2021 Hu Run China 500 is released, more than 30 food and beverage companies

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2021 Hu Run China 500 is released, more than 30 food and beverage companies

2022-01-20 12:04:31 20 ℃

2021 Hu Run China 500 strong release, more than 30 food and beverage companies on the list | Blue Shark Consumer Morning Post on January 20

▍ Short video + live band, new consumption news

1. Open e-commerce function to the US market users to the US market

2, Taobao announced the 2022 live incentive plan to support the central waist and new people

3, Media: Tiktok Global Marketing Supervisor Nick TRAN has left

4, Xinrui skin care brand "C coffee" won SIG investment

5, functional food beverage brand "source" continuously completed two rounds of financing, cumulative amount reached tens of millions

6, "Easy Law" to complete nearly 10 million angel round financing

7, Chinese fan A animation brand "Motor Nuclear" completed tens of millions of annuality round financing

8. Family intelligent fitness equipment providers have received a new round of strategic financing

9. Sports Technology Company "Snow Science and Technology" has won two rounds of financing

10. Vietnamese social agent platform MIO received $ 8 million a round financing

11. Seven Xintian submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange motherboard listing application, for the domestic largest seafood chain restaurant

12. Second-handed shoes trading platforms Stockx or will be listed: founded 6 years of market value of $ 38 billion

13, Anta Sports: It is expected that net profit growth in 2021 is not less than 35%

14, Yuanqi Forest 2021 year sales reached 7.5 billion

15. Yonghui enters the lemon drink track

16, Qian Mom responded to all Beijing store: passenger traffic does not meet the expected level

17. Rui cafe considers returning to Nasdaq, and people know the fastest or will be carried out at the end of this year.

18, where to go online business range new cosmetics sales

19, Xiaohong Book prosecutors to other four virtual fake grass tongue platforms, MCN institutions

20, 2021 Hu Run China 500 is released, more than 30 food and beverage companies

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[Wukang Road - Anfu Road: Offline Adventure in New Consumer Brand]

Because of the size of the scale, the road network in some parts of Shanghai, the road network in the center of Shanghai will be described as a "delicate urban texture". In the past year, the most discussed in this texture may be the Wukang Road - Anfu Road Street.

According to the four worlds (Wukang Road - Anfu Road - Urumqi Middle Road - Huaihai Middle Road), the range of the zone is like a small boots falling in the city center. There are more than 90 historic buildings in the historic building, with an average of 88.5 years, which is equivalent to the history of Shanghai since the opening.

In the past two or three years, this neighborhood has been welcoming more than ten brands including harmay words plum, Looknow, more fish, three and a half, and summer. If you press the year or take the first physical store, the average age of these brands is not more than 5 years old, and some even lack experience in the store. But it doesn't matter, they all take out the cutting edge creativity and products, and they will fight for the signboard.

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