Remediation of tax evasion, misappropriation, don't forget this new tool

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Remediation of tax evasion, misappropriation, don't forget this new tool

2022-01-20 12:07:25 25 ℃

[Wen / Observer Net Column Author Jin Zhong]

At the beginning of 2022, the latest version of China's digital RMB app is online at Apple Store and Android Store. At present, it is said that there have been a digital wallet that has been connected to this official app, and the new version also adds multiple functions such as transfer, queries. In addition to the app wallet, the style selection of the hardware wallet of the digital RMB has gradually increased, and today's card, ski gloves, watches and other wearable devices can be digital wallets. The upcoming Winter Olympics will also fully integrate various applications and experiences of digital RMB.

From this series of actions we can see that the promoters still want the digital renminbi to be more widely recognized and accepted. So what is the current application prospect of digital RMB?

At the daily consumption level, digital RMB relative to other payment methods actually does not have any advantages. At present, the broadest network payment method for domestic applications is Alipay and WeChat payment, and the two have basically saved the domestic consumer payment market.

Consumers are both convenient and fast when using Alipay and WeChat payment, and they have not taken any costs, which makes digital renminbi's low cost and trading fast characteristics. When using Alipay, WeChat payment and digital renminbi will need consumers to sacrifice some personal privacy. At this point, everyone will be different.

Since several payment methods itself is not obvious, then the real situation is - Alipay back to China's largest e-commerce platform, WeChat payment rely on China's largest social network platform, platform advantage plus multi-year training Consumers usage habits, which leads to the huge advantage of Alipay and WeChat payment.

Of course, the digital renminbi and Alipay, the WeChat payment is not necessarily competitive, and it should be a complementary relationship. Digital RMB is a legal currency, and consumers can use digital RMB in App Alipay, WeChat payment. Soon after the digital RMB APP update, consumers can also start using digital renminbi on WeChat payment, Jingdong, US Mission and other platforms.

In the case of the technical characteristics of the digital RMB, we have analyzed that due to the technical characteristics of the digital RMB, it can be theoretically reduced the intermediate link. Therefore, the biggest advantage of using digital RMB is that transaction cost is reduced and the payment speed is fast. At this point, you can't feel it in the consumer side, but it should be more obvious compared to current payment methods on commercial payment and financial payment.

Therefore, when actually promoting digital RMB, the center of gravity needs to be placed on the application scenario other than the consumer side.

For example, some foreign trade partners cannot use the International Banking System for a variety of reasons to use the International Banking system to pay deals, and if the bank is paid, the exchange service will undertake the risk of being sancted. In this case, digital RMB technology can do not pay by banks, avoiding the risk of being sancted. However, whether the theoretical effect can be achieved in the specific practical applications, still need to work together to continuously improve and improve in practical operations.

In addition to international trade, the digital RMB scene can be apparent. In domestic trade financial payment activities, what can the digital RMB can apply?

In addition to the lower transaction costs, the digital renminbi can record the information of each trading, which is also an important feature. Although this information will cause the privacy of user privacy, it is a huge advantage of many of the digital Renminbi for many funds that need publicly transparent funds.

A typical example is charity donation. China has established a great goal of common prosperity. We also encourage wealthy classes to help those poverty and people through charity. Through reference to the tax system of Europe and America, many people want to increase the amount of donations for the donation of the taxation of charity donations in the tax law in the tax law. Of course, there are also many doubts that are worried that some people will defraud tax discount through fake donations.

At the end of 2021, "Queen" Viria Viria was a fine of 1.341 billion news of tax evasion tax, which triggered attention. (The picture shows Viya to carry out the red test color)

Digital renminbi can record the functions of each transfer to both parties, which reflects its advantage. Donating from donors has been a contributing to a contributing, the digital RMB can record the flow of funds on the entire donation chain. Donors can clearly know if they donate money, I really reach those who need help, the tax authorities can clearly know if these donations are really existed.

Of course, many people still want anonymous to help those who need help, do not care about the tax concessions, digital RMB does not apply to donations. However, for companies and individuals who wish to get tax-giving discounts, sacrifice a little privacy, increase the transparency of donation funds, and ensure that funds can indeed flow to the place, should be the results of all parties.

Another digital RMB application scenario that needs to be publicly transparently funded, is the use of financial grants, especially those for their own special financial allocations. In many government news and public documents, we can see the expressions "Strengthening the Management and Supervision of Special Funds, Ensuring Franchise Special, It is strictly forbidden to crowd with special funds". At this stage, the management of financial funds is increasingly strict, but using digital RMB allocation of financial funds, it can improve management efficiency more steps from technology, and the management department can master the funds at any time through digital RMB transaction records. Correct use.

In the above two examples, the characteristics of social public welfare attributes and public finance expenditures determine that privacy needs to make the public transparent to fund flow, and digital RMB is providing this help. In 2020, the national government's financial expenditure has a total of 24.5 trillion yuan, and the domestic acceptance of charity is 225.3 billion yuan, and the application prospects in digital RMB in non-profit industry should be said very broad.

Digital RMB (Xinhuanet Information)

In profitable business and financial areas, digital renminbi and block chains have many potential applications. For example, foreign financial institutions are trying to use private digital currency and block chain technology to explore decentralized financial financing. These explorations currently mainly regarding private digital currencies (such as bitcoin) as an asset, developed through asset mortgage or pledge to develop borrowing markets, essentially and stock pledges.

But some time, the legal contract strictly specifies the use of funds, and the digital RMB has a suitable application space.

An example is the pre-sale price of the purchase person to pay, essentially buying a house to build a house to the real estate developer, and should be special. However, many real estate developers demolition the east wall to make up the Western Wall to use the pre-sale of gold in other places, seriously damage the rights of buyers, and the recent debt crisis of Evergrande has exploded many cases.

Among the similar financing scenarios in the commercial market, there are a lot of special funds. Many times the creditor wants their rights to get more guarantees and willing to use more favorable interest conditions to exchange the principal, digital RMB and even numbers. Contract technology can provide a new idea to meet this type of financing, the People's Bank and other financial regulatory authorities should consider support and help such financial innovation.

In short, the digital RMB is still a new thing. At present, many promotion efforts are still in the stage of letting you contact, know this new thing. To make the digital RMB to play its own technical features, providing effectively and effective assistance in economic development and public administration, urgent financial industry and regulatory authorities to pioneering ideas, bold try, and constantly innovate.