Opening: Three major indices collectively open Shanghai-Shanghai finger down 0.05% new crown special medicine concept stocks

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Opening: Three major indices collectively open Shanghai-Shanghai finger down 0.05% new crown special medicine concept stocks

2022-01-20 12:04:50 22 ℃

Little Finance and World of Finance on January 20th, the three major indices of A shares will open, and the new crown special medicine concept stocks have led. As of today's opening, Shanghai is reported 3556.23 points, falling 0.05%; deep into a 14188.51 point, falling 0.13%; creating a report of 3072.39 points, falling 0.12%.


1. The State Council executive meeting decided to continue the implementation of partially expired tax reduction and tax reduction policy, support enterprises to bail and develop.

2, the central bank announcement, in order to strengthen the expected management, promote the LPR release time and the financial market operation time is better, and the LPR release time is adjusted at 9:30 am to 9:30 am.

3, according to China News, Netchuan "The" Internet Enterprise Listed and Investment Operations Specifications "is inexpensive, the Central Website Office has never introduced this document.

4. The Nine Department of the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Some Opinions on Promoting the Health and Sustainable Development of Platform Economics", strictly investigate and deal with the monopoly agreement in the platform economy, abuse market dominance, strictly standardize the platform enterprises investment in stock financial institutions and local financial organizations .

5. According to the World Times, Reuters reported that Reuters reported that the US government extends "black hand" to Alibaba Cloud, and the US government is reviewing Alibaba's cloud storage business to determine whether it is "the risk of national security for US countries".

6. Peng Huang, a spokesman, said in 19th, said, steadily promoting the restructuring integration in the fields of steel, and the timely study of new central enterprises.

7. The State-owned Assets Middle School said in 19th that 2021 central enterprises achieved operating income of 36.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.5% year-on-year, achieving net profit of 1.8 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.8%.

8. The General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting Inner and Foreign Trade Integration Development), encouraged conditions for large-scale commerce, logistics companies to" go out ", support the development of multinational large-scale supply chain services, and improve international competitiveness.

9. According to the Guangdong Provincial Medicine Trading Center, "Guangdong Union Pharmaceutical Purchase Document", blood products enter the quantity procurement range, specifically involve intravenous immunoglobulin (pH4), human immunoglobulin, etc. Variety.

10. For recent media questioning "Ren Zenping and Dongwu Securities (8.530, -0.0.12%) are rumored cooperation," Fin Federation, reporters, exclusive, Ren Zeping strategies, etc. need to pass through Dongwu securities compliance Review, the point of view published by independent scholars does not represent the position of Dongwu Securities.

11. According to the distributor news, the market price of Maotai 1935, which has just announced the priced by the previous day, has risen to 1650 yuan / bottle, and nearly 40%, even in other terminal channels, the product has been stirred up to 1800 yuan / bottle.

12. The State Council Joint Investigation Team conducted serious investigation and treatment of the problems of China 's Petroleum Fuel Oil Company invested imported crude oil, and recovered the violation of the law.

13. Liu Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, January 19th to 18 o'clock, Beijing New 5 cases of native nucleic acid detection positive.

14. Changchun high-tech response growth hormone products are included in the Guangdong Provincial Medicine Collection: Active research policy provisions and will rationally formulate programs.

15. Jiu'an Medical In 2021 purity is pre-increased by 271% -395% year-on-year; multifluoro is expected to increase by 2430% -2635% year-on-year; Salt Lake shares have a 2021 purity of 90% -110%; The profit increased by 45.55% year-on-year; Hengshui Shares were 66% -81% year-on-year.

16. Cuiwei shares said that the new digital renminbi in Hydo will not have a significant impact on operating results; massive data controlling shareholders intend to reduce the shares of not over 2.42%.

17. Association of Zhixin Canke and Deep Science and Technology will cooperate with heavy card power exchange technology; Wanli stocks intended to purchase 48.95% equity, stock reputation.

18. China Telecom Announcement, the company's stock closing price has been less than 20 trading days below the adjusted net asset value, which will determine the specific stable stock price measures with the controlling shareholders.

19. The three major indices of the US stocks overnight were once again fallen. The Nag finger fell by 1.15%, down 10.7% from November 19 last year, entered the technical callback interval; the road refers to falling 0.96%, and the S & P 500 index fell 0.97%. It has a new low since its creation; the new energy car plate has fallen before, Xiaopeng cars fell over 7%, and Tesla fell over 3%.

Branch Morning Alpinity Courier:

1 Haitong Securities: Grasping the stable growth main line, waiting for the market to stabilize

Haitong Securities said that it is approaching the Spring Festival holiday, market funds have a wait-and-see, and the pre-holiday index will still be in the bottom stage. For specific sectors, on the one hand, due to the window period of the annual report of the annual report, the market fund will increase the focus on the performance of the performance. On the other hand, because this year's market is based on steady growth, the loose monetary fiscal policy is conducive to further boosting the market's expectation of the market to the big finance and new and old infrastructure. On the other hand, some epidemic concept-related stocks have increased a large increase, and investors need to be cautious. Subsequent attention can be appropriately paid attention to the new crowned medicines related sections, because the first new crowned medicines in China are expected to be listed this year.

2 Sheng Sheng Securities: The market's money-making effect has been repaired. The rise and decline in the stage is to say that the Shanghai Shen has pointed out that the Shanghai depth is reported, but the number of stocks in the two cities has increased and the number of daily limit is better than Tuesday, The market make money effect has been repaired, and the north to the countervailing of the funds is also an active signal. Under the steady policy expectation, the market has limited space, which will also publish LPR quotations today, and pay attention to whether the LPR offer can be subjected to MLF interest rates. At present, the market is still in the weak vulnerability pattern, pay attention to the rhythm, and should not catch up. It is recommended to pay attention to the position control, pay attention to the stable growth main line related big infrastructure (architecture, building materials, furniture), short-term active metocular, digital economy, some medical stocks, and annual reports expected better stock opportunities.

3 Guotai Junan: After the variety of liquor values, the value is highlighted and recommended to increase the three main lines.

Guotai Junan Research News believes that white wine opens red, stock low to achieve a good start, expecting subsequent peak seasonal performance to present regional differentiation, price differentiation, scene division, all-year high-end steady, long-term continuation, regional structure upgrade, head The advantage of the wine enterprise products, the capacity of the channels, the value of the ALPHA, the value of the valuation is high, the value is high, it is recommended to increase the three main lines: 1) Stick to the high-end value: Maotai, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao; 2) Growth Retained: Shanxi Wine, Irson Wine; 3) Regional Three Swordsmen Welcomes Gong, Today, Ancient Yu Gong, etc.

4 Shanxi Securities: Market "Structure Cow" trend does not change, it is recommended to pay attention to digital economic sector opportunities

Shanxi Securities said that the current asset price has been partially fulfilled, and the A-share market has no change in the next reaction or relatively "calm" in the subsequent loose policy. It is recommended to configure the upper weight and low valuation market blue chief, focus Pay attention to the digital economic sector with the effective advantage and the opportunity of the medium and long-term trend.