost. Implement a good job priority policy and effectively protect the employment of key groups.

The second is to strengthen the coordination of policy coordination and form a steady growth force. Strengthening the coordination of last year and this year's policy, the cross-stage regulatory policy effect implemented last year will continue to appear, and this year will also introduce a series of new policy initiatives to do effectively. Strengthen the coordination of departmental policies, strengthen the coordination between fiscal, monetary, employment policies and industries, investment, consumption, regional, environmental protection, reform, etc., do a good job in economic policies and non-economic policies. Before the introduction of various policies, we have to make an assessment analysis, which is conducive to the economic stable policy to actively promote, and the policies with contraction effect should be cautious.

The third is to focus on the economy, and policy force should be appropriate. There are many uncertain factors facing this year. It is necessary to move the policy to the policy, do early arrangement, early manual hand, early treatment, to respond to various challenges with a stable economic operation. A series of policy initiatives that have been issued to implement the expansion of domestic demand strategies. Timely study proposes targeted measures for the operation of the industrial operation. Appropriate advancement of infrastructure investment, accelerating 102 major project projects in the "14th Five-Year Plan", in accordance with the requirements of "funding followed by the project", will implement the local government special bond issued in the fourth quarter as soon as possible to the specific project, and the issuance has been issued The amount is issued and strive to form more physical workload in the first quarter.

Next, we will advance in deployment of the deployment of the central economic work conference, and continue to strengthen economic monitoring forecasting warning and policy prevention reserves, according to the cost of promoting the relevant reserve policies in a timely manner, and maintain a smooth and sustainable economic development. Thanks!

湃 新 记:

The Central Economic Work Conference emphasizes that it is necessary to make a good efficient use of coal clean and efficient use of coal. Does the domestic coal supply are guaranteed? What is the consideration of the National Development and Reform Commission to promote the efficient use of coal clean?

Li Yunqing:

This problem you mentioned, especially the problem of coal cleaning efficient use is particularly important. According to the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, since the fourth quarter of last year, the National Development and Reform Commission has promoted the coal guaranteed at the relevant departments, regions and key enterprises. It has achieved a positive results in the stage, and laid solids in the lower stage coal supply guarantee. Basic, the total domestic coal supply is guaranteed.

First, the production capacity is guaranteed. Organize the increase in production area of ​​coal from coal in Jinshangong, and the level of coal production will rebound quickly. According to statistics, the national coal production is 4.07 billion tons in 2021, and it is fully capable of guaranteeing reasonable coal demand. Second, transportation capacity is guaranteed. In recent years, continuous strengthening of coal integration, coal transportation capacity has increased significantly, and the national railway coal transportation in the fourth quarter has increased by more than 20% year-on-year, and the throughput of coal port in Northern coal has a high historical high, and coal transport demand can be better guaranteed.

The third is that the reserves are guaranteed. Accelerating the construction capacity of coal reserves. In recent years, the reserve capacity of key regions has continued to increase, and the government-schedulous reserve resources have increased significantly, and plays an important role in coal preservation. As of January 16, the national commissioning power plant storage of 166 million tons can be used for 21 days, and it is at the highest level of history.

The fourth is that the focus is guaranteed with coal. This year, continues to promote the full coverage of the long-term coal from the medium and long-term coal from the coal supply, and further consolidate the basic plate of coal. From the preliminary summary data, there is currently nearly 700 million tons in various regions to increase by nearly 700 million tons over last year, and most provinces have achieved full coverage of electricity supply hot coal contracts.

Do a good job in coal clean and efficient use, it is important to promote national energy security, which is important for promoting carbon peaks, carbon neutrics. The Party Central Committee, the State Council attaches great importance to coal clean and efficient use, the central economic work conference emphasizes that it is necessary to make a good quality of coal clean and efficient use, increase new energy amazing capabilities, promote coal and new energy optimization portfolios. The State Council executive meeting decided to establish a special loan for coal clean and efficient use of special loans to promote green and low-carbon development. The National Development and Reform Commission has implemented in deployment of the Party Central Committee, the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, continuously promoting the low-carbon development of coal, and promotes carbon-up peaks, carbon neutralization target tasks, and promotes the upgrade and high quality development of coal consumption.

One is to strengthen the top floor design. Develop guidance for promoting coal high quality development, based on my country's basic national conditions and development, adhere to the guidance of ecological priority, green development, propose of key objectives and main measures in phases, and promote safe green development of coal resources, clean and low carbon utilization.

The second is to play a standard role. For the main use coal industry, the benchmark and benchmark level of coal clean efficient use is proposed. Guide enterprises to accelerate the pace of coal clean efficient use and transformation and upgrading, stock projects to reach the benchmark level and continue to move back to the benchmark, and the new project is in principle to reach the pole level. .

The third is to increase policy support. Will use the relevant departments to use good coal clean efficient use support policies, with the financial sector to use special re-loans, support the eligible coal clean efficient use projects, and accelerate the marketization of maturity technology. Thanks!

Cover Journalist:

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments have issued a negative list of foreign-funded access, many new changes trigger high attention. Can I introduce a list of applications for the relevant requirements of domestic enterprises to overseas listed transactions in the overseas listing transactions on negative lists? And the list of cancellation of passenger cars manufacturing foreign shares ratio restrictions?

Jin Xiandong:

Thank you for your questions, opening up the way is a basic national policy in my country. In recent years, my country has advanced in-depth implementation of high levels of open and continuously relaxing foreign access. From 2017 to 2021, the negative list of foreign admission in the national and self-trade test area has been revised for 5 consecutive years, and the special management measures of foreign admission are reduced from 93, 122 items, 27 items, in the field of financial, automobiles. A number of major open initiatives have been launched, providing foreign investment a broader space, reflecting the determination of China's unswerving expansion of high levels of openness, reflecting the attitude of China's high-level opening and promoting deep reforms and promoting high quality development It is the actual actions of China's active promotion of economic globalization and build an open world economy.

The 2021 version of the foreign-funded negative list, further shortening the length, improved the management system, improved accuracy, clearly clearing the negative list from foreign direct investment, securities investment in the investment in the investment, for a negative list to prohibit the investment area The domestic enterprises have provided policy space to overseas launches, supporting domestic enterprises to compliance with international and domestic funds for financing, achieving health and sustainable development.

In order to explain the list of you concerned, the sum of the accuracy of the list is fully reflected. Article 6 The scope of application is clear in the list of inventory, limited to domestic enterprises engaged in the business of the business in the Office of the Overseas business. For domestic enterprises to go to overseas launch, the SFC is disclosed on the relevant provisions. Welcome all parties to propose constructive opinions and suggestions. After the relevant documents are completed, the relevant departments will be handled as required.

Regarding cancellation of passenger cars manufacturing foreign shares, after the cancellation of special vehicles in 2018, the new energy automobile foreign-fund share is required, and after 2020, after the requirements of commercial vehicle foreign shares, this new version of the negative list further canceled passenger cars Foreign share ratio restrictions, as well as the same foreign business to establish a joint venture, no more than two restrictions, and realize the full openness of the automotive industry. Our committee will continue to do a good job in the implementation of open measures in the automotive industry. In accordance with the principles of internal and external consistency, the investment in automotive industry is, promoting the fair competition of internal and foreign enterprises, and promoting the high quality development of the automotive industry. Thanks!