China's foreign trade is 6 trillion US dollars!Business Department Institute Zhang Jianping: RCEP will support China's trade steady growth

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China's foreign trade is 6 trillion US dollars!Business Department Institute Zhang Jianping: RCEP will support China's trade steady growth

2022-01-19 00:07:46 59 ℃

21st Century Economic Report Trainee Reporter Wings Beijing Report

The National Bureau of Statistics released the 20021 China's economic operation data on January 17. In the face of severe and complex situation inner and outdoor, China's foreign trade is strong in 2021, and the total import and export size reached 6.05 trillion US dollars, and the first breakthrough of 6 trillion US dollars.

The country held on the same day is the "2022 China Economic Situation Analysis", Zhang Jianping, deputy director of the Academic Committee of the Institute of Commerce, China, pointed out that the overall foreign trade data is expected in 2021. In 2022, although foreign trade is still facing multiple pressure on the epidemic, raw material prices and high shipping costs, but this year's "regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement" (RCEP) will bring huge trade creative effects, investment increase effect and employment growth effect. It will play a very important support for China's trade and steady growth, and it is also expected to continue ASEAN as the relationship between China's largest trading partners.

According to Zhang Jianping, 2021 foreign trade strong performance, but also in the Chinese series of stable foreign trade policies, but also to create a good environment for economic recovery, making China as manufacturing centers as manufacturing centers. Role and capacity appear.

"Now I have experienced the global financial turmoil, China has also strengthened independent innovation, with independent intellectual property rights, cultivated independent brands, promoting the development of general trade, and reduced the dependence on processing trade. In 2021, China's general trade has been approaching 60%, private Enterprises have become the first foreign trade entity in China, accounting in China's exports, which is more approaching 50%. "Zhang Jianping said that the structure of foreign trade data is high, the structure also shows a significant optimization trend, organizes the global supply chain, pulls global economic recovery The ability has also been recognized worldwide.

Looking forward to the China Foreign Trade Situation in 2022, Zhang Jianping emphasized that the potential impact of the epidemic epidemic of the global economic recovery slowdown in the 2022. At present, international institutions expect the overall growth of the global economy this year to maintain a growth rate of about 4%, meaning that the world's demand for Chinese goods and services will have a certain degree of decline, and recently these months The growth rate of foreign trade has begun to show trends. In addition, large-scale commodity raw materials and high international shipping prices, overlapping the factors with higher foreign trade cards, but also for 2022 foreign trade operations to face non-small pressure.

He pointed out that RCEP, which entered into force this year, will form a global oversized integrated market, based on the original East Asian production network, strengthen the connection between regional production and global value chain and supply chain, will bring huge trade creation effect, invest Increased effects and employment growth effects, play an important support for China's trade steady growth.

Among them, ASEAN has become China's largest trading partner in 2020. Zhang Jianping emphasized that ASEAN and China are RCEP's two core markets, thanks to China and ASEAN systemic cooperation under the "One Belt" framework, as well as China-ASEAN self-trade agreement and its "upgrade protocol", ASEAN is expected to continue China's largest trading partnership, and future China and ASEAN will build "Diamond Ten Years", the bilateral trade volume will move towards the scale of $ 700 billion to $ 800 billion.

At the same time, Zhang Jianping believes that the RCEP agreement makes up for the regret of the economic integration of the economic integration process in East Asia, and the Impact of RCEP trade investment liberalization and convenience, the value chain and supply chain between China and Japan The connection will become stronger.

However, according to Zhang Jianping's related survey, there are many international awareness of internationalization in China, do not understand free trade agreement, how to apply the original production rules, need to promote the development of foreign trade enterprises, and truly play RCEP Agreement Cost effect. At the same time, in the process of cross-cycle adjustment, a batch of foreign trade is born, and the role of "leaders" in the development of foreign trade and the balanced development of import and export, the construction of cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouse will be new. The business is organically combined with dual cycle companies to enhance the new advantages of foreign trade competition.