Can't help!Lenovo became the defendant, the bar is beginning!

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Can't help!Lenovo became the defendant, the bar is beginning!

2022-01-19 12:04:43 47 ℃

Lenovo event welcomes explosive news. Just entering 2022, everyone is the most worried about Lenovo, has begun.

In October 2021, after the "Listed Day Tour" broke out a series of negative issues, as a technology company, the liability of Lenovo was even higher than that of real estate enterprises.

However, the Hengda Breaky, good people and real estate, land and other quality assets can be debated, and after Lenovo, in addition to its good value, it has already been counted.

In the face of the sound of the question, Yang Yuanqing has responded to the outside world. Lenovo's debt rate is completely under the premise of reasonably legitimate, and emphasizes that Lenovo is not bad.

In addition, Yang Yuanqing also said that Lenovo is high, because many of the Lenovo dealers can purchase the goods in advance, and the delivery requires a certain cycle, so there will be high debt rate. In a word, Lenovo owed is the money of the dealer, you are not bad.

From Lenovo to the high-priced annual salary, and recently exposed Lenovo to the global film, let employees and the media have a carnival, Lenovo gives people feels not bad.

And the 270s are also dispatched. It is an anger that the netizens do not understand the economy. I don't know what is excellent liabilities, but also the international institutions give the association's rating is excellent. One sentence is the Lenovo is no problem, and it will not be like a lotus.

However, an explosive message was burst in recent recently. The sound of the mouth claims that he is not bad money, it actually because of the long-term arrears of the dealer's product, the court.

In April 2021, there is a company called Xinyuan Technology. In Lenovo, a batch of products worth tens of millions of yuan, the latest product is the latest delivery date is May 31, 2021.

However, although Xinyuan Technology has urged many times, Lenovo has repeatedly delayed delivery, until the latest delivery date, Lenovo still has not delivered.

In the case where the delivery is no fruit, the unbearable Xinyuan Technology will tell the court in 2022, a paper complaint, I associate the court, January 13, the local court has accepted the case, and will be held on January 29th Trial.

This means that Lenovo's bar is beginning, and it has also been a recently exploding Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing for a few days of selling Lenovo stock set of 3002 million messages.

Public opinion is guessing that Yang Yuanqing is not smelling what the wind is, or smelling what is dangerous, so I am eager to prepare for the run. Now, Lenovo is also supplied to the court, and it seems that this guess is to be confirmed.

The sound of mouth sound claiming the debt ratio in a scientific and legitimate scope, saying that he is not bad, and there is no shipping of the supplier to ship for half a year. What is this?

This is not the long-term default financing of the Panhai Holdings. Is it a rhythm that cannot be repayed by the shares and assets? Yang Yuanqing has also said that Lenovo is high, a large part is the payment of Lenovo dealers.

And like Xinyuan Technology, the payment of Lenovo received people did not give people the victims of the delivery of victims? It is necessary to know that behind Lenovo's 90% liabilities, it is a thousands of retailers. If Lenovo once burst, damage is the small businesses.

We also call on the relevant departments to intervene, and thoroughly investigate the risk of smashing the thunder. In particular, Yang Yuanqing has sold the emergency set of Lenovo stocks many times. Is it a signal in the interior of Lenovo? At the same time, it is more necessary to investigate how much the products of Lenovo owe a small dealer, and must not go to the full mouth of the executive of Lenovo's executives, and finally let the dealers will bear. The consequences, the final fluff.