The corrupt molecules must be "zerorable"!CCTV's film, it is really good!

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The corrupt molecules must be "zerorable"!CCTV's film, it is really good!

2022-01-19 18:06:11 31 ℃

Author: Xiao Feng


This year's Spring Festival is not a gift, the gift is only "small seafood"

On the evening of the 15th, the first episode of CCTV special film "Zero Zone tolerance", exposed the large number of details of the former deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security, a lot of details, of which Wang Liso gave Sun Lijun's "small seafood" in the year. The accumulated approval of RMB 90 million at the time of the case. So I have the ridicule of the netizens above.

People feel that the king of "small seafood" is greedy? The wool is in the sheep, and the corrupt official levels are all displaced, and ultimately hurt the interests of the company and the people, because the cost of corruption will eventually be distributed to the price, be borne by consumers.

"When the official should make a fortune, don't be a official."

The purpose of the official should be to be the people. The special film revealed that Sun Lijun has developed a "fifteen year plan" for himself, and strive for five years, and boasting between businessman and friends. While enjoying the blow, he was sought, and he was determined to drill camp, and he often wishes to members of the "small circle".

In the face of the official fans in Sun Lijun's "small circle", we must severely punish it. Because it is not sinful into 100 thousand corrupt elements, it is necessary to sin 14 billion people.


"I don't know what I want for money."

This is the second episode of "Zero Zone tolerance", the original party secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and Wang Fuyu, Chairman. "I don't know what to do, I can't eat. I want to do anything, buried you! I now know that I am crazy greed to go to the peak, but I don't know what I want to ask for money."

For Wang Fuyu, the money seems to be a habitual action, even after retirement, it is still transferred directly, no scruples.

"Be a good heart is as good as jade, for the people's spirit and rich", this is a boss to give Wang Fuyu's a pair of couplets, and painted "Fuyu" in the pair of "Fuyu" in the couplet, and said to Wang Fuyu. It can be seen in the circle of friends in the king, and it is a truth, and the anti-corruption on the countertop is just doing.

Can you "ask for money for what"? Use money to take a bed board?

Peter, Socius, pointed out in "Exchange and Power in Social Life":

Social exchange is the "original power" of human development, and competition will promote social differentiation, those who have relatively rich resources or scarce resources, and can always achieve higher exchange status in groups, and other members can only be ramp The status is exchanged with other resources with the upper layer.

Buloy's four major social exchanges: money, social recognition, respect and compliance.

I will give you "small seafood", you can exchange your identity; I can exchange your reuse, so interest delivery is the exchange of power, indicating that respect and compliance will worship big brother "Small circle".

The corrupt officials often reflect on their own worldview, outlook on life and values. In fact, there are also the unspoken rules of the above officials to drive.


"Corruption is the argument of economic development lubricant",

From the 18th National Congress, "Iron I need it hard", until today's anti-corruption is effective, a warning, but someone is "pre-rot", constantly there is a trial. It can be seen that the anti-corruption is always on the way, and it will eventually rely on "in the cage of power to the system", strengthen and improve the various supervision mechanisms.

In publicity and education, it is often not difficult to sum up the warning of anti-corruption, from the heart, from the values, one is to be the purpose of the official - for the people; the second is to form a forward value, especially Should start from the beginning of the official field culture.

What can't be denied is that the corrupt officials in history are also full of four books, and they are also passing through the imperial examination. It is also the saints that are guided, but why is it "previously rot after success"?

Undoubtedly, the system is the fundamental guarantee of the anti-corruption, only the "cage" of the system can take the power, not just the "greed" word in the heart of corrupt officials.

It is necessary to severely criticize the argue of "corruption is a lubricant of economic development".

According to this argument, if corruption is an economical lubricant, it has a major contribution to social progress and has a significant contribution to economic development, then anti-corruption is wrong.

But today, all developed countries are also impressive while catching the economy. Explanation, corruption not only does not have any active role in economic development, but also the road to the economic development.

Corruption is not a lubricant, or the socially tumor tumor and cancer cells, which invades our social healthy body, and will take the entire social wind.

Shortest in history, maintain a clear understanding of corruption, establish the correct outlook on life, values, interests and power concepts, and remember to serve the people's services, diligent, honest and honest.

The advanced anti-corruption system should be tentative, draw on the international traffic supervision conventions, build a "cage" of multi-hierarchical, all-round, three-dimensional responsible supervision system, tight power, and the power is run under the sun, strengthen public opinion supervision, People's supervision.

Why is the economic development to lubricate? Because there is a friction, it is hindered, indicating that some people in some positions are lazy to be suspended, don't give money, don't pay for money. This is another extreme of anti-corruption needs to be avoided.

As usual, when the official is not the people, it is better to go home to sell sweet potatoes. It should now be changed that when the official is not for the people, it is better to go home to sell sweet potatoes. The main servant must be clear, please call people!

No matter which extreme, it will ultimately make the overall cost of society, and the whole people will bear the huge cost of corruption or bulking, hinder the economic development, and make the people's happiness.Therefore, it is necessary to "zero tolerance" for corrupt molecules, otherwise there will be 140 million people!