For 10 years, the brother is against the eye!Guo Jingjing's family and China real estate have to mention ...

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For 10 years, the brother is against the eye!Guo Jingjing's family and China real estate have to mention ...

2022-01-20 12:04:34 25 ℃

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In Hong Kong, Huo Home is not a richest, but it is an absolute giants.

The grandchildren of Huo Qang took a few days to serve Members, and his wife Guo Jingjing was the queen of China's diving, and his father has experienced marriage with Hong Kong sister Zhu Lingling, divorce, the rest of Huo family, and many gossions.

Therefore, when Huojia's legacy case entered the public vision, he took the lead in the entertainment version, then became social news, and became a discussion topic after tea.

In 2006, Huo Yingdong passed away, this legendary life of Hong Kong rich, enjoy the treatment of "national burial", the national flag, the big figures of the political and business are their Phili.

At that time, there was no battle in the legacy.

Similar to the gambling king, Huo Yingdong also married three-bedroom lady according to the "Da Luan", but the main assets were in large rooms, and their respective career directions also had side weight:

Boss Huo Zheng highly emphasized the sports industry, and later, "Queen" Guo Jingjing married to its eldest son Huang, the highest popularity;

The old twohovers will take over the family business, which is the main force of the property, and the financial resources are the most striking;

Lao Sanli Zhenyu is focused on the fund's career, in charity, far away.

However, after the death of Huo Yingdong, only five years later, because of the legacy, the brother has played.

In 2011, Huojia duisch case officially broke out.

Huo Zhenyu accused the second brother to swallow family assets after the death of his father, including some company equity and overseas deposits, a total of about 1.4 billion Hong Kong dollars, Huo Zhenyu requested to remove the legacy executive, and investigate the number of heritage.

The lawsuits played, and the beneficiaries of the heritage have to be paid to the hall, including the three of Hawoyong.

In 2012, under the mediation of the first Tongjianhua and the forerunal division of the Former Scholar, Huo family completed the "big reconciliation", divided into three, the heritage of Ho Yingdong, the heritage of HKED, the second room and the three parties were 1 billion, with monthly The way of zero money is issued, and the big house girl has received 20 billion.

This is a relatively decent result, but the peace situation has only been maintained for one year, and the competency will come again.

This time is because of a contract.

As a patriotic businessman, Huo Yingdong started with Hong Kong, but since later than the Hong Kong and English government, its real estate industry mainly in the mainland, which invests in Nansha in Guangzhou in its hometown.

Before the reconciliation, Huo Zhenyu is consistent with the investment of Nansha. In the past, in the former internal mediation meeting, Huo Zhenyu once asked Huojia Industry to withdraw from the Mainland. Under the education of Dong Jianhua, Nansha is "Jinshan".

In 1997, Huo Yingdong family company has a company to transfer some of Nansha to the Huo Yingdong Foundation, but in 2013, the contract details disclosed in 2013, 10 years later, there is a price repurchase with 1 yuan. .

Although The two companies are the name of Huojia, but the fund's money cannot be segmented as heritage.

When 2007, when I repurchased, the biggest voice of the family's voice did not repurchase, which means that the rights of HK $ 10 billion in Nansha have not entered family business, that is, brothers and sisters will not be able to divide this money. .

As a result, Huo Zhenyu once again reported that this part of the company entered the Yangfang name, Huo Zhen, who is informed of this, misleading the brother, and Huo Zhenzi.

Starting from 2013, Huojia House's dispute continued again.

During the period, Huo Zhenyu will report four younger girls and many family members, have a reconciliation, and have been rejected by the court, and there are some cases to start.

The lawsuit is playing, it is a lot of years.

In January this year, Huo Zhenyu and Holorna, Huoliping two sisters formed a league, pointing the spear head together to Huo Zhenwei and Huo Zhentai, after all in Nansha, Huo Zhentai also has a lot of investment, Guo Jingjing also used the project station to Tansha.

At this time, Nansha is almost 7 billion yuan.

The main judge said that this case "is sad", no one is for private interests, Huo Zhenyu pays attention to family interests, and Huo Zheng just wants to achieve his father's real estate.

Real Estate is the main accumulation of Huo's Wealth Source, Huo Yingdong, "Speaking, still relying on real estate."

Real estate in mainland China learning Hong Kong, and the founder of Hong Kong real estate has Hao.

In 1953, Huo Yingdong and his wife Lu Yan Ni jointly contained Huo Xingying Hall Real Estate Co., Ltd., and later established a letter to the real estate, the first business is the embassy building in Causeway Bay, shocked the market.

