Z generation youth online consumption insight: pursue "price ratio", shopping and social depth binding

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Z generation youth online consumption insight: pursue "price ratio", shopping and social depth binding

2022-01-20 06:04:18 64 ℃

The new consumption revolution in Z generation and Millennium has arrived.

AppAnnie data shows that the Z generation population has now occupied one-third of the global population, and it bends over the millennium generation (Y generation), which has become the largest number of people. Looking at the Chinese market, the Zechniquis population is close to 300 million, and more than 5 trillion consumption space is shaped in 2021.

Not only is the main force to support the consumer market, but the Z generation is a savvy consumer group. Recently, the 21st Century Economic Research Institute released the "Z Genes Youth Online Consumption Insight", trying to describe this consumer group is different from the new consumption concept of other generations.

The report found that online consumer terminals present a few new features: more than 70% Z generation tend to understand brand information through KOC assessment and recommendation of the media, B station and Xiaohong books, but with this, Z Shigen consumers still maintain rational, clear, highly concerned about "genuine" "compliance" and "safety"; shopping and social depth binding, 62.76% Z Generation will "plant grass" when you find your favorite brand 52.03% of the Z generation generation adopted a new brand through a friend's "breeding"; "price ratio" gradually replaced "cost performance", becoming the Zendy in today, even in the future, more consumer, can foresee consumption Characteristics; the importance of online humanized services is still unleurvened, 46.3% of the Z generation considered "comprehensive, thoughtful, and accessible services" is an indispensable one ring during shopping.

Z generation consumers often do not stick to a platform. They clearly realize the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, jump in the platform: spell more prices "touching", Taobao Tmall products are rich, Jingdong self-operated logistics speed and service first-class, the brand selling of the Vipshop is guaranteed . For different platform features, young consumers have also developed all kinds of complex 手, spelling more than 10 billion subsidies, Taobao 88VIP members, Vipshop SVIP members and super big-name days are "must-answer questions".

The smartest consumer: clearly spend every penny

A new generation of young people like to chase novelty and trend, and it is also more rational, smart and prudent.

After the era of the post-epidemic situation, people's uncertainty in life is getting stronger and stronger, and shopping has become an important window for self-satisfaction with the sense of security. All kinds of KOL, KOC assessment articles or videos continue to emerge, become a "must-read book" before you shop. The 21st Century Economic Research Institute previous survey showed that 77.55% Z generation tend to understand brand information through KOC assessment and recommendation of the media, B station and Xiaohong books.

However, in the face of an endless assessment and professional recommendation, the Z generation is not easy to blind, and the attitude of the net red and excessive marketing. Rachel is a college student, usually like to pay attention to beauty and fashion blogger, "I will compare myself and bloggers and skin conditions. If we are more match, and the effect looks really good, I will continue to pay attention to this brand. "

At the same time, "薅 wool" has become one of the necessary skills of contemporary young people. "2020 College Students Rational Consumption Report" shows that 64.61% of the students have been "smashed wool". Young consumers are keen on group purchase spelling, using cashback platforms, second-hand platforms, and watching live receipts, with great value, low-priced purchase of goods.

"薅 毛毛" homogenesis screenshot

For the Zehns of the fine calculation, the pursuit of the ultimate price and even evolve into a competitive project. In the Douban Group "Buy Group & All Buy & Does Not Buying" (hereinafter referred to as "Buy Group"), 120,000 members share themselves to buy their own genuine big names every day, and fight with other members. Shopping. Group members usually carefully study the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, cost-effective, establishing "Good Price" shared forms before the "6.18" "Double Eleven" "Double Twelve", etc. Brands, "Good Price" "just need" indicators for comparison.

A copy of the "Wool" Guide and Complex Excel Computing Table, constructed the "Papers" "Operation" shopping model of Zextile group. In their eyes, buy things better than write job papers, to combat literature and analyze data. "薅 薅" is like a long "running data" project to get ideal results.

The price list of 618 2018 is provided

"As long as you look for the posture of 'crouch' (catch up with discount), the annual nourishing cost can reduce thousands. This process mentality is very important, don't be discouraged, no one can do it. All wool. "Linda believes that the most important thing is to confirm your shopping appeal in advance, and put flat mentality can avoid lost in discount information.

Douban group, small red book screenshot

Z generation is keen to "薅 毛毛", but does not imply impulsive consumption. Rachel frank in the interview, she was very clearly browsing the purpose of browsing the live broadcast, "I don't want to know more information, but I seek a confirmation. Because I have enough understanding, there is a wish, I just want to buy Pay attention to discounts. Before entering the live broadcast, you will clear what you want, as long as you discount it, you will basically place an order. "

Interestingly, when the various brands in ferreting out the story behind the product, with consumers when trying to reach a value of resonance, Z generations have also not buying it. Wenjun consider themselves moderates consumers for brand story, she always skeptical. "I'm not very fond of deliberately creating valuable consumer and resonate the way, is likely to cater to consumers, to meet the trend of the times in terms of story or something. I think that really resonates between brands and consumers is that I bought or with this thing, I feel good "shopping and social depth binding: keen 62.76% of Gen Z to a friend." grass "

Compared to other groups, Z generations more open and daring. They began to express themselves, willing to share, but also want to be heard. Young consumers are more susceptible to irritation and to bring influence to share, thereby increasing impulse shopping. After shopping, often sharing will follow, eventually forming a "share - buy - share - to buy" fission mode.

