Byte beating the overall investment department?What happened to the giant byte beating?

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Byte beating the overall investment department?What happened to the giant byte beating?

2022-01-20 12:05:29 32 ℃

According to the report of brokerage China, on January 19th, the network news report said that byte beating will abate the overall investment business, involving about 100 people. Among them, the person in charge of the Strategic Investment Zhao Pengyuan and the staff of the battle section will give up investment business, incorporated into the strategic business; financial investment sections will completely disband.

The broker Chinese reporter responded to the byte beats, and the relevant person in charge of the byte beating responded that the company in the beginning of the year, decided to strengthen business focus, reduce investment in synergy, and scattered the staff of the Strategic Investment Department. Among the various business bales, strengthen the strategic research functions and the cooperation of business. The relevant business and teams are still planning discussions.

The brokerage Chinese reporter learned that early 2021, the byte beating has many investment business people to transfer post to the business line to do strategies. Some people who have close to bytes to the relevant departments tell the brokerage Chinese reporter. The news that the warstate is abolished should be true, but the reason is not as everyone says, this thing is discussed before, not on the night, suddenly notified a pot of one. "

36 report, according to the public data, the number of byte beating investment is roughly divided into two phases: before 2017, the number of investments per year is increasing, but the quantity is not much, about 10 more than 10 times; Since 2018, the number of investments in the byte beating has increased significantly to 18, and the two years are 32 and 41, and the number of investments in 2021 reached 70.

It is said that the overall investment department of the byte beat is abolished. Many people will have some of the two monks that do not touch the mind. After all, it is a famous Internet giant. It can be said that China has the largest unicorn in the Internet. As such a super company, the investment department of the byte beating is abolished, what kind of gameplay is this? How do we see your own beating?

First of all, for the current byte beating, in fact, the previous development speed is rapidly, and several products are called a product in the market, so in such a big background, the byte beating is good. The market performance is still very normal, but after all, byte beating is still very fast in many times, this will inevitably lead to excessive phenomena in the development architecture, so for the Internet The company, there is a problem of problems, and it has become very smooth, and for the boom of the byte beating, the market adjustment is carried out, so that the structure is further optimized. This is a very common way of operation of Internet companies, and at the end of each year, it is a good time for such a system optimization, so in this case, this optimization of byte beating can be said to be a relatively normal. Case.

Second, we see that the current supervision has entered the financial industry in the Internet platform, especially to venture capital, which is more sensitive to the financial industry has become more and more standardized. Under such a big background, it is famous as an Internet enterprise. Internet giants, byte beats, have some active adjustments, and it is very normal. It can be said that this is in line with the development trend and development direction, so there is no supervision, and the adjustment of byte beating is very common. Phenomenon.

Third, for the current byte beating, even if it is possible that the investment department is canceled, it does not necessarily mean that the entire byte beating has no problem or even saying that byte beating does not do investment, because Little company, the strategic department and the investment department are almost one of the other two-sided departments into the strategic department, in fact, a common phenomenon, byte beating is likely to continue their own investment business in a certain extent. It is just not like a large-scale layout as before, and the future byte beating investment business may be more concentrated more more cautious, but what kind of specific operational techniques will be generated, in fact, everyone still wants to continue to observe.