Allegedly hit the porcelain?Lin Qingxuan and Chanel's "Red Mountain Camellia"

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Allegedly hit the porcelain?Lin Qingxuan and Chanel's "Red Mountain Camellia"

2022-01-19 18:07:00 41 ℃

The battle of "Hongshan Camellia" is still in the fermentation.

On January 7th, Sun Laichun Yi Lin Qingxuan, founder Sun Lai Chun, who was bombarded with the French luxury brand. Chanel released a statement response: "For more than 20 years, Chanel has leaded with a world-renowned expert and partner, leading a large scale grand Focus on the study of the beauty products of the caravan flower. "Chanel emphasized the brand in Gaujacq, France, and Its Plant Analysis Laboratory in Gaujacq, France.

On January 14, according to public data, Lin Qingxuan brand entity management company Shanghai Lin Qingxuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. applied for 18 trademarks on January 6, 2022, including "Lin Qingxuan Hongshan Tea", "Lin Qingxuan Hongshan Tea Flower", " Hongshan tea flower anti-old "," Lin Qingxuan Jinshan Tea "," Lin Qingxuan Hongshan Tea Family "," Lin Qingxuan Bai Mountain Tea Flower ", etc., international classification is advertising sales or daily products, current trademark state is in the application.

(Figure: Lin Qingxuan registered 18 "Camellia" related trademark map source: Investigation)

On January 13th and 14th, 21style made Lin Qingxuan's official website after-sales service hotline. As of the paper, it is still not connected; the online customer service of its official website is in "busy state", and has not received a reply.

On the afternoon of the 14th, 21style visited Lin Qingxuan's counter shop in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Gao De map shows multiple locations, but the reporter found that its two counters in Wangjing and New Austria have stopped business. The reporter asked about the international high-end beauty brand of Wangjing store, and they said to the reporter "I have been withdrawn by Lin Qingxuan two months ago."

Battle with Chanel's Camellia

"There is a relative flower of the mountain tea, and the rain is no one. It is alone.

This is Su Shi's rumored camellia flower, because of its deep winter, also known as winter. Due to the big red, more red, there is "cold carp", "Xue Lujiao", "Red jade ring" is called.

One of China's four beautiful people in China, Wang Zhaojun, who was married by Han Yuan, and thought it was. Zhao Jun, who has passed the post-world, is the shackles of snow, and embraces a flourish, and there is a red mountain tea flower.

Ms. Chanel has a soft spot for the mountain tea. At a certain day in the sea of ​​Norman, Northwestern Norman, Chanel, Ms. Chanel, will bring the caravan flower in her striped shirt belt.

This mountain tea flower has surped the waves in the beautiful makeup world.

In the first place in the 2022 New Year, the domestic brand Lin Qingxuan ushered in the battle of "the first high-end cosmetics brand".

(Figure: Lin Qingxuan founding "Hongshan Camellia Defense War" map source: Sina Weibo)

On January 3, a large text of the domestic beauty brand "Lin Qingxuan" was on the hot search of a social platform. Its founder Sun Laichun pointed out in the text that Chanel not only digs many Lin Qingxuan's first-line employees, but also "premeditated" to Hongshan tea skin care track.

"This is the most violent attack since Lin Qingxuan, this defending battle, it is related to Lin Qingxuan to live and die, and it is also related to China's first high-end cosmetics brand to stand out, in the country, no retreat, for China's red The biological diversity of mountain tea flower skin care products and Chinese special colorant, we are preparing to fight with the world of the world, "Lin Qingxuan's founder Sun Laichun said in the social media.

The founder is so high-profile statement, which is the brake, or a martial arts, and the martial arts?

It is worth noting that Chanel's "Camellia" concept is not only used in white mountain tea. For camellia, Chanel uses embroidery, printing, engraving, folding, sideline, chiffon, satin, ugan yarn, twill, feathers, etc. Necklaces, long necklaces, watches and pearl strands, watches, bags, etc.

First class market

In November 2020, Lin Qingxuan completed the A round financing, the first round of the amount of up to hundreds of millions of yuan. Among them, the leader is the SIG, Country Garden venture capital, and the head is a sub-fund.

