Violation of nearly 150,000 shares of Gree Electric Mechanism

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Violation of nearly 150,000 shares of Gree Electric Mechanism

2022-01-19 00:06:26 42 ℃

China New Jingwei January 18th According to the 18th news of the website, the Shenzhen Exchange sent a regulatory letter to Xiufeng, the Gree Electric Supervision Dip.

Screenshot Source: Wait website

Regulatory letters pointed out that Duan Xiufeng as a Zhuhai Gree Electric Apprier, which was 149,175 shares in the total share of the company on December 27, 2021, accounting for 0.0025% of the company's total share capital, and the amount is 54.568 million yuan. Duan Xiufeng did not pre-disclose the next fifteen trading day.

Supervision letter name, Duan Xiufeng's above violations of the Shenzhen Exchange "Stock Listing Rules (Revised 2020)" Articles 1.2, "Revised 2020 Revised)" Articles 1.2, 3.8 Article 13 of "The Shareholders and Director, Supervisors and Senior Managers and Advanced Managers". I hope that it hopes that it will learn lessons, rectify, and prevent the above problems.

In the deputy, listed company supervisors shall, in accordance with national laws, regulations, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, "Stock Listing Rules" and "Guidelines for Listed Companies Standardized Operation Guidelines", honesty and trustworthy, conscientious, and timely implement information disclosure obligations.

In terms of the secondary market, Gree Electric has risen by 1.71% on 18, and the report is 39.21 yuan per share, and the total market value is 231.9 billion yuan. (China New Jingwei APP)