The interest behind the disaster is smoked, and the soup plus the swimming speed of the scallop exceeds the nuclear submarine.

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The interest behind the disaster is smoked, and the soup plus the swimming speed of the scallop exceeds the nuclear submarine.

2022-01-20 00:02:13 31 ℃

If you want to select "The world's smartest animal", not gorilla, nor a dolphin, this reputation must not be a fan of 獐獐.

Tonga volcano sprinkled, Tonga is a island, Australian volcanic ash covered the day, the boat in the Japanese coast is overturned, just when people are concerned about whether China will also have an impact, some people have earned a lot of pots through "rumors" Full, smart is really not a scallvery, but a smart person of "no business".

This is the first year of this year 'insulted' human IQ!

I don't say how many kilometers away from Tonga, and the scallbur can't swim. Even if you travel, you can't get it in a short time. Forced to move moments!

The volcano gray flying in the air, flying into Australia, and no legs, no wings, can come to the dolphins that are not resting than 24 hours!

The stock is directly stopped!

All kinds of no bottom lines, there is no interest, and the so-called media people who have fusured the born began to make a lot of things, they really drill the "law" this air to the extreme.

Zido is a sea product breeding company in Dalian, and the main business is breeding shrimp and sea cucumber. Especially the scallops, the proportion of the assets of the entire company is about 30%, that is, the number of scallops is strong with the company's market value.

Have to make people 'praise seafood', their company's scallops have already had a belief with the company's total.

Two years of loss, one year earn, run away when you need a loss, just hurry, hurry, you will come back, you will be a wind, it is simply positioning navigation!

This reminds me of a cold knowledge: the invention in the history of human civilization is not a rogue is a liar.

According to the map to scale, Zhang Tao is about 9300 kilometers from Tonga, take into account the middle land barrier, the actual water distance may reach around 10,000 kilometers.

Scallops can arrive in 3 days, almost 72 hours! The average of the scallops is 150 kilometers per hour, and the whole process is hot, almost 100. At present, the most advanced nuclear submarines are one-third of this speed!

The energy level of Tonga volcanoes is between VEI5-6, and according to this swimming speed, even if the US Yellowstone Park is short-in-law, it will not be such a "navigation positioning" style to send the scallop extremely accurately to a company's industry chain. area.

So, next, it went to the case.

In 2006, Zhang Zizhi is listed as aquatic product, and the stock price has risen all the way. At that time, the proliferation area and production of Scipedian shrimp and the production have reached the first place in the country. Since then, the cultured sea area has risen to more than 230,000 mu.

The first big asset of Zhangzi Island is inventory. It is mainly to spread the shrimp, sea cucumber, etc. in the sea, and their proportion in the assets of Zhangzidao Group is about 30%.

But since 2014, the magical scene has appeared.

More than 1 million mu of magazine in 2012, the shrimp, who is about to enter the harvest, run. This incident is also called "Tiboto Scallops", "Tiz Island Event".

In this influence, Zhangzidao lost 1189 billion yuan.

In January 2018, Ji Island was announced that because the marine pasture suffered major disasters, the scallops were "starved to death". Zhangzidao is once again a loss of 723 billion yuan.

In April 2019, Zhang Zi Island announced, the bottom is shrimp, the scallops were affected, and the scallops ran again. The company lost 43.14 million yuan in the first quarter of 2019.

In April 2020, Jiangzi Island released the 2019 annual report, with a loss of 392 million yuan throughout the year, and the reason is still a large-scale death disaster in the bottom of shrimp.

In the past few years, the scallops of Zhangji Island have fallen 4 times.

But the truth can be seen from the magical jumping financial report data from Zhangzidao. Looking at the Yuzidao Financial Report, the company has a year after the performance of the "Scallop Run" incident in 2014, showing the characteristics of a year of profitability. The return of return from 2015-2019 is -243 billion, 79.59 million yuan, -723 billion yuan, 32.1 million yuan, -399 million yuan.

According to the departure stipulations, SMEs have been launched for two consecutive years, and the loss for three consecutive years has been launched, and the continuous loss will be terminated for four years. Ji Island used "Escape Scallops" and perfectly avoided this.

Netizens said that the scallops of Zhangzi Island are very likely to have the background of the financial industry and have adopted the registered accountant, which is very familiar with the relevant work of listed company audit. When you need a loss in 2014, you will collectively return to your hometown when you need to make profits in 2015.

Today, I went to the return season of "Zhangji Island Scallops", all the best, only owed a volcanic outbreak, and Tonga's shocking natural disasters have achieved a group of "smart" rich people.

Tonga volcano eruption, whether it is a tsunami wave, or a volcanic gray, the first arrival must be Australia, but the scallops "understanding" The scorpion of the exclusive people, not far away from the Chinese dining table and On the killing pig dish of the financial market, we have to say that our miracle is really aware of the little!

Zido Island can not burn the stock, running fast than the submarine, driving this logic, waiting for the Wanshi, let the scalls master the financial and military, directly ruling the earth is not impossible.