Qian Dam is "defeated Beijing", is a good choice for prefabrication?

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Qian Dam is "defeated Beijing", is a good choice for prefabrication?

2022-01-20 12:06:24 23 ℃

Radar Finance Products | Li Yishui Edited | Deep Sea

Don't sell the money flesh, you are experiencing a round of depth adjustment.

A few days ago, there was a media report that the 7 stores in the Beijing area closed, and the original staff of multiple stores confirmed the news. According to reports, the previous recharge is not consumed, and consumers can contact customer service refunds on Qian Damu.

On January 19th, Qian Dao's official micromacco claimed that Beijing regional store is adjusted, which belongs to normal business operations. The company puts more resources in a relatively stable and mature market, and increases the development and investment of preform.

Regarding the expansion of the north, Qian Mom also said to the media that the Northern consumers habit once purchased a large number of fresh vegetables, which makes it difficult to adapt in the daily model.

However, in the view of the industry, the community group purchase and e-commerce encirclement and suppression, Qian Damu "discount" offline community shops, passengers and human effective, ping efficient than ever, market loss at cost higher Almost inevitable. And its choice of prefabricated vegetables, the industry is not optimistic, as a monetary mother of community operators, there is no advantage.

Beijing business has a large scale adjustment

According to Qian Aunt, the company entered the Beijing market for the first time in 2020. When opening up the strange market, take a relatively robust strategy, with a small amount of direct camp and franchise store to find a stable profit model in the region. Adjustment in the process is normal business operation.

"The Beijing market has its particularities, we underestimate the difficulty of the Beijing market, and earlier, the Beijing market house rental high-increasing business pressure." Statement said that the single-day passenger traffic in the store does not meet the expected level, if it continues to develop The Beijing market needs more input.

According to reports, after a comprehensive assessment, Qian Mom plans to put more resources in a relatively stable and mature market, and will increase the development and investment of preform in mature markets.

The sky-eyed app is shown that Beijing Qian Domi Fresh Food Chain Co., Ltd. was earlier on December 6, 2021, which was incomvented by the Beijing Dongcheng Market Supervision Administration by the Beijing Dongcheng Market Supervision Administration. Its 12 branches have now been deregistered.

Subsequently, there is news to pass the money aunt Beijing store all close. According to CCTV Finance, it is located in the store of "Qian Dam" in Fengqi South Road, Fengtai District, Beijing. The three words "Qian Mom" ​​here have been seen, and the door store is locked, the facilities are also All was evacuated.

A store not far from Guang'an Kexin Home, according to the nearby residents, the store was shut down in December last year, and the opening time of the summer was less than half a year.

A person in charge of Qian Damai Hui Shengyuan Store said that due to not good management, Qian Dam has been shut down in Beijing. At present, in the official website of Qian Mom, I can't find the store information in Beijing.

A franchisee in the Beijing area revealed that Qian Mom's Maori is not too low. He believes that Qian Aunt's marketing method is more suitable for the south, and the north is still cautious, and the daily pattern loss is too large.

Qian Mom officially responded to the country, the difference between the living habits of Nort-and-South consumers, the northern consumers habit once purchased a large number of fresh vegetables, and the daily model of the Mom, need enough passengers to ensure the normal operation of the store.

Public information shows that Qian Dam Community Fresh (Chain) Brand was established in 2012, the main "not selling overnight" business philosophy After the free delivery, the sales strategy is sent soon.

By December 2019, Qian Mom completed D round financing, and the total number of national stores exceeded 1700. At the end of 2020, Qian Mom began "Strong Shu Nei", in Beijing, Daxing, Chaoyang District and Hebei Yanjiao, and attracted franchisees to franchise in the region.

It is understood that every time you enter a new city, Qian Mom must first build a supply chain locally, build a direct store sample, follow-up to recruit, counseling franchisee, platform huge investment including supply chain and subsidy costs.

However, as in the statement, Qian Mom "underestimates the difficulty of the Beijing market".

It is well known that nuce is a low gross profit, high loss industry, requires a certain size and stable reset rate, and it is possible to achieve a profitability. However, Qian Dam has fewer quantities in Beijing area, and cannot be diluted with the cost of supply, and then with the Beijing first-line city rent, the human cost is higher, which is destined to be a "chess" north.

In addition, some of the brands of some of the pre-employees believe that the sales point of the South China consumption is different, and the sales point of "not selling overnight" is not strong in the north.

Refined to cut the leeks, expand

Not only in the Beijing area, she was not satisfied in September, after CCTV due to the suspicion of "cutting franchisees" in September, Qian Mom conducted a large-scale layoff and business contraction, and the internal rectification of the interior.

