Losing Beijing Qian Mom is now rushing

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Losing Beijing Qian Mom is now rushing

2022-01-19 06:05:10 52 ℃

Community, fresh, retail, each industry is competing and killing, Qian Mom accounts for 3 things. On January 18, Beijing Business Daily reported that from a Qian Mom's franchisee, the Qian Mom store in Beijing has all been shut down. Differential expansion to Qian Mom is a one-time chess, in the community group purchase, Internet giants, and the community fresh market accelerate the shuffle, the brand in the region has not yet closed in the new store, and the store is cautious.

All closed in the Beijingmen store

The wind of the community is going again, and Qian Mom also went in Beijing. The Beijing Business Daily reported to the consumer's identity of the Madu Hui Shengyuan store, said the head of the store said to the Beijing Business Daily reporter that the store has been named a snail, no longer use Qian Mom's brand. At the same time, the person in charge revealed that due to the non-good operation, Qian Dam has been shut down in Beijing. Beijing Business Daily reporter tried to contact Qian Damu Habito store, but the store phone has stopped.

For Qian Mom withdraws from the Beijing market, the relevant person in charge of Qian Mom did not give a response before it was published.

The sky-eyed app shows that Beijing Qian Du Fresh Food Chain Co., Ltd. was established in July 2020, and the legal representative is Feng Weihua, the registered capital of 1 million yuan, whichever, wholly-owned Holdings, Guangzhou Qianmei Fresh Food Chain Co., Ltd., the company It is included in the Overseas Examination of the Dongcheng District Market Supervision and Administration, which is not available to the registered residence or business places.

Beijing Business Daily reporters call Beijing Qianmei Fresh Food Chain Co., Ltd., but the phone will not be able to turn. At the same time, Qian Dao official website is displayed, and there is no door store in Beijing.

According to the public information, Qian Aunt was established in 2012. It is a community fresh chain brand. The first "not selling the overnight" concept, and the joining + direct mode is used in operation. In the product operation, Qian Dam mainly has vegetables, fruits, pork, meat (non-pork), egg milk, processing food, comprehensive standards, etc., more than 500 kinds of products.

Running into "inner volume" all the way

Running it with all the way to describe the money big mother is not too. With a Slogan who "not selling overnight", Qian Mom is favored by capital. In December 2019, the money of Qian Mom was introduced into the cornerstone capital, and the investors such as the capital and other investors were D-Round financing. At the time, Qian Damu was estimated to be around 8.5 billion-10 billion yuan. Under the blessing of capital, Qian Mom will open the national expansion in succession.

The Beijing Business Daily reporter is roughly statistics, 2012-2014 is Qian Damuccocroous period, it uses two years to grind the single store model, and open a multi-store optimization store model. In 2014 - In 2016, the layout of Qian Aunt was significantly accelerated. In just two years, the store has grown to 260 in the store. As of October 202, Qian Dam has exceeded more than 30 cities in the national layout, and the total number of stores exceeded 3700.

The fast-expanded store, for the money aunt brand, and also brought business pressure to the store, and the fierce competition has greatly affected the profit of franchisees. The sky-eye check data shows that there are currently more than 7.49 million companies name or business in my country with "fresh, fruit, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, fresh group purchases" and state-of-the-business related enterprises. Among them, about 75% of the registered capital is less than 1 million yuan, and about 22% of the establishment time is within one year.

After the epidemic, the community consumption scenario of the retail enterprise layout is the goal of retail enterprise layout. In fact, although all parties have a tiger to the community, there is a problem about how the community's freshness and chain is still the current retail, including fresh retailers, has been thinking and concern. Coupled with community group purchase and online shopping continues to "eat", business superb ability and human effective, ping is worse than ever. According to the research statistics of e-commerce center, in the fresh e-commerce industry, 1% of companies achieve profitable, 88% of companies are losing, and 7% of enterprises have a huge loss.

Profit model

Looking at the fresh supermarket industry, it has been constantly dispatched since the beginning of the birth. Enterprises have gradually emerged, and the fresh industry tray is getting bigger and bigger. Wang Chi, a financial commentator, pointed out that as a subdivision industry, the fresh retail market cycle is generally in the second stage growth stage. During the period, the industry's supply is rapidly expanded, and the industry investment has grown rapidly. It has grown rapidly in industry consumption. At the same time, the industry has a high profit, and the industry's net profit is very low.

At the meeting of the commentary, the chain management is responsible for humanity, and the money is mainly based on the South Market. This model, gameplay, whether it can be recognized in the Beijing market. "These include the structure of the goods, the supply chain ability, because the Nort-North China market still has different differences, and the difference is relatively large. At the same time, whether the backend supply chain ability can follow the speed of its expansion, and the challenge that Qiama needs to face. "

Beijing Business Daily reporter Wang Weiyi