Opening: Three major indices The collective low-Shanghai-Shanghai finger decreased 0.06% steel sector

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Opening: Three major indices The collective low-Shanghai-Shanghai finger decreased 0.06% steel sector

2022-01-19 12:02:38 28 ℃

Little Finance, Beijing time, January 19th, the three index of A shares will open, and the steel sector has increased before. As of today's opening, Shanghai refers to 3567.63 points, falling 0.06%; deep into 14376.36 points, falling 0.1%; Create a report of 3139.23 points, falling 0.16%.


1. Liu Guoqiang, deputy commander of the central bank, said on the 18th that the current focus is stable, and the policy requirement is to force. Open the monetary policy toolbox and maintain the total amount of stability, avoid credit landslides; the deposit reserve rate further adjusts the space to be small, but there is still a space.


3. The State Council issued the "14th Five-Year Plan" Modern Comprehensive Transportation System Development Plan "proposed to expand the supply of high quality transportation services, actively build an intercity charging network and highway service area fast charge station supporting facilities.


5, Ningde Times wholly-owned subsidiary era of electricity service 18th, the electric shift brand EVOGO, the single battery can provide endurance of about 200 kilometers, and can be adapted to 80% of the world has been listed and the pure electric platform for listed in the next three years. Model.

6, Shanghai Steellink issued data display, lithium battery metal lithium rose 40,000 yuan / ton; lithium carbonate rose 5,000 yuan / ton, average price report of 3.55 million yuan / ton; lithium hydroxide rose 2500-3500 yuan / ton; In terms of positive electrode materials, lithium cobaltate rose 57,500 yuan / ton.

7, Maotai Group 18, the market guidance price of Maotai 1935 was 1188 yuan per bottle. Previously, Ding Xiongjun, Chairman of Maotai Group, said that it is necessary to make Maotai 1935 becomes a pillar in a thousand yuan.

8, Microsoft announced on the 18th that the acquisition of moving blizzard, total cash transactions worth 68.7 billion US dollars, the acquisition premium is about 45%, the equity value is about $ 74 billion. After the transaction is completed, Microsoft will become the third largest game company that is second only to Tencent and Sony.

9, the net profit of the wine industry is from 112% -121% year-on-year; the purity of the wine ghost wine is 79% -93% year-on-year; Yongxing Materials In 2021, the net profit is from 238% -258% year-on-year; Tianhe light energy In 2021, the net profit is expected to be 40% -67% year-on-year; Jiangyin Bank's net profit increased by 21% year-on-year; Ziguang State is expected to increase by 136% -160% year-on-year; 11-day 8-plate Cuiwei shares 2021 net profit is more than 72 % -121%.

10, the purity of the pasture in 2021, the net profit was brought about 70.86% -76.32% year-on-year; the China Lili Group expected to lose 32 billion yuan to 4.0 billion yuan in 2021.

11. Sepham Medical Weighing Control Shareholders are preparing to reduce the company's shareholding through agreement; Shanxi Securities Holdings Subsidiary Division receives a notice of the CSRC.

12, Jiang's four new crown test tester won the EU CE certification; Zhongqingbao replies to the letter, the acquisition of the future equity is the main body support for "brewing master" overseas.

13, Jiangzhi Island (rights protection) announcement, the company pays attention to the recent media report "Tonga volcano eruption and tsunami caused the Pacific Scuba to enter the income of Zhangzidao or will increase 100% +" and related rumors, the above reports and rumors are serious.

14, the three major indices of the US stocks overnight have fallen down, and the Nag is 2.51%, and the road is 1.51%. The S & P 500 index fell 1.84%; bank stocks, chip stocks, steel stocks and other sectors fell; %, Microsoft will take a total of $ 95 full cash to purchase moving blizzard, total transaction value of 68.7 billion US dollars; some of the stocks have risen, and shells rise nearly 5%, and the Holdings of the rich will rise nearly 4%. Tiger securities rise nearly 3%. , Spelling a lot of nearly 2%.

15. The monetary market is expected to pay 50 base points in March or once, if it is true to be the greatest movement since 2000.

Branch merchant morning viewpoint

1 Northeast Securities: Current Wide Currency, Stable Credit Macro Environment does not change the style of the growth of A shares

Northeast Securities said that the impact of loose cycle is more from its fundamentals, market liquidity changes. In the past, we will see a wide currency, and stable credit is often achieved by strengthening property-related industries, but does not reverse Plant grows. The four-round model of the four rounds of currency, the half-year market after stability, and the first three rounds present the optimal, high-speed growth industry subsequent, and the fourth round of real estate is mainly here. Sub-width currency, stable credit is not accompanied by reality; so if the small and medium-sized style, if the small and medium-sized style is weak, it is mainly accompanied by real estate related industries, which presents a short-term market, in addition to this Outside the macro environment does not reverse the prosperity advantage of the small and medium disc. This round-wide currency is not placed in the assembly of the real estate industry chain. The basic boost is limited. In addition, the policy status of the new infrastructure is actively fiscal, and the recent policy has frequently emphasized the new infrastructure pattern, such as special high pressure, digital economy, or The growth of small and medium-sized growth plans continues.

2 Guotai Junan: It is expected to reverse, and the coal is in the dark.

Guotai Junan Securities believed that it was judged that the coal price under December last year was the bottom of the coal market to the dark time. After January this year, Indonesian imported coal was limited to the overlay and development reform committee requested some of the northern provinces and power plant reservoirs. We judged that the supply nodes with the Spring Festival were gradually clear, and the coal market is expected to continue. In 2022, the growth expectation is gradually strengthened, and the demand is willing to enhance, and the national threaded steel and coke operating rate will rebound in January. The coaljiao steel industry chain will usher in the expected repair.

3 Strong Securities: The estimation of the bank sector is in the bottom of the rebound, and the repair space is considerable.

Sky Breeze Securities said that in December, the social growth rate decreased at the end of the year, and the demand for residents and long-term loans were reduced, and the policy broadcasted demand is strong, and it is possible to further expect the first quarter credit expansion effect. More importantly, the wide-serving environment is not only conducive to bank size expansion, but also helps bank non-interest business development and credit risk resolution. At present, the bank sector valuation is in the bottom of the rebound state, and the repair space is considerable.

4 CITIC Conditions: Digital Economic Plan, the Internet industry welcomes new development

CITIC Jianota said that the State Council issued the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" Digital Economic Development Plan ", which made a comprehensive plan for digital economic development during the" 14th Five-Year Plan ". The digital economy is a key element based on data resources, with a modern information network as the main carrier, with information communication technology fusion application, and the digital transformation of full factors is an important driving force to promote fairness and efficiency more unified new economic forms. The State Council, "The Tenth Five-Year" Digital Economic Development Plan, which means that the importance of digital economy in the national economy is increasing, and the Internet industry ushered in further development opportunities. At present, many Internet companies have seriously underestimated, in history, and we expect Internet companies to usher in a value adjustment under the promotion of policies.

5 Galaxy Securities: Real estate fundamental indicators continue to explore, policy games still have space

China Galaxy Securities pointed out that the short-term dimension, policy heating promoted real estate sector valuation. At present, it is in the "basic bottom" + "policy bottom" combination, the fundamental is still in the way, the scenery is the worst, and the policy game is still space. We think this year is the best window period in the first quarter. Medium- long-term dimensions, "three good housing companies" will have higher valuation premiums under the expectation of centralized promotion and earnings.