"Anhui Manufacturing" faucet: more than Qi Rui, Lianbao Technology, the company's annual income reached 261.7 billion

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"Anhui Manufacturing" faucet: more than Qi Rui, Lianbao Technology, the company's annual income reached 261.7 billion

2022-01-20 06:03:06 31 ℃

Anhui End River offshore is an important part of the Yangtze River Triangle, and domestic important agricultural products production, energy, raw materials and processing and manufacturing bases. Based on the Anhui Provincial Enterprise Federation, the Provincial Entrepreneur Federation released by the Anhui Manufacturing Enterprise Corporate List, the simple investment is more brought about by a more relying.

The eighth place in Anhui Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group, an annual income of 58.25 billion yuan. The company was built in the 1960s, an integrated automotive enterprise group integrating full-series commercial vehicles, passenger cars and power assemblies and services. It is now one of the 12 key enterprise groups in Anhui Province. He has been selected from the top 500 enterprises, and the top 5 of China's car brands. Existing leading products: all kinds of trucks, multi-functional car, MPV, passenger car, special chassis and gearbox, engine, axle, etc. The well-known brands include Thinking, JAC, etc. The seventh place in the Hundreds of Enterprises in Anhui Manufacturing Industry is the United States, Wuhu Company, and the operating income reached 79 billion yuan. The United States's Wuhu Base has developed into the largest production, development and sales integrated base in Guangdong.

The Suri Holdings Group is sixth place in the list, and the annual annual income reached 82.9 billion yuan. It is a diversified enterprise group with a car industrial chain as a core, with approximately 50,000 employees. Forming a multi-service sector such as automobile, auto parts, real estate, intelligent, with 270 member companies such as Chery Automobile, Chery Jaguar Road Tiger, Chery Technology. In the past year, the cumulative sales of Chery Group reached 961,926, an increase of 31.7% year-on-year; Tongling Copper Technology Row in the fifth position, the annual industry revenue is 9.0 billion yuan. Located on the Authority International Group, the company is located in Tongling, is one of the largest monomer-producing companies in Asia.

The fourth place in Anhui Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the fourth place in Ma Steel (Group) Holdings, and the annual income of about 12.03 billion yuan. Ma Gang is a subsidiary of China Baowu Iron and Steel Group, predecessor is Ma'anshan Iron Factory. The industrial pattern of steel and industrial chain extension industries and strategic emerging industries has been constructed, and the first large H-type steel production line in China has been built. It also has advanced production lines such as cold and cold rolling sheet, color coating plate, galvanized plate, wheel wheel; Xiongao (Hefei) electronic technology ranks third, annual income reached 128 billion yuan. It is the largest PC R & D and manufacturing base of the Lenovo Group, driving Hefei's new generation of information technology industries to step into hundreds of billions, which is reported that every 8 laptops around the world are from Lianbao Technology. Up to now, the product has over 200 million shipments.

Tongling Nonferrous Metal Group is second in the list, and the company has received 209.1 billion yuan. It is one of the most complete comprehensive copper production enterprises in the domestic industrial chain, mainly engaged in copper depression exploration, napping, smelting and deep processing. There is "China 's bronze", "China's bronze", Linjiang near the sea and the convenience of transportation, the location advantage is obvious; the first place in Anhui Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an Anhui Saffron Group, and the operating income reached 261.7 billion yuan. It is one of the world's largest cement building materials enterprises, with nearly 60,000 employees, and the industry involves cement manufacturing, green building materials, new energy and new materials, energy-saving and environmental protection, international trade. It has the highest global building materials industry, Moody A2, Fitch A + credit rating. Create the world's first cement full process intelligent factory.