21st Century Economic Research Institute survey found that 62.76 percent of Generation Z will be found to close friends "grass" when their favorite brands, while 52.03% of the Z generation is through friends of "grass" has learned a new brand. On the one hand, good grass species, cross-sell Amway's behavior meets the Z generations who want to share, and create a more common topic for them; on the other hand, grass and the grass of the process will deepen between friends identity.

Share shopping experience Little Red Book Screenshot

Consumer same hobby became open circle of opportunity, which is in the "colleague" (Chinese clothing lovers) group is particularly significant. Prior to the 21st Century Economic Research Institute of Chinese clothing industry research had found that many Chinese clothing store tables and chairs will be placed in the center of the shop, for "colleague" exchange. Under the category of line compared to other shops, Chinese clothing stores and more lively social atmosphere. Because these young people consume the same hobby together or around the table making Bob, discuss Chinese clothing styles, or just waiting for the film to start in front of a small sit and talk.

In addition, with shopping and social depth bindings, consumption patterns evolve from a traditional family, personal, of the tribe. From Chinese clothing lovers sung "Qi said no clothes? Sub colleague," to become the hottest shoes of "social currency", Community consumption of the trend is increasingly significant. 21st Century Economic Research Institute survey, evaluation and recommendation platform KOC (77.55%), circle enthusiasts word of mouth (52.30%) and community push /.19%) has become a brand Z generations to understand the most important ones Way.

Focus Internet world, socialize Z generations, the tribe of consumption patterns more prominent. Under the line compared to "passive social" places online interests as accumulation point, young people behaved more active in virtual social interaction. The Influencer Factory Marketing Research report showed that 97% of the Z generation of consumers will be shopping social media as a primary source of inspiration. About 40% of people concerned about the brand on social media, while 68% saw at least three comments before the first purchase.

Interestingly, understand the code word has become a prerequisite for "insiders" are. Select different products to form a unique language system, further accelerated the consumption tribal cure. Linda is a shovel feces officer, care for two cats, one dog, watercress is also the "cat life," "love to buy life" active users alone. "The first to join the group discount, I still do not understand 'squatting' 'car coming' 'car is gone' kind of code word to now, play a variety of group buy, squatting discount, rebate is already operating basis, I also plus a lot of shopkeepers and discounts micro-channel group, usually free will glance. regular price of a bag of cat food imports, after the discount can be reduced to one-half or one-third the price. "

"Quality bid" for the king: for low-cost, higher-quality and more

Even fanatical pursuit of cost-effective, Z generations do not want to sacrifice quality.

"Chinese society new Consumer Reports" that nearly 90% of young consumers will first do the parity purchasing decisions, the pursuit of "quality bid" has become the most popular concept of consumption. Willing to bear the high price of high-quality premise, Z is in today's generation, even more spending power in the context of the future can be predicted consumption characteristics.

In the past for a long time, domestic consumption was a lot of "net red money" and cottage brand bundle. Now, with the Z took the baton from generation to generation main force of consumption, they generally have a higher cultural level and highly symmetric consumer information, keen to study the efficacy of the product "Smart Consumer" and "expert consumers" are more common.

Compared to the marketing, compelling advertising, discounts and even color value, Z generations of consumers are most concerned about is always the product quality. The interview process, "authentic", "Compliance", "security" is the word they repeatedly mentioned. Wenjun is a beauty lover, because the skin is sensitive, very concerned about the ingredients of skin care products, brand and authenticity.

"Used in the face of things, I am very cautious." As long as the Internet to buy skin care products, will Wenjun 4311 serial number and traceable results. "Whenever there is a little doubt, I can not buy cheaper." It is precisely because Wenjun usually choose to buy skin care products in the Lynx and the only products meeting. "I am more trust both platforms. If the product description page, you can see the power of attorney of the brand side, and there are genuine security risk, I will be more at ease."

As an office worker with certain economic strength, Linda believes that the price is important, but it is not the first place. After the pet, she has already been well passed on all kinds of platform rules and saves money, but the colorful makeup purchased on weekdays, the clothes are still dominated by big brands, and Dai Sen hair hairdry is also her life necessities. "On the side of the Tmall super grab the six-piece old-cooked naval noodles, I will buy a special sale in the Vipshop and the mystery of the sea. In fact, both are not contradictory. In the skin care, durable and pets Three aspects, things are not positive, is the first bit of my consideration. "As Linda, Z generation consumers shopping often do not stick to a platform. They clearly realize the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, jump in the platform: spell more prices "touching", Taobao Tmall products are rich, Jingdong self-operated logistics speed and service first-class, the brand selling of the Vipshop is guaranteed . For different platform features, young consumers have also developed all kinds of complex 手, spelling more than 10 billion subsidies, Taobao 88VIP members, Vipshop SVIP members and super big-name days are "must-answer questions".

