Huang Wei also can't think of it, spelling more than this time.

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Huang Wei also can't think of it, spelling more than this time.

2022-01-20 12:08:19 45 ℃

In recent years, the e-commerce industry has developed rapidly, and the Ali and Jingdong's development and development have become two giants in the domestic e-commerce industry.

Fighting a lot of chances of sinking the market, with the support of Tencent's traffic, through the unique "cutting a knife" and other marketing models, the user's rapid growth, directly transforming the e-commerce industry into the "three strong hegemony" .

Although there are many developments, it has always been negative news, but this has not influenced its development.

A lot of founders Huang Wei is very young, but it is very uncommon. He has created a lot of rapid rise in many years, and the market value quickly exceeded Jingdong. The monthly life users once more than Taobao, which also made Huang Wei's value quickly improved.

However, when the peak of many developments, Huang Wei chose an emergency rolling, resigned from the chairman, away from management, and claimed to pay attention to scientific research. This decision made everyone very unexpected, but he did not move in his hand.

After that, a lot of spells continued to advance. However, Huang Wei also can't think of it, spelling a lot of really lost!

There are many marketing patterns, advertising is everywhere, I believe everyone has seen its advertisements in many places. And a lot of advertisements are also very special, some let you look like advertising, but let you have a click idea.

Whether it is used or has not been used, everyone should know "cut a knife". This should be the most memorable thing in a lot of marketing models, because many people should have been pulled to help "cut a knife".

And "cutting a knife" can rise, focusing on its prizes are very attractive, many are valuable products.

And "cutting a knife" is simply understood, just as long as you pull someone to help. However, if you want to get it is not easy, you can win a few a few in a few, most people can never be cut, always just a little.

Many people think this is a routine, but some people "chop success", so few people choose more real.

However, this "cutting a knife" is still a lot of a lawyer. The lawyer chose more real, directly speaking, giving the court to complaints about the constructing fraud.

The lawyer participated in a lot of "bargaining free" activities, the goal is to cut into a product worth 2799 yuan, but after the invitation of multi-person bargain, it will last 0.9%, so this is fraud behavior.

The reason is that it is considered that there are many confrontation rules that are suspected of violating the principle of honesty, using false data concealing rules, using human weaknesses and purchase payment services, only to increase their APP active number and income, has constituted fraud.

This prosecution is actually almost a year. Nowadays, this lawsuit has finally explained.

However, a lot of explanation is that no one can think of it, and the reason why 0.9% is always displayed is that the page shows a limited number of percentage bits. Because the cut is 0.01 yuan, the proportion is 0.009996427%, so the page display value is different.

How, unexpected, melon is 嗡, this reason you want to think about it. It is necessary to blame you to blame your screen, and you can't display that most values. Fighting more this explanation, really refreshed people's cognition!

However, spelling more explanation, in fact, it is not understanding, which is simply exposed to the inside of marketing.

It is actually a loss of spelling, and the lawsuit is "fraud", and the lawsuit is quite "embarrassing".

The businessman is blends, and it is really worthy of "fraud", so it will be true. However, only the lawsuit of such a lawsuit, take the "cutting a knife", leaked such an important marketing confidential, worth it?

Moreover, although it is not confidential, can such interpretation allow consumers to convince, the consequences of causing greater. Isn't it worth 2799 yuan, lose the trust of consumers for this, and the consequences can not be embarrassed.

So, can you continue after "cutting a knife" later? This is a lot of official explanation, so that more people understand the routine, it will inevitably affect the enthusiasm of these activities, and cut a knife attractive will naturally decline.

However, in fact, a lot of "chopping a knife" has basically completed its drawning task. At present, more active users of many active users have been as high as 867 million. Data display, then use "cutting a knife" to draw new, the meaning is not too big.

A lot of business models have also begun to transfer from incremental operations to stocks, which should be more real reasons.

In fact, the problem is not that "cutting a knife" can continue, but people have gradually lost interest, many people are inconsistent, have already decided that no matter who doesn't help, but still someone Leo will not.

Take a lot of energy to grow, naturally have its market, especially in helping farmers. Next, I hope that you can pay more attention to the consumer experience, and you will bear the social responsibility, so you can get long-term development!