Sequoia China New Infrastructure Fund completed raised, Bo Feng is the biggest LP

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Sequoia China New Infrastructure Fund completed raised, Bo Feng is the biggest LP

2022-01-20 12:06:48 25 ℃

On January 20th, the seashocity of China has completed the Hui China New Infrastructure Equity Investment Fund (referred to as "Sequoia China New Infrastructure Fund", SCIF).

The establishment of the new infrastructure fund is the 17-year successful experience in the three fields of science and technology, consumption, and medical health, a milestone new product.

According to the information disclosed in Sequoia, the new fund investment direction will mainly cover new energy infrastructure, high standard logistics, cold storage, data center, new economic industrial park, high-end manufacturing plant, biomedicine industrial park, etc.

Sequoia China Powerful New Infrastructure

The China New Infrastructure Fund attracted many well-known institutions including international sovereign funds, pension funds, asset management companies, focusing on the basic construction of the three fields of digital economy, new energy and life science to help it Development, promoting depth integration with the entity economy.

In recent years, new infrastructure investments have provided solid backing for China's rapidly developed new economy and high-end manufacturing industries.

Shen Nanpeng, the founder of the Chinese executive partner, and the selection of sequa, the founding and executive partner: "Spring China New Infrastructure Fund will become another power to help Chinese entrepreneurs to achieve the enterprise vision of China's entrepreneurs Choose. Bo Feng is a professional investment institution in the field of infrastructure. We are very happy to cooperate with its cooperation to support Chinese companies on the development path. "

Bo Feng is the biggest LP

In the Squec China New Infrastructure Fund, Brookfield Asset Management is the largest LP investor and strategic investment partner.

Bo Feng is one of the largest alternative asset management companies in the world. Global assets reached $ 650 billion, focusing on investment in real estate, infrastructure, and renewable energy, which is $ 12 billion in China's management assets.

Bo Feng is not only a giant, the size of the blackstone, but also known as the Blackstone, which is called "Canada's Buffett" due to unique value investment philosophy.

In 2021, Yang Qi Yang, the person in charge of the private equity of private equity in the front black stone, joined Bo Feng and served as the head of the Greater China and private equity.

Mr. Bruce Flatt, CEO of Bo Feng Asset Management, said: "Bo Feng and Spruce China's strategic cooperation is strong union, plus the business strength of Oaktree Capital, so that we can grow for business Entrepreneurs offers a holistic solution. We look forward to cooperation with sewed China to help China's most potential growth and development. "