Under the driving of the "Value Ratio" trend, the platform with genuine guarantees is also sought after by young consumers. Jingdong 2021 "Double Eleven" data shows that young users have grown significantly. From October 20th, the new users under "8 in the evening" accounted for more than 30% of users below 25. Vipshop 12.8 anniversary data shows that platform user groups have gradually "young" trend, 22% of women's sales, 28% of men's sales are from 90, 95 users, 35.8% of beauty sales from 90 After 95 users.

Pursue user-friendly services: say no "automatic reply"

Online shopping, Z generation consumers also have higher requirements for services.

The results of the questionnaire survey of the 21st Century Economic Research Institute show that 46.3% of the Z generation considered "comprehensive, thoughtful, and accessible service" is an indispensable part of the shopping process. This result is followed by the cost performance and personalization. The third place affecting the shopping decision factor.

Compared to the enrichment of the online scenery and the visual experience of the teller, the item description of the online shopping is not exempt. However, although Z generation grows in the Internet generation, their service quality requirements for online shopping are not less than the line, personalized demands are also more rich, to learn more about the product's characteristics will be decided to purchase.

In this process, "customer service" acts as a bridge between consumers and goods, plays an extremely critical role. However, the customer service of the existing e-commerce platform is dominated by intelligent customer service, and only when the problem cannot solve it. Medical consultation data shows that more than half of users (57.9%) users point out that smart customer service can only solve less problems and even solve any problems.

Z Genetic Laboratory contracted Taobao, Jingdong, spelling a lot, Vipshop four major e-commerce platform services found that the background replies "artificial" can jump artificial customer service, and there is also a significant difference in detail. Specifically, Vipshop will have fewer steps. Most platforms provide exclusive customer service for members, of which Vipshop super VIP services can be directly connected to manual service.

Platform customer service service experience comparative z generation laboratory production

"I hit so many words, explain my situation, I hope there is' people 'can solve my problem, not the template that smart customer service." Yongqing pointed out in the interview, you must first turn with smart customer service' To manual service, the pleasure in the consumer process will decline, and the patient's patience will consume in this process. "It's been artificial, my consumption is gone."

In addition, "pickup difficulties" is also an aspect of a young consumer will. Holly laughing, I want to "play workers", climb three peaks every day - early peak, late peak and pickup peak. "2020 Postal Development Statistics Publication" shows that the business volume of the 20020 Express service enterprise has completed 83.36 billion. Although the delivery of the delivery cabinet, the collection method of collection has become the "rule" of the online shopping, but in reality, the huge "express mountain" is expected, and the pick-up point is often raised. "Confusion, how much affects the mood on the scene. The so-called express delivery is home, I really have to rely on myself." Holly said helplessly.

Finally, the online return process is cumbersome is also a universal problem. "The return process is very troublesome, choose return, write retreat reason, negotiate with customer service, do you need a platform customer service to intervene, check the express delivery time, waiting for the delivery to the door, the freight, who is responsible, etc. It also floats." "" Choose it to start, try to return, avoid trouble "has become the primary principle of shopping on the winter blue line.

Return process compared to Z generation laboratory production

After carefully studying the advantages of each platform, since last year, the online shopping "Main Battlefield" of Holland is concentrated to Jingdong and Vipshop. "These two platforms are relatively pure, Jingdong logistics is strong, Vipshop will be refunded. Now I usually buy electrical appliances in Jingdong, and clothes will buy in Vipshop."

"Delivery to home, open the door, save time costs. There is no reason to return during the 7 days, and the service is not charged, and the cost of money is saved. This is the pleasure of online shopping." Winter said.


The smarter generation consumers have taken the power stick.

Standing in 2022, some new trends are appearing: Z generation consumers no longer succumb to the rules set by the platform, maintain rational and temperance, avoid emotional consumption behavior; shopping and social depth binding, passionate "breeding grass"Holding grass ";" price ratio "becomes an important standard for shopping, cautious spending, spending every penny, but also is not willing to sacrifice quality; more concerned about the experience of consumption, serviceAnd guarantee, and pay more attention to the humanized linkage of the e-commerce platform.From a platform perspective, consumer experience and service, commodity experience, buy goods contain social value and cultural value are key factors in establishing trust, but also the basis for guiding young consumers to make repurses decisions.In the future, all platforms will continue to force and deeply in the field of differentiated advantages.The competitiveness of product quality and consumption services will bring a new round of shuffling of the e-commerce platform.