Many American companies do not find a health code?

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Many American companies do not find a health code?

2022-01-20 00:02:57 50 ℃

Wen 丨 华商 略 良

"China's Internet strength is at least ten years." Headquartered in London, England, the International Strategic Research Institute in London, said in a report. "No matter which aspect measurement, China's Internet is more worse than many countries."

In this regard, the Professor Tianjin University directly returned, "This is just a dual game of China and the United States."

Previously, the US Times Weekly also asserted that China will never be an industrial giant, but the results of recent years have made it a face. Similarly, the United States is also like the industrial era in the Internet era.

In 1946, the first computer was born in Pennsylvania, the United States. This weight reached 30 tons, covering an area of ​​170 square meters, an enormous version of the Internet opened the internet. In 1969,, which was used in national defense purposes, connected to the computer in the United States, and the gate of the Internet era was also officially opened.

The United States, the United States, has risen a large number of Internet companies, hardware, and software development. In 1975, Microsoft was established. In 1977, the armor was established ... US Enterprises at the time of the Internet era.

In contrast, the world's Internet is only connected in the 1990s. According to CNNIC statistical reports, in 2000, China's Internet penetration rate is only 1.8%; Europe and the United States and other countries have generally reached more than 40%.

At that time, the shortage of domestic talents, the development of Internet applications slowly, introduced the US software and management system to spend high costs, and the development of Chinese companies has been limited.

In the past 10 years, with the rise of the mobile Internet, China's scientific and technological giants have admitted to the event, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, Duojiang, and Baofei and other enterprises rapidly rising, and the situation gradually reversed.

The "Chinese characteristics" on these Chinese companies have become more obvious. Many times they are not passive to solve the problem of incurable diseases in offline enterprises or public affairs, but they discover new needs, new scenes, new opportunities, and actively created themselves when they serve users. New mode to lead the entity industry and promote public governance intelligence.

US companies don't have a batch of software vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP until today, will dominate the market of enterprise-class digital applications.

At the time of the situation, the epidemic disrupted the battle. Under the epidemic, the shortage of medical resources, public governance, residual recession, factory shutdowns, trade fuses, and excessive surrendering problems have emerged.

In the "Accelerated Industry Upgrade, Deepening Number Fusion" policy guided by China, in this battle, it is particularly excellent.

Take the Tencent mentioned just mentioned that the end of the epidemic suddenly broke out at the end of 2019, and the health code will be enabled everywhere. After 100 days of online, only the WeChat health code program has covered more than 1 billion people in 400 prefecture counties in China, bright code 26 billion, becoming an epidemic prevention, complexing tools.

"The health code is not just a code." As the comparison Can't do it.

In addition, the ethics will quickly help the company's Tencent Conference, the WeChat Hospital applet for the 24h appointment of the nuclear inspection, greatly enhance the image identification technology of the CT diagnostic efficiency of the neoguan pneumonia, and help quality inspection enterprises will drop the effectiveness of this promotion. Quality inspection, helping the hearing barrier AI-ai-listening to HD audio ... China-based companies represented by Tencent, although there are not many foreign experiences in digital economy and physical economic integration, but achieved results and US companies Opened a big gap.

"Tencent is just a general company, the beneficiary of the national development wave." Ma Huathen said at the employee conference.

On the evening of January 17, 2022, the United Arab Emirates, 2020 Dubai Shibo, China Pub, in China, this "general company" from cultural protection, medical and health, manufacturing upgrades and public governance, etc., to the world The Achievements of China 's Digital Science and Technology and Subject Deepening.

These technologies are implemented to the community, and they are using their own transformation, and they have achieved "not ordinary" in their ordinary.


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