At this time, a report of "CCTV exposure money farer is inside, with franchisees for a year, thanks to 400,000 yuan", let # Qian Dafa franchise losses, the topic rushed to hot search first. According to CCTV Financial Report, in order to quickly gain, Qian Mom took a radical discount method, which directly led to a loss of franchise stores.

A franchisee in CCTV said that this radical discount method directly leads to a loss. Most consumers will develop a habit to come to the discount time, causing the more the restaurant sold, the bigger, one He lost more than 500,000 years. It has been analyzed that the gimmick of the discount in the evening, attracts a wave of consumers who like "薅 毛毛", especially in the sinking market, such consumers, which directly pulls the franchisee's gross profit.

Therefore, the profit of franchisees is far from the level of "20% ~ 30% gross profit, one year back" in the mouth of China. In fact, there are many franchisees for one year, according to CCTV news report, some netizens complained that they sell their houses to join Qian Mom, invested 1.7 million yuan, but in the past one business, the loss is 3-50,000 per month. Yuan.

However, with the slogan of "not selling overnight", "Niki" business model, Qian Mom won the favor of capital. In December 2019, investors who completed D-round financing, introduced investors such as cornerstone capital, and solid capital, etc., when Qian Mom was estimated to be around 8.5 billion-10 billion yuan.

Under the blessing of capital, Qian Mom will open the national expansion in succession. The recent data is that as of October 202, Qian Dam has exceeded more than 30 cities in the national layout, and the total number of stores exceeded 3700.

Even in April last year, in August, Qian Mom passed the IPO message twice. In April 2021, Bloomberg said that Qian Damao intends to go to Hong Kong and plans to fund 400 million US $ 500 million. And planned to be launched, a round of financing will be carried out, raising 2 billion yuan to make its valuation can further increase to up to 25 billion yuan.

In this regard, Qian Mom's relevant person in charge said in an interview, "At this stage, the company does not have a listing plan, and it is not commented on the rumor."

However, while the store expansion and scrolling the capital snowball, more and more news accompanying Qian Mom's franchisees, in September 2021, some media reported that Qian Mom began "optimization", and the layoff is 50%. The above, the bad area is closed, and the internal large-scale rectification.

At the same time, the community group purchase has been brought about more than two years, bringing a large competitive pressure throughout the novel industry, making the monetary franchisee survival more difficult.

The sky-eye check data shows that there are currently more than 7.49 million enterprises names or business systems with "fresh, fruit, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, fresh group purchases" and status as the label of the label.

On January 5th, "Third Perspective Retail" learned that Qian Damu Fuzhou regional store has been shut down from more than 40 households, and the proportion of closing is over 60%. According to franchisees, the loss of loss is difficult to support the main reason for the store. At present, the franchisee representative will go to Guangdong headquarters to consult.

China Food Industry Analyst Zhu Dan Pont Analysis Loss, "There is a loss of losses in franchisees."

Does the prefabricated dish are out of the outlet?

Exiting the news of the Beijing market, let Qian Mom's prefabricated dishes have received a lot of attention.

In December last year, Qian Dam launched a prefabricated vegetable project called "Qian Mom Cook" in South China Headquarters, and on the store, online applet and vegetable bar on the line 12 preform.

Feng Weihua, general manager of Qian Dafa Company, said that the company accelerates the preform industry, relying on its own supply chain system, cold chain distribution system, etc., can meet the short-term prefabricated vegetable transport demand for short-term prefabrication of C-terminal consumers, and realize the prefabricated dish. " Road overtaking.

According to reports, Qian Mom layout prefabricated vegetables, will be promoted in conjunction with the previous "Niqing" model. That is, fresh ingredients are used to make short-term quality preform. At present, Qian Dam has cooperated with chain catering such as farming and Guangzhou wine, seeking new growth points outside the community.

According to Feng Weihua's data mentioned in an interview, the domestic preform market has reached 300 billion yuan, and it is still growing at 20% of the year.

Is it a good choice to cut into the preform market at this time?

"It seems that the prefabricated dish seems to be a wind, but I think the future of the competition is very fierce, and Qian Mom as a community operator, he is doing this piece without any advantage, especially in cost." Zhu Danpo told the Radar Finance.

Since the second half of last year, fresh e-commerce has undergone a round of shuffling, many brands have entered the prefabricated vegetables on the air, including a daily player, and a player and boxers.

On the other hand, consumers treat preform is quite "cold" than the hottest and capital of the merchant and capital. A consumer said that many preforms are fry in the proportion of the machine, and the taste is general. A person can occasionally eat, a family's words are not too good.

Zhu Danpo also believes that prefabricated vegetables are in China, and they have not truly entered the node of "production and sales. Although the capital is very enthusiastic, the industrial end is very passion, but the consumer end is not too much desire.

Can Qian Mom do a good job in prefabrication? Radar Finance will continue to pay attention.

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