However, the sale of the whole building, the cycle is still too long, how can you let more people participate in the market's trading?

In the later trading, Huo will start laying, and suddenly reduce the threshold, let many rich people participate in the game of real estate, but this is not enough, after all, not everyone can take it. So a lot of money.

(Figure: Huo Xingying Hall Advertising)


Huo Yingdong bought a plot of Yau Ma Ma Ziji to Dongguan Street from Jia Daozi family, and to cover more than 100 residential buildings.

When these more than 600 units have nothing to do in the house, Huo starts to distribute the sales manual to buy a new building to the public, first pay a partial deposit, and then pay for the project schedule. Buying a building, but also buying a dream, so Hob has money to cover the building, and more ordinary people can cross the building threshold.

Then, do a building, sell "building flower", swept throughout Hong Kong, in 1956, the Hong Kong Government at the time issued a pre-sale flower consent book, "Floor Flower" officially turned, became a formal trading system.

As the initiator of this system, Hoot is naturally relying on it, making a lot of money.

Later, with the housing reform of the Mainland, the commercial housing went to the market, and the Hainan who has just built the province has learned the essence of selling the floor. It has made more people to get on the car, and become a fried land, and the south is a "hit." The game of drums, some people earn away, some people traces.

In 1994, after a break in Hainan's real estate bubble, the "Urban Real Estate Management Law" was introduced from Huo's "Selling Flower" again written into the law, but the name is a pre-sale system for commercial housing.

Regarding the pre-sale system, the dispute in recent years is large, but it has always been formally annified.

In 1979, it began to invest in the mainland with Huo's Hok, who was in the Hong Kong and English government.

The real estate is born, and Ho Yingdong is constantly suggested, and the commercial housing should be opened, but the land is used to use the land, but this thing is too advanced in the Mainland. It can only appear in some inspection activities and sporadic reports.

At that time, the era of welfare was "people born, the country owed a house", but there is so many houses?

Later, Shenzhen built a SAR, but the speed of urban construction has not been able to keep up, because there is no money, not only the place is no money, the central government can't give any money, only policies, touch the stone to the river.

Huo Yingdong is very convinced. "You have land, how can you make money? Money can come from the land."

So Shenzhen began to bring the team to Hong Kong to study, and in 1986, the reform plan was placed on the bottom of 1986, and began to prepare for the provision of state-owned land to raise the funds of urban construction.

On December 1, 1987, the "land first shot" in mainland China was 8,588 square meters, and the 50-year-old commercial residential land was taken. At the bottom price of 2 million yuan, he was finally bought by Shenshui Company. The total price is 5.25 million yuan, with the current standard, the final transaction premium rate is 162.5%.

"Land Finance" officially boarded the historical stage.

In 1988, the land is paid, and the Land Management Law is entered, "the land use rights can be transferred in accordance with the regulations of the law" to write into the Constitution. After decades, the land has become the most important source of revenue in many local governments.

It is said that the pre-sale system from Hob and the land use rights of Huo's rumors is essential for the development of China's real estate market, but now it is now, and it is now a "two-sided nature".

In the scenery of the previous year, the real estate is unprecedented, and the richest list is almost contracted by the real estate, and the real estate must not be too much. But now, the same system, the same means, the former rich, has become the protagonist of the riped thunder, and "唏唏

After the thunder, the question of pre-sale system is greater, the house is handed over, can you get it? Do you have anything about the running building? Is the housing price?

Under the various questions, the real estate developers shouted "to keep the building", and the owners also fight.

If you return to the house price, are they the funeral of housing prices?

At first, pre-sale + mortgage, it really reduced the threshold, let more people bought a house, but in objective, the sauce of the fried house is also torn, and it is indeed a housing price, so many people can't afford it. House.

On the vice president of Huo Yingdong Group, Huo Qi Huo Qi Wen, all the Hong Kong housing prices are too high, "can't afford the house."

The land is paid, indeed solving the local financial problems, but it is indeed a housing price with the price of the year, so that the housing prices have risen more fierce.

However, when the real estate developers fall in the rich list, the housing prices began to loosen, or provide opportunities for many people. In 2021, China's real estate transactions exceeded 18 Wan created the highest record.

How long can this record last? Can the price can be reduced? How big is there in the land finance? ......

Various questions, now there is no answer, contributing to China's innovative Ho's family, can you provide some new ideas?