It is reported that in August 2021, Lin Qingxuan completed hundreds of millions of B round financing. This round of financing was banned by future assets, and the old share of Donghai Na, the Asian Ventures Fund SIG, Country Garden, continued to add code, Hangzhou Yuanqing and other follow-up. The financing distance A is less than 10 months, and the estimated increase is over 3 times. This round of financing fund will be used in brand marketing, supply chain research and development, talent construction, etc.

Among them, the SIG partner Ren Jian Jul believes that Lin Qingxuan has built a cosmetics brand, built the whole industry chain model from raw materials, research and development, production and sales, which has great advantages in market competition. Du Baozhen, the head of Country Garden, VC business, believes that Lin Qingxuan can be called representative strength in domestic high-end skin care products.

Participated in the agency "head is the fund", "Head is the Fund" shared investment perspective, and "Lin Qingxuan is very powerful, created a category, re-defining standards, supply chain, technology and use, is differentiated products, very good with other products Match, use more scenes, and add a repair, anti-oxygen, and other functions. "

In fact, the essence oil is not a new category. Japan has a total of 4 beauty oil, shapee beauty oil, sketane beauty oil (plant type), whitening beauty oil and co-enzyme Q10 beauty liquid; SiSley, Clarins, Herborist and other brands have an essence oil product. Some insiders pointed out that Lin Qingxuan's emollient oil has neither created new categories, nor is it differentiated products. Just 2020 under the goods in Viya, suddenly the essence of oil came.

It is worth noting that Sun Laichun issued a text on the social media on December 27, 2021, "Two weeks ago, for WEIYA's live broadcast of 2022, prepared nearly 200 million packages and intransmitted, I have to do performance. The instant collapsed, and the e-commerce team is estimated that the two weeks is like me tonight.

Exclusive formula "Qing Xuancu" violates the "Advertising Law" was punished by the Market Supervision Bureau

It is inevitable that it is awkward.

21style was discovered, and as a "Qing Xuancu" of Lin Qingxuan's core formula. In August 2021, he was fined 50,000 yuan due to violations of the advertising law.

Lin Qingxuan's document information shows that "In order to control the quality of control products, Lin Qingxuan brings together more than 30 plants, biology, dermatology and application chemistry at home and abroad, have experienced more than 700 days of unremitting exploration. Finally, the active repair ingredients from the cameras, leaves and seeds, and Lin Qingxuan's exclusive repair formula "Qing Xixin" is born. "

According to the administrative punishment decisions of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Market Supervision Administration, the company's "Lin Qingxuan Mountain Tea Flower Time Repair Cleansing Ointment 120g" on April 2020, and its packaging box product characteristics mentioned "Fu Yuxuan Equivalent Repair Repair Formulation and various plant extracts, amino acid mild formula, rich soft foam, gentle into the texture of the texture, effectively repair the skin, and enjoy the content of the skin. "

At the same time, "Lin Qingxuan Mountain Tea Flower Repair Bright Color Essence" last May, "30ml" in the package of packaging box, "rich Qing Xuan extractive resilience formula and various plant extracts, light emulsion, rapid penetration absorption , Repair the skin while effective net and easy to clean the skin, brightens the skin, so that the skin is delicate and translucent. "

The punishment decision has shown that the above two product components contain "Qing Xuancu" ingredients (ie, the extract of the mountain tea seed oil, camellia and camellia), according to the efficacy test report provided by the parties, Qingxuan columns under certain conditions. It has the effect of repairing the skin barrier. The skin barrier refers to the skin of the skin's outermost layer, which cannot be completely equivalent to the skin. The parties are not accurate to the above two products, unclear, do not understand.

In addition, in the long text released by Sun Shuchun, some netizens pointed out that (Lin Qingxuan) estimated his brand status and was harmed by Internet thinking. I don't know if I don't know the way of luxury brand operation, exposing the naive and enlightenment of the domestic product brand.

Some insiders said to 21style, the essence oil This product is a vital skin care product form, which can function forward to the skin. Therefore, the fire of the essence oil will last for a long time, and there will be more and more competitors.