And the B station small red book, etc.What is the purpose of knowing the breeding of grass?

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And the B station small red book, etc.What is the purpose of knowing the breeding of grass?

2022-01-20 12:05:18 18 ℃

According to the news report, recently, knowing the first content ecological partner conference, issuing a number of plans to attract creators and MCN. It has always emphasized the "professional content" to try to strengthen commercial operation with the idea of ​​content breeding - Knowing Vice President pays Ji Ren said, and then know that the focus of the content marketing from the content to user consumption decision. Specifically, "Component Party", "Equipment Party", "Health Party" (creators in the fields of skin care, digital, etc.) will be the focus of focus. Fu Jianren said that through these creators, the platform provides content solutions for brand customers in different development phases.

In fact, I know that I started the recruitment of MCN early in 2019, but after I was listed in March 202, I officially released the "Cheese Platform", connect creators and brand customers. In addition, Zhigue "Good Book Recommended" function can support jump links, and the cooperative e-commerce platform includes Jingdong, Taobao, spelling a lot.

At the same time, "content breeding" also gives it to know about business structure: It is understood that in 2020, I have to launch a commercial service, mainly providing online marketing solutions for merchants and brands, including business content and Marketing tool.

According to the statistics of the data mechanism, the beautiful makeup skin care, the Internet and food beverage is the industry in which the KOL amount is most.

To be honest, see what the large-scale planting layout is found at this time. It is actually unpleasant, then what should we see this?

First of all, we must understand that the development of the development of the development of the current market has become a key point of the market development, and it is actually a very normal phenomenon. After all, in the process of the development of the community market in recent years, more and more platforms Starting to find a variety of grass has become a very important market competition point, whether it is a small red book that places the grass, it is a large-scale layout, and it is actually breeding the grass. After all, for most Chinese consumers, it is difficult to fully understand the goods you need to buy. At this time, you can clear whether this product is needed in a short time, so it has achieved knowledge. Get to purchase a complete set of market development systems. If this time, the platform can take the opportunity to be effectively involved, then it is undoubtedly able to get a better market development level in the market, and obtain strong market competitiveness, which is why these years of cultivation is increasingly become the entire Internet market. Focus on focus.

Secondly, these years are accompanied by the rapid rise of grass trails. In fact, more and more commercial enterprises have begun to realize the importance of breeding grass for market competition, so we have seen a lot of business institutions to be willing to invest more. More resources and funds, also pay more costs, so in this case, if you want to get these advertisers, more investment thus form more profit breeding, will undoubtedly become comparison Good market choice. For knowing, it is known as a platform that is rising, and the same breeding knowledge is also a class, but also gives a strong profit income to the platform, so knowing in this regard. The layout seems to be a symposium, and it is also very valuable.

Third, for the current knowing, it is known that the Chinese is a very important social platform. It is an effective question and answer community. We see that there is a big similarity in this area. At the location, the young user group is very high, if it is known to have something to plant the grass track, and if you enlarge your own advantages, it is very likely that it is good to get it on the grass. The results we see that the products that know how to know how to know the object have been quite good, this is also a valid trial.

Fourth, know not only to plant grass more trees. If the breeding of grass mentioned is a track, but a simple breeding of the grass has also existed more or less the development of the year. For example, true and false is difficult, and the content is mixed, and this problem is It is proposed not only the logic of not only breeding, but the so-called tree can not only give consumers a better content consumption environment, but also provide a more scientific and system-wide growth path to the brand. After all, compared to other platforms, I know that I have always been a special platform with high quality and high-quality talents. I know the Lord is also a group of professional people - such as scientists, post-doctors, sea return, name Enterprises background talents, they either professional practitioners, or a senior enthusiast. Such a professional person is often more effective than traditional breeding, so we can think that we want to stand out from planting grass, build a newly updated world with a tree.