Hexun SGI Company | Listed to break!Maiwei's creatures fall over 30%, the company's accumulation of 4 billion yuan Di Zhi medicine and Aslikang relationship is not general

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Hexun SGI Company | Listed to break!Maiwei's creatures fall over 30%, the company's accumulation of 4 billion yuan Di Zhi medicine and Aslikang relationship is not general

2022-01-19 06:04:51 76 ℃

Currently, the innovative drug companies Kechuang Listed break showing normalization. January 18, N Marvell -U listed on the first day was broken to the 32 yuan / share opening will continue to decline, was down over 30%; As reported closing price of 24.50 yuan / share, a decrease of -29.60% . The same day, the highest intraday price of 32 yuan.

The past 10 years, in the context of domestic support and encourage biomedical innovation and independent research and development, innovation and development pharmaceutical companies from scratch. Recently, some innovative drug companies landed Branch board, industrial development of innovative drugs into "fast track."

Listed in Kechuang innovative drug companies have two significant things in common: First, the company was established from time to achieve capital market is shorter, mostly for four years; the second is a non-founding team of technical education and medicine from large pharmaceutical companies "running away" to join the innovative combination drug industry, is a biopharmaceutical research and development with the foundation. Dizhe such as pharmaceutical, biological Marvell were established in 2017.

However, the high cost of research and development of innovative drug companies face, and the long lines at the research and commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical companies therefore bear the long-term development failure and loss of high risk.

Support from the financial capital infusion to innovative bio-pharmaceutical industry to ease some pressure on businesses. The innovative pharmaceutical companies is the real driving force of a perpetual motion machine. Anyone can be a winner, depending on who more than anyone else faster commercialization. After all, capital intervention is limited, if the pursuit of long-term development, need its own blood.

For innovative pharmaceutical companies, the gap in research and development costs is only one step. From R & D to commercial floor covering line, not just the technical advantages of competition, or the competition of comprehensive strength of the business.

Dizhe pharmaceutical, biological Marvell is undoubtedly in the recent A-share market biotech companies in the star company, the two companies listed on the front and rear foot plate Branch, the former listed on December 10, 2021, the latter in January 2022 18 listing. And in 2020, February 21 Kechuang board-listed Bio Integration, already is these innovative pharmaceutical companies in the old bacon.

Up to now, Dizhe pharmaceutical, biological Maiwei two companies are not yet approved the sale of products. Among them, the minimum Dizhe medicine of loss, but do not rule out the possibility of loss continue to expand. The company 587 million yuan loss in 2020, three quarters of 2021 net loss totaled 466 million yuan.

The medicine is expected to Dizhe fastest approved the listing of a specific inhibitor of JAK1 target, product names are DZD4205 of new drugs by the end of 2023 to the first half of 2024 will it be possible to achieve licensure. According to company estimates, DZD4205 will submit a listing application to the US FDA and China NMPA in the first quarter of 2023. It is understood, DZD4205 is the first indication for relapsed peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL).

Marvell biological loss-largest in the comparable listed companies. According to the listing announcement, 2018-2021 January to June, the company accumulated losses of 40 billion yuan. Specifically, 2018-2020 and 2021 from January to June, the company accumulated accumulated losses were 4.01 billion yuan, 1.329 billion yuan, 973 million yuan and 1.312 billion yuan. The company said that for some time, the company is expected to continued losses, the total accumulated losses continued to widen.

Public information, Marvell focused on biological macromolecular drugs, the main products for the antibody drug. The company has its own covered field immunity, cancer, metabolism, ophthalmology, infectious and other diseases in the research of 15 varieties, all varieties are under development, not yet carried out the commercial production and sale. From product category to see most of the bio-similar drugs. As we all know, the generics market is extremely competitive, whether the company had considered the risk of Jicai price?

It is reported that the company will soon be approved for marketing products 9MW0113 recombinant human company and the joint development of bio-Jun real source of anti-TNF-α monoclonal antibody injection, Humira ® (adalimumab) as a bio-similar drugs original drug target It is indicated for rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriasis. It is worth mentioning that the work of preclinical research stage of the project 9MW0113 by the king are all real biological complete independence.

The Bio Integration currently the only original drug in a sale of goods grid ® music stand is also Humira ®. Maiwei limited biological indications, Bio Integration indications of this drug on the basis of ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, the comparison also extends to Crohn's disease, uveitis, children plaque psoriasis and polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis and other indications.

But can not be avoided, widely promoted while Bio Integration indications of market share, as included in the social security and have to accept lower prices brought about by the Central Purchasing profits shrink. As a result, Bio Integration compared to the other two financial statements of some of the more good-looking, but the company is still losing money. As of the end of June 2021, the company's net profit attributable to 2.616 million yuan, while net profit for the deduction of non--1506 million.

Marvell biological said it expects the first quarter of 2022, the fastest is expected to achieve commercialization of 9MW0113. By then, the product can bring considerable profits for the company, it remains to be seen.

At present, the domestic adalimumab track is very crowded, in addition to Bio Integration, as well as Hisun An Jianning, Cinda biological Su Lixin, complex macros Han Lin Han Dayuan and other listed products.

