China Railway 18th Bureau's "Tunnel" month: from the traditional drill to TBM leader

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China Railway 18th Bureau's "Tunnel" month: from the traditional drill to TBM leader

2022-01-20 00:02:17 36 ℃

Speaking of the triumphant tuning in the field of tunnel construction, naturally, it is not known as the China Railway 18th Bureau of Tiger.

The only "Five-Taxi" construction legal enterprises have built more than 150 railways, more than 60 high-speed railways, more than 250 highways, orbital traffic, more than 2,300 municipal and workers, 300 water conservancy Power engineering has built more than 2 kilometers, more than 1,400 kilometers, more than 3,000 kilometers of highways to participate in domestic 50% of the special tunnel construction, and participate in domestic 60% of Shanghai bottom tunnel new sign contracts more than 1.60 billion yuan, annual construction capacity of 80 billion Yuan has a full-section tunneling machine (TBM), shield machine and other professional equipment, 12,000 (set)

These numbers are sufficient to explain the facts of the tunnel construction of the China Railway 18th Bureau, which also confirms the 60th China Railway 18th Bureau Group's 60-year-old "tunnel" month. Whether it is a traditional diamond method or a TBM large machinery, surrounding the "railway long tunnel" ace army, do the "Subway Tunnel" special forces, and stronger "hydraulic tunnel" transformation home three major initial hearts and characteristics, China Railway 18 The bureau always walks in the forefront of the industry, led the change in technology, and promotes progress in innovation.

Creating a drill explosion construction ace team

Since the 1958 Branch, China Railway 18th Bureau Group participated in several high difficult tunnel construction in China and created many first and world. The tunnel construction capacity can be seen in the industry. The following listed is just a horn of the iceberg:

The whole length is 20050 meters, starting in February 2003, completed in October 2005.

The double hole is 36.04 kilometers long and won the "Zhan Tianyou Award". January 20, 2007 officially opened.

The first seabed tunnel in my country, the world's largest seabed tunnel, officially opened on April 26, 2010. The tunnel is 6.05 kilometers long and the section is 170 square meters. Won the "High Quality Engineering Award".

7.8 kilometers long, officially opened on June 30, 2011. my country's longest seabed tunnel and the second submarine tunnel, won the "Luban Award" and "Zhan Tianyou Award".

On February 14, 2014, the whole length is 15918 meters. The tunnel is high-defense, the lowest temperature is -34 ° C, the geology is complex, the stone is broken, and there are high-risk railways, a high-risk railway. tunnel.

On September 24, 2016, the total length of the double hole is 9065 meters. The highest level of construction is 4,800 meters. The annual average temperature is 4 degrees, the minimum temperature is 40 degrees, and the oxygen content in the air is only 60% of the plain area. It is the world. Shanghai pulls the highest highway tunnel.

In February 2018, it is comprehensive, which is the core controlled project of Zhuhai connecting line in Hong Kong, Macao Bridge, the world's largest section highway tunnel. The construction method of the first "curve tube + freeze method" in China has been created in the construction. The length of the tube, the pipeline area, and the freezing scale refreshes the construction record of the world's similar tunnels.

On December 29, 2014, construction, 34.5 kilometers long, and the largest mountain railway tunnel in Asia, the railway line with the last paragraph in China in China.

Strive to TBM Construction "Leaders"

From the first to TBM, I successfully applied domestic first large diameter open TBM. The China Railway 18th Bureau Group achieved the first application of TBM in many fields such as railways, roads, and water conservancy, creating a number of domestic and compiled TBMs. Encyclopedia, organizing TBM Construction Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum. Successfully creating a TBM brand.

The full length is 18.4 kilometers. In 1996, the China Railway 18th Bureau Group introduced China's first TBM from Germany. At the time, I creating a world record of 509 meters at the time, and I obtained the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Luban Award, Zhan Tianyou Awards and China Top Ten Technology Achievement Awards.

In the second half of 2011, Iron Construction Heavy Industries and Zhejiang University, Central South University, Tianjin University, and Construction Fangtang 18th Bureau work together to develop domestic TBM, breaking through high-power, variable load, high-precision electro-hydraulic control system design and integration technology, key Core technology such as component status monitoring.

Sichuan Jinping Secondary Hydropower Station, built by the China Railway 18th Bureau Group Tunnel, using an open TBM excavator construction, the diameter of the cutter diameter is 12.4 meters, for the largest diameter TBM excavator of China, the first time, China's large diameter TBM Assembly in the cave. The project won the Zhan Tianyou Award.

February 28, 2014 through. The whole length is 22,449 meters, the first long railway tunnel in Xinjiang. The China Railway 18th Bureau has made "transplant surgery" to "foreign equipment", and TBM is revised into a fund for tens of millions of yuan.

4, China uses TBM and drill explosion to dig the longest railway tunnel: Lancome Railway West Qinling Estate Tunnel

The whole length is 28,283 meters. In July 2014, the whole line is through, which is the second long railway tunnel in China. The construction of the 18th Bureau has repeatedly studied the test. It has successfully developed a lining truck that can pass through the wind tube, belt, but also guarantees the normal transport of rail vehicles. At the same time, the shock absorber system is added, ensuring the quality of the lining, and filled the domestic and foreign gap. And create the top 727.7m of 727.7 m.727.7 meters.

