After the official pricing price, he survived nearly 40% of Maotai thousand new products moved?

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After the official pricing price, he survived nearly 40% of Maotai thousand new products moved?

2022-01-20 06:04:01 42 ℃

With the traditional Spring Festival step by step, white wine ushered in sales peak season. Guizhou Maotai released a $ 1188 / bottle of new "Maotai 1935", which added a fire for liquor sales. On January 19, Beijing Business Daily reported that the retail price of Maotai 1935, which has just announced priced, has exceeded 1650 yuan / bottle. It is to know that "Maotai 1935" has not yet been listed to exceed 1300 yuan / bottle, while the retail price announcement confirmed "Maotai 1935" officially locked thousands of yuan price belt. Maotai new product priced thousand yuan, who is behind this cheese?

Industry insiders pointed out that Maotai 1935 has packed the price of Maotai with a blank area. As the product of the Maotai series, Maotai 1935 not only shoulders the ability to improve the brand value of the series, improving the profit structure of the Maotai product, will also be more powerful, stirring the thousands of yuan in the liquor industry, forming the current high-end liquor pattern Powerful impact.

Pricing thousand yuan

After the year of the Tiger, Xiao Motai, etc., the new product announced the pricing, Guizhou Maotai, Yaotai, Yaotai, another product - Maotai 1935 official retail price, locked 1188 yuan / bottle. On January 19th, Beijing Business Daily learned from the dealer, the market price of Maotai 1935, which was just announced before, has risen to 1650 yuan / bottle, and nearly 40%, even in other terminal channels. Fried to 1800 yuan / bottle. It is worth mentioning that the product has been fry at a price of more than 1300 yuan / bottle at the time of the city. After the official prices, the market price of Maotai 1935 is high again.

Guizhou Maotai Person stated that the Beijing Business Daily reporter said that Maotai 1935 has reached the dealer, but the quantity is not clear. Beijing Business Daily learned from Guizhou Maotai, a big business, today's consumers can already purchase this product from the dealer, but every dealer is not sufficient, and is currently only displayed. .

Beijing Business Daily reporters learned that the current wine e-commerce platform 1919 has begun to pre-sale Maotai 1935, pre-sale price of 1188 yuan / bottle. Although pre-sale prices are the same, 1919 eat and drink platforms, there is a complicated purchase condition, I want to buy the original price Maotai 1935 is not a matter. It is understood that pre-sale Maotai 1935 activities are only available in Sichuan and Chongqing, 25 bottles per day, 15 bottles per day, Chongqing area. In addition, the appointment and snapping need to complete the operation within the specified time, and the same user ID is limited to 2 bottles per month.

In fact, the wine brand in the sauce thousand yuan price belt is not in a minority, Diaoyutai, Tanai, Chifeau Sauce, Wuling Wine, etc. have a layout. Industry insiders pointed out that Maotai 1935 priced thousands of yuan will cause a certain impact on the high-end liquor pattern.

Fill a blank

As the first price of a series of wine products, Maotai 1935 has become the "ceiling" of Maotai series. It is understood that Moutai series wine products are divided into self-operated brands and joint ventures, including Maotai prince wine, Maotai welcoming wine, Hanju wine, releasing wine, Guizhou Dagu wine, Lai Mao wine and Wang Mao, Hua Mao, golf, etc. The price of a series of wine is 200-900 yuan.

At the Maotai 1935 conference, Ding Xiongjun, secretary of the Moutai Group, pointed out that "Maotai 1935 is a heavyweight product that Maotai Shares launched, is the heavyweight member of the 'Maotai Sauce, Shares'." A doctor was adjusted to the strategic positioning of Maotai 1935.

In fact, in the previous 2021 Moutai Sauce Series Wine Dealer Conference, Guizhou Maotai is clearly clarified - "The price match, clear level, reasonable gradient", which focuses on, thousands Level high-end products will be the "Maotai 1935" brand.

The Beijing Business Daily reported that from Maotai Time and Space Number, Maotai 1935 is not only a series of wine products with blank products, but also different from other products, both of the Niki Core Production Area and Yixing Production Area The characteristics of the two production area.

The peak of liquor marketing experts pointed out that the launch of Maotai 1935 did not rule out the quantity of the prices of Maotai, and the market was brought into the market, and the other wine enterprises were equipped with price products.

Chinese food industry analysts Zhu Dan Pang further pointed out that there is a certain defect in the Maotai product matrix, but with the listing of Maotai 1935, it fills the blank of this aspect. At the same time, the launch of Maotai 1935 also played a sound role in the Maotai product line.

Market change

Throughout the wine market, it is difficult to find that from the end of 2021 to 2022, a number of wine companies have implemented pricing prices on their different products. The products have increased in ten yuan to thousands of dollars, and the liquor industry welcomes the price tide. In addition, as more and more people are willing to drink less, drink better, high-end wine, and the consumption of the year is more rich, and the high-end trend of liquor is gradually strengthened. According to the Debon Securities, it is estimated that the high-end liquor price growth is expected to be approximately 5% under the double action of the residents disposable income improvement and supply and demand.

The liquor industry welcomes the price of price, high-end, and on the other end, the shuttle of 600 wine enterprises in Maotai Town, the restriction of the Renfei Municipal People's Government completed the merger and restructuring project agreement ... The sauce market ushered in governanceSmall, scattered, weak, integrated the action of wine companies.For a time, the market will be hidden.In the context of market change, Maotai 1935 has a certain degree of impact on the liquor market and sauce market.Shen Meng said that the listing of Maotai 1935 has formed a new competition in the medium and low price range of sauce products. In addition, competition between thousands of yuan prices will certainly exacerbate, but other brands may choose misplaced competition rather than unified price range.compete.

Zhu Dan Pang pointed out that Maotai 1935 will firmly take a thousand yuan price band of the category of sauce, becoming a strong competition for other brands.The backbone of Maotai, Guizhou, has a strong support for the market competitiveness of Maotai 1935.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao Da Yu Wang Ao