US stocks have fallen in the whole line, stocks to buy vegetables fall nearly 24%

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US stocks have fallen in the whole line, stocks to buy vegetables fall nearly 24%

2022-01-20 12:05:31 17 ℃

On January 20th, China New Jingwei, Iron Time Wednesday, US stocks three indexes high, and the nation fell over 1%. Specifically, as of the closing, the road refers to a drop of 339.82 points, the decline is 0.96%, and the report is 166.64 points; the decline is 1.15%, the decline is 14340.26 points; the S & P 500 index fell 44.35 points, 0.97%, decline 4532.76 points.

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US stocks' large-scale technology stocks have dropped, Apple fell 2.65%, Amazon fell 1.65%, and Nafei rose 0.65%, Google fell 0.45%, and his face was 0.45%, Microsoft rose 0.22%.

Most of the bank stocks fell, JPMorgan Datong fell 1.54%, high Sweet 1.96%, Citi fell 1.59%, Morgan Stanley rose 1.85%, US Bank rose 0.41%, and rich banks fell 1.96%.

The anti-vlotenic concept stocks have fallen throughout the line, and Moderna fell 6.72%. Geely science fell 1.93%, Novakse pharmaceutical fell 6.21%, Biontech fell 4.47%, and Pfizer fell 1.05%.

The aviation stock is low, the Boeing fell 3.52%, US Airlines fell 3.3%, Delta Airlines fell 1.82%, and Southwest Airlines fell 2.2%, and United Airlines fell 2.65%.

Top Overt-China stocks fell, 咚 买 菜 fell 23.88%, Bo-music fell 13.29%, An Gao Meng fell 11.52%, and the daily decreased 10.42%, and the Group fell 8.76%, and the project farmers fell 8.7%. Alibaba fell 0.69%. In terms of gain, micro-beauty rose 16.73%, everyone has risen by 15.29%, Hilway metal mining rose 10.4%, 36 rose 6.86%, the future rose 6.82%, more than 4.58%, Netease rose 1.69%, Baidu Up 1.01%. New Energy Car Unit is low, and it is a discount of 3.24%, and Xiaopeng cars fell 7.43%, and the ideal car fell 3.97%.

In the European stock market, 100 stock average price index of the "Financial Times" of the London stock market in the UK reported 7589.66 points, up 26.11 points from the previous trading day, the increase of 0.35%; the French Paris stock market CAC40 index was reported to 7172.98 points, than before A trading day rose 39.15 points, a rose by 0.55%; the DAX index of the Frankfurt stock market in Germany reported at 15809.72 points, up 37.16 points from the previous trading day, and the increase of 0.24%.

In terms of international oil prices, WTI March crude oil futures rose by 1.14% and reported $ 85.80 / barrel. Brent March crude oil futures rose 0.93 US dollars, increased by 1.06%, and reported $ 88.44 / barrel.

In terms of international gold prices, the most active February gold futures market in New York Mercantile Exchange rose $ 30.8 more than $ 1843.2 per ounce, an increase of 1.7% over the previous trading day.

In terms of the US dollar index, as of the New York City Tail, Measurement Dollars fell 0.22% to 95.5180 to the US dollar index of six major currencies. (China New Jingwei APP)