Continue to add code!The fourth quarter star fund manager Jiaoang bank stock institution is optimistic about low valuation high growth banks

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Continue to add code!The fourth quarter star fund manager Jiaoang bank stock institution is optimistic about low valuation high growth banks

2022-01-19 18:06:39 32 ℃

Fin Federation (Beijing, Reporter Gao Ping), with the four quarters of the funds in 2021, the closing path of the star fund manager also surfaced. According to statistics, as of now, the new bank stocks in the top ten heavy warehouse stocks in the top ten of the funds, and the Star Fund Manager has also added the bank stocks in the fourth quarter.

The industry insiders said that the bank's reporter said that the bank share is low, the fundamental risk is small, and the fund plus bank stocks are intended to pursue robust investments, which tends to configure some of the competitive and growing space stocks. In addition, the bank performance express release fundamentally has a good signal, optimistic about bank valuation repair.

Qilong Rong Jiazang Chang is ripe, Su Nongjiao is more than 60 million shares, a number of banks new heavy warehouse stocks

According to Dongcai Choice statistics, as of paper, there is a list of Changshu Bank, Su Nong Bank, Industrial Bank, and China Merchants Bank, and China Merchants Bank.

Sinogeng Foundation disclosed some of the products of 2021, four quarters of the newspaper, 4 of which is the stars of the star fund manager Qilong in the tube product. Fin Federation reporters found that these four funds were hidden by Su Nong Bank and / or Changshu Bank. Among them, Zhong Geng's value is flexible and flexible, and Zhong Geng's value pilot mixed all the heavy warehouse Su Nong Bank, Changshu Bank's two bank stocks. In addition, Zhong Geng value quality has been mixed with Changchang, Chang Cai, Hong Kong, Guangda Bank; Zhong Geng Small Plate Value stocks, Su Nong Bank.

Compared with the third quarter of last year, the 4 fund products in the tube were plus a warehouse in the four fund products of the tube. The largest increase in the total amount of Zhong Geng small plate value stock, the fund Foundation Jiao Nongnong Bank 20159,800 shares in the fourth quarter. As of the end of the fourth quarter, Zhong Geng small plate value stock holds 60363,800 shares, accounting for 1.18% to 3.98%. Zhong Geng's value quality has been mixed for a year, and Zhong Geng's value pilot mixing has increased the Changshu Bank in the fourth quarter, and the plus volume is 1950.54 million shares, 15.314 million shares. After statistics, Qilong Rong was in the fourth quarter of the four-quarter of the heavy market share Su Nong Bank, and Changshu Bank added 6.331 million shares.

In addition, a number of new banks will be newly located. Changshu Bank newly enamel value smuggling flexibly configured the top ten heavy warehouse shares. Today, the first foreign-owned public fund - Belled China's new field of view was released in the four seasons of 2021, which is also the first disclosure of the position after the foundation of the fund. It is understood that the fund completed issuance in the third quarter of last year, and the fourth quarter of the construction period is also appropriately laid out in the appropriate part of the partial growth bank stocks that are underestimated. The data shows that the top ten heavy market shares in the fund, China Merchants Bank is in the column, and the stocks are 141662 million shares, 634.04 million shares, and the market value of 270 million yuan, 30.09 million yuan.

Institutions are optimistic about bank stocks with high growth and unique competitive advantage

In fact, in the third quarter of last year, there are many star fund managers such as Zhang Kun, Wang Dongjie, to add bank stocks. For some funds in the fourth quarter, a fund industry insider said that the bank stock market is less estimated, with certain investment value, so some funds that pursue stable returns tend to configure some competitive and grow space. Bank stock.

In the four quarterly reports of Zhong Geme Value Flexible Confirmed Hybrid Fund, it is said that the fund went market investment thinking is said, adhering to the low valuation value investment concept, and will list the financial, real estate of the market worth the four major investment directions. one. It is said that in the financial sector, it is highly relevant to the manufacturing industry chain, serving the entity economy, has a unique competitive advantage, the bank's operation is robust, the basic risk is small, the estimation is extremely low, the growth is more high.

Recently, a number of brokers also expressed its view of the Bank Unit. On January 18th, the People's Bank of China held a 2021 financial statistics news conference. He mentioned that "more active and more active, more active progress, paying attention to force", showing the determination of steady growth in policies. The Zheshang Securities Bank research team believes that under the great trend of steady growth, it is only a matter of time. It is expected that the awareness of subsequent markets will continue to consensus from divergence in entanglement, and bank stocks continue to benefit from the valuation of steady growth.

Recently, a number of banks announced that the 20021 performance express newspapers, net profit increased by more than 20%. Under the expectation, the bank stocks rose. According to statistics, since the opening year, the bank sector index has risen by 5.3%, far from the market.

"In the 2021, the bank's performance is reported, and the revenue growth rate in 2022 has a strong support." Wang Yifeng, chief analyst of the Financial Industry of the Everbright Securities, expressed his next stage, under cross-cycle arrangement, expect bank segments 2022 The total annual camp has strong support, and the growth rate of profit is slightly higher than the 2 percentage points of the revenue, and the fundamental and valuation of high-quality banks will continue to present "strong persons."