5, the Qinling Tunnel of Huanji Project

The total length of the tunnel is 98.3 kilometers, the maximum buried depth is 12 meters, and its super long is buried in the world. Construction of the China Railway 18th Bureau Group Tunnel Company. On December 26, 2018, the TBM project in the North Section of the Qinling Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel of the Tunnel. 6. Central Town, Jilin Province Treatment Water Supply Project

The first TBM, the original "TBM Construction SPS Operation Law" Up to 94.70%, up to 98.06%, and the first way to achieve the whole line was achieved 14 months in advance.

The tunnel is 21.031 kilometers long. It uses an open TBM construction produced by iron construction, with a diameter of 5.5 meters and a total length of 20541 meters. The first way to achieve the whole line 9 months in advance. The project TBM (full-section tunnel excavation machine) has an average monthly monthly basis of 720 meters, creates the highest record of the highest level of open TBM in China.

The modern tunnel of the 18th Bureau "Diamond Drill"

It is understood that China Railway 18th Bureau Group currently has more than 24 TBMs, 43 shields, and diameter from the minimum of 4.72 meters to the maximum 12.43 meters, and the model is opened from open to protective shield. Become the largest TBM (large shield) construction "flagship team" in China.

The "Moon City Liangshan No." TBM excavation is 7.93 meters in the Liangshan No. 1 tunnel project, the whole machine is 176 meters, and the power is 5,200 kilowatts. It is the re-manufacturing of the first large diameter open TBM in China. It is also the first TBM applied to the highway aid construction in China. At 18:18:00 on January 18, with the "Yuecheng Liangshan" TBM cutoff, Lexi Expressway Key Control Project - Daliang Mountain No. 1 Tunnel Ping Cave and the oblique well smoothly, mark The first phase of the first phase of the overall Liangshan No. 1 Tunnel is successfully completed 77 days in advance. Link: China Railway 18th Bureau: Drill the explosion and TBM Iron Man realize "date" in the depth of 8,000 meters

It is the first self-developed hard rock tunnel excavator of my country's first self-developed, applied in the centralized cities in Jilin Province to pine water supply project.

Inner Mongolia, the Tunnel Digging Machine, which is tested by the Qi Liao engineering, its excavation diameter is 4.75 meters, the whole machine is about 300 meters or so, the weight of the whole machine is about 1000 meal, the total power supply power is about 3,300 kilowatts, can realize tunnel and tunnel After the cross-section is excavated, the efficiency is 6 times the normal digging machine. It also has a brother called "grassland is like a proportion", two TBM naming has both the geographical color of the grassland, but also the China Railway 18th Bureau to achieve smooth water in Inner Mongolia.

4, "Beijiang" TBM

The construction of the China Railway 18th Bureau is the main control section of Guangzhou Beijiang Water Water Project, the North River "machine consists of host, pulley, connecting bridge, and post supporting trolley and slope rails, the equipment excavation of 4.53 meters, whole machine The length is 295 meters, and the integration of "highlighting speed, good rock effect, high support efficiency, large clearance space" is integrated.

The Qingdao Metro Line 4, which participated in the China Railway 18th Bureau used two double-shield TBMs with a diameter of 6.3 meters to carry out the construction, named "Charge Number" and "Daily No.".

The China Railway 18th Bureau undertakes a station of Qingdao Metro Line 1, the construction tasks of the five intervals, including 2 TBMs from 2 TBMs to the Qingdao Station, with a total length of 8950 meters. The two TBMs of the project were named "Dragon".

7, "Cheng Long No." TBM

The China Railway 18th Bureau participated in the four TBM intervals of Qingdao Metro Line 2, and the interval double line is 7177.2 meters. It uses my country's first new double-shield TBM tunnel excavator for China's special geological "tailor-made". - "Cheng Long No." for construction.

8, "Wugang" TBM

The excavation is 4.03 meters, and the length of the whole machine is 300 meters, which is a new open TBM developed by key issues such as Ten Shui Water Configuration Engineering, the design and optimization. Because of its working place, there is a world cultural heritage, Taoist Holy Land Wudang Mountain, is a "Wudang".

In 2021, China Railway 18th Bureau Group continued to deepen the advantages of TBM brand, and the coagulation gathering to create TBM model project. The tunnel company advances nine high-efficiency synchronization of TBM projects, successfully completed 2 TBM projects, manage and use TBM 20 times; all year new TBM special invention, 19 related patents, continue to polish China Rail Eighteen Bureau Group TBM brand.

"We must firmly establish the concept of innovation and development, insist on innovation as the first motivation to lead high quality development, through increased scientific and technological innovation, create TBM (big shield) brand, do nothing, people have me, People refine my special, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, provide new movements for the 'quality iron construction' construction. "This is the consensus of the Chairman of the China Railway 18th Bureau, the party secretary Yan Guangtian and the general manager of the general manager."