Expend to more than 400 million, throwing the shoes, what is the "women's shoes first shares" on Saturday

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Expend to more than 400 million, throwing the shoes, what is the "women's shoes first shares" on Saturday

2022-01-19 18:07:16 57 ℃

Loss abandoned shoes and entered the light asset era on Saturday. On the evening of January 18, the announcement was released on Saturday. It is expected to lose 43 billion to 645 million yuan in 2021. The development of the business enters the light asset development model. Affected by this, it has increased by 5% on Saturday today.

Industry insiders said that in recent years, Saturday footwear business losses seriously, and this peel is also in order to get rid of the performance, lightly. However, Internet marketing business or live broadcast bonded business, if there is no strong industrial basis and capital support, it is difficult to become a long-lasting performance growth point.

Up to 645 million yuan

According to the content of the announcement, it is expected that the loss of 43 billion to 645 million yuan on Saturday, 2021, and the same period was 24.297,800 yuan in the same period last year.

In response to a large loss, Saturday is due to the decline in the footwear business. On Saturday, in the announcement, the epidemic violently had a great impact on the net commercial sales of the line, thereby impact on the digestion of the company's footwear, plus the company's additional costs due to business transformation, leading to the whole year of the shoes It is operating a loss state. On the other hand, in order to further promote the company's strategic transformation, accelerate the return of funds, the company has increased the promotion of footwear in the fourth quarter, and the rendering of the stored inventory is quickly digested in the form of promotion or wholesale. There must be a certain impact.

According to the announcement information, it is estimated that its fourth quarter is estimated to produce business losses and account deposits in the fourth quarter of the above-mentioned business activities, and the annual profit of the company is -2 billion to $ 2.5 billion. The depreciation price is approximately 280 million yuan to 350 million yuan.

At the same time, Saturday is also announced, and the company intends to transfer 100% equity in Saturday footwear industry after the integration of footwear sales business and assets, footwear business trademarks, etc. At the same time, Saturday, Saturday, we will continue to adjust the footwear business, intend to sell footwear sales related business and assets (excluding brand trademarks), turn to focus on brand authorization, brand management, supply chain service "light" Asset operation method.

On Saturday, 2019, the full-owned subsidiary of Foshan Saturday, the full-owned subsidiary of Foshan Saturday, which did not retain production functions. Plus the sale of the Saturday footwear industry, the planetary six can be described as completely peeled off the shoes.

For this loss loss and sale equity events, Beijing Business Daily reporters interviewed Saturday and as of the press release.

Textile and apparel management expert, General Manager of Shanghai Liangxing Brand Management Co., Ltd. said that Saturday sold the equity, meaning that Saturday to exit the stock market to the remote network has become a fact.

In the view of the Executive Director of Xiangshu Capital, listed companies still have the most important assets of all their business, and there is still the most important asset of "shell", and the existing business in this Saturday is possible to do asset restructuring. Prepare, it is also possible to get rid of the performance burden.

According to the announcement information, Saturday, the Saturf, Saturday, Saturday, is in a loss, and its 2020 loss is 710.94 million yuan, the net assets are -18.84 million yuan; the loss of 30.22 million in the third quarter of 2021, the net assets are -49.06 million yuan.

Entering the era of light assets

What is the rest of the Saturday after a large loss is completely peeled off?

According to the content of the announcement, after this release of the footwear business, Saturday will focus on the development of Internet marketing business, focus on brand authorization, brand management, supply chain service "light" asset operation method.

In fact, about the Internet business, Saturday has been layout for many years. In 2017, Saturday established Shenzhen Micro-Smo Shu Technology Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. to undertake existing logistics business; and establish Beijing Orly Fanxing Information Technology Co., Ltd., promoting the construction of fashion IP incubation platform. On the same year, Saturday, I received two domestic fashion new media companies in Beijing, and Beijing. Saturday Internet business account accounsing ratio is also over 70% in the first half of 2021 in the first half of 2021, which is increasing year by year.

It is worth mentioning that a number of Internet business companies acquired on Saturday, the remote hoping network is sent to one of its important revenue sources. It is understood that the remote network in the field of live e-commerce has a certain advantage in the field of live e-commerce. In 2021, there were many artists, including Jia Nai, Yu Yi, Chen Yilu, Shen Tao, etc. From the perspective of sales data, the remote network in 2021 achieved a faster growth, and the annual transaction order broke through 100 million units, and the sales GMV achieved exceeding 10 billion yuan, which was about 2.5 times the same in 2020.

But not all Internet services of the layout can be profitable. On Saturday, in the announcement, the extension of the revenue and net profit levels of the two fashion new media companies in the Internet business have declined sharply, and the proposed proposed prison value is 180 million to 2.7 billion yuan.

Cheng Weixiong analysis said that the live betting income income has become an industry consensus, and the heavy assets that completely abandon the shoes on Saturday, the light assets of the Internet business are not wise.Operation is difficult or spending long in exotic hometown, will consider doing "light" to avoid risks, authorizing brand management looks very light, but only the brand is only the rest of the credibility of overdraws, for the truly brandThis is a killing chicken.Shen Meng said that the asset model or brand management and supply chain management is also a business model. A shares are also like listed companies, but can be truly achieved on Saturday to achieve profitability and even long-term development, but also watch SaturdayManagement capacity.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhang Junhua