R & D fees. Up to now, Baili Turki R & D invests nearly 2 billion yuan lead, Di Zhe Medicine, Maiwei's organism is similar. The R & D investment in three companies takes a fee treatment. In contracted three research and development, in addition to the traces of the autonomous research and development of tumor new drugs in the clinical stage, Maiwei Biology and Di Zhi Pharmaceutical two companies are basically bought.

The public data shows that the 5 biotechnology platforms of Maiwei's organisms are acquired by Novo. In addition, the company has multiple developments in the development of race, such as 9MW 3311 is based on patents disclosed in combination with Generi Congca; 9MW2821, 9MW0211 and 9MW1411 are introduced. The 8MW0511, 9MW0211, 9MW0321, etc. is transferred from 100% of the real-controlled people to the company after the acquisition of Taikang creatures, so Maiwei's organisms have sufficient the original R & D line of Taikang organism.

Different from Maiwei creatures in the domestic acquisition, Di Zhi Medicine core technology basically purchased from international large pharmacies - Aslikang maturation technology. Up to now, the company's research and development focuses on seven R & D lines in the field of malignant tumors and autoimmune diseases, three of which are purchased from Aslikang, including core products DZD4205.

Although the company's description, through research and development practice, the research capacity and research and development experience of various disciplines and other subjects, etc. are integrated, and the model guidance drugs include cellular and animal model platforms, biomarkers exploration and verification platforms. The transformation scientific and technical platform, including Model-Informed Drug Development, Middle, indicating the company's core technical advantages to tell investors in the secondary market, and the company as the development potential of innovative enterprises. But investors have responded with their feet. After all, the company has not yet been approved by the product.

The company and Aslikang are universal relationships, and the market seems to retain some attitudes. If there is no technical transfer of Aslikang, how will Di Zhe's medical follow-up research and development?

Di Zhe Pharmaceutical December 10, December 10, on the first day of the listing of 21.83%, the opening price of 45 yuan / share on the same day, the highest price of 45 yuan / share.

As of January 18, 202, the 27 trading days of Di Zhe Pharmaceutics were always in the break, and the market was clearly confident. On the 18th, the closing price reported 36.88 yuan / shares, a decrease of -1.07%.

The SGI index showed that Di Zhe's SGI index score gradually went down, and the latest score has dropped to 51 points. The company is facing the test.

The publication shows that Dishi Pharmaceutical focuses on the research and development of small molecules in anti-tumor preparations.

According to the listing announcement, in 2017, the company spent 363 million yuan to "Azab" to purchase all the intellectual property rights of DZD4205 and some intellectual property rights of DZD2954. In 2020, it takes 202 million yuan to "Azab" to purchase all intellectual property rights of DZD0095 and some intellectual property rights of DZD2954.

Azab is a foreign-funded enterprise and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aslikang Pharmaceutical. Aslikang is a well-known multinational biological pharmaceutical enterprise in the UK. As of the end of June 2021, Di Zhe is a total of 16 invention patents, 11 of which are subject to Aslikang.

At the same time, AZAB and advanced manufacturing are the first major shareholders of Di Zhe Medicine, hold 30.26% of shares, but there are no affiliates or consistent actors.

It is worth noting that 4 of Di Zhe Medicine currently in the clinical trial stage, with a list of suits the product, and half of the same target is listed on the market.

The company is expected to list the fastest T cell lymphoma (PTCl) JAK1 inhibitor products, or the first target for PTCL.

PTCL is a heterogeneous non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In 2019, there were approximately 36,000 new patients in 2019, of which 22,600 people were in China, accounting for up to 63%. Obviously, China's incidence is significantly higher than other countries, with high demand.

Although only 2 JAK1 inhibitors in the world have been batch in the tumor field, they are not targeted by PTCL. Thus, Di Zhe Pharmaceutical This core product DZD4205 is given a hopes. So, can Di Zhe medical medicine seizes the first advantage?

In addition, if the new drug new drug, if it is inevitably launched with Aslikang, how will Divecao medical medicine?

As of the end of June 2021, there were 169 employees of Di Zhe Pharmaceutical Company, of which 35% of employees (including management and research and development teams) worked in Aslikang. 8 senior managers, 6 of which have a work experience of Aslikang. More than 4 people in 8 people are Americans, and one person holds China Hong Kong. It can be seen that Di Zhe Pharmaceutical Team has an international background, which has some influence on the company's future participation in international market competition or have some influence.

It is understood that Zhang Xiaolin, Chairman and General Manager of the Company, is a Postdoctoral for the Cancer Center of Harvard University Medical College. Once is the global vice president of Aslikang (China). The company's chief scientist Zeng Qingbei, US nationality is a Ph.D. in the chemical major of Ohio State University. He used to be a senior president of Aslikang (China). Talk to the organization of Di Zhe medicine. The listing announcement shows that the advanced manufacturing of the first major shareholders of the company is a private equity industry fund, and the limited partners are almost all state. Among them, the limited partners invested is China Finance, and a large number of local state-owned capitals such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Shenzhen also have participation.

In addition, employee holds a platform for the company's third major shareholder, which currently covers an object from the company's chairman to the vice president of employees, nearly 40 equity people. In addition, the company has also introduced external strategic investors, except for the red shirts, there is a rolls fund of multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Currently, the company has no controlling shareholders and actual controllers. It is really a big shareholder.