After being fully friendly consultation, the data management "old will" Hua Yu and Zhuang Wei leave the source investment in March.

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After being fully friendly consultation, the data management "old will" Hua Yu and Zhuang Wei leave the source investment in March.

2022-01-19 18:07:15 49 ℃

Directory "Old will", Hua Yur, will leave a well-known private equity Shanghai Yuyuan Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuyuan Investment") in March.

On January 19, Yuyuan Investment was published in the official website. It has been carefully considered by the company's shareholders and management and is fully friendly and negotiated with Guan Hua Yu and Zhuang Hao. Will leave on March 10, 2022.

At the same time, Huanyu and Zhuang Wei also published a statement expressing gratitude to Yuanyuan investment. According to the statement, the current investment operation management is stable, and the various departments work closely, and the company's products operate in order. "Related product changes and other working matters, we will fully cooperate with the company and do a good job in handover."

According to the information disclosed by the China Securities Investment Fund Association, Guan Hua Yu is a "old will" with the experience of the nearly 20 years of securities experience, June 2015, June 2015, Join the source investment, serve as a legal representative and general manager. Earlier in 2010, he joined the Bank of Completion of the Bank of the Bank of China, a director of the fund manager, the investment director, and the research.

In June 2015, the "Bun private", joined the source investment, and leading the source of Tongyu to enter the ranks of 100 billion private placement. In the same year, Zhuang Wei left the Submit Silver Silver Investment, and the investment manager in 2016.

As early as May, 2021, the market had rumors, and Hua Yur and Zhuang Wei will leave from Yuyuan. In July of the same year, the industrial and commercial information showed that the source investment statutory representative was changed from the management of Hua Yun.

Xue Lingyun has joined the source investment in 2008, serving a researcher, investment manager, investment director, and legal representative and executive director.

According to Wind data, Xue Ling Yun has been in the investment manager, and the investment manager index has expressed the past 8 years of annual yields over 29%. Its representative products "Ping An Wealth · Jiyuan No.7 Collection Fund Trust Program" has been 35.66% since its establishment in 2014, and the accumulated rate of return is 883%.

According to Journalists, some products managed by Huasheng and Zhuang Yan this month will also increase Xue Lingyun as investment manager, prepare for the first two investment managers.

Yuanyuan Investment stated that the company has made sufficient preparation for the departure of Huayu and Zhuang Wei, and now works everything. At the same time, the company is promoting the equity incentive plan through the establishment of a limited partnership. The limited partnership has completed the business registration, the executive Director Xue Lingyun and the general manager of the general manager, as the employee to make a big contribution to the company, is intended to become the first equity incentive. Object. In 2013, Fu Yan in 2013, served as researchers, research director, investment manager, general manager.

According to the public information, the source investment was established in April 2006, which is a professional investment management company earlier in China and has always adhered to the professional investment management company. In March 2014, the China Securities Investment Fund Association was registered as a private equity fund manager. In 2018, the investment consultant approved by the China Securities Investment Fund Association was qualified, and the registered capital was 30 million yuan.