Microsoft is 68.7 billion US dollars to acquire moving blizzard, hard-working money, the game dreams?

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Microsoft is 68.7 billion US dollars to acquire moving blizzard, hard-working money, the game dreams?

2022-01-20 12:04:44 18 ℃

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This few days Microsoft did a big event.

Recently, Microsoft directly answered the game giants directly across the game giants in cash, with a total transaction amount of $ 68.7 billion (approximately RMB 436.4 billion), which is a spending of Microsoft's history. .

What is the astronomical figure of $ 68.7 billion? Buying the entire Netease company is more than enough, almost buy 30 teams of the NBA Alliance.

What is the moving blizzard? As of now, moving Blizzard is the world's largest game developer and publisher, and even more than Tencent's business scale (if Tencent can't be called a game company if you speak from pure business). Any game IP can take it out in the game industry: Call of Duty, StarCraft, Warcraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo, so far, the Call of Duty series is still the world's most profitable game IP one.

Thanks to the painting of the moving blizzard, Microsoft is promoted to the world's third big game giants, and after the column of Tencent, Sony. Dianshi blizzard was swallowed in the mouth of Microsoft, and completely disrupted the pattern of the world game industry. The company's share price in the game industry also ushered in a big move. In addition to moving the blizzard direct daily limit, the stock price of multiple game companies fell, Especially the main competitors Sony, only one day of time Sony's market value evaporates nearly 20 billion US dollars.

Why is Microsoft to spend such a high price? What sparks can Microsoft and moving blizzards?

Microsoft's game dream

How much determination is made by Microsoft this swallowing?

According to estimates, Microsoft's acquisition of moving blizzard premium is about 45%, that is, Microsoft is purchased with high-exploitation of Blizzard stock prices, and Microsoft 2020-2021 fiscal year operating cash net traffic is 76.74 billion US dollars, this A 68.7 billion US dollars means that Microsoft uses 11 months of business net cash flow.

Microsoft's determination stems from a "game dream", Microsoft's chasing "game dream" can be said that it has arrived. This can be seen from the Xbox program that Microsoft claims even after 2000.

At that time, the world's largest two game machine manufacturers were more powerful for Nintendo and Sony, Sony relied PS2 (final sales reached 1 billion), and Nintendo leaned against NGC alone. At this time, Microsoft debuted with the game dream.

Microsoft has rely on operating system, office software, etc. Even the Sony, one of the game giants, because the research and development of PS3, was forced to even sell the headquarters building. Because Sony is too fierce on the PS3, there is no sales in the price. Microsoft is willing to raise such a big risk, and it is hard to use money to smash a game host - xbox.

From the performance, Xbox exceeded the PS2, from the promotion, the North American market XBOX also urged the NGC of heaven. But at this time, Microsoft encountered an incomparable problem - with a host, no game. A game host without too many games is not likely to be favored by the market, so Xbox can only look at the taillights of the PS2 after their body.

It is pointed out that at that time, Microsoft culled into the game mainfield, a large reason is that Microsoft started from software, and he has been "hard" in hardware, and in the PC field, there is Dell, HP, IBM Waiting for the blockage (Microsoft launched Surface in recent years, it has become a PC market). Only the game host is less opponents, so Microsoft chooses to select hardware breakthroughs from the game host area, which later breaks around the mobile phone field. The mobile phone launched a Lumia brand can also see, but Microsoft's mobile phone business is also finally folded.

After Microsoft touched the nail on Xbox, it was still unclaimed to launch the second generation of XBOX360. This time, Microsoft has smartly: Isn't a game? It doesn't matter that I have money. What is the best RPG game in the world? The final fantasy series of Skwell is deserved. Microsoft directly chooses to spend a giant investment, "Final Fantasy's father" Sakukou, is used to build a game "can shocked the game industry" game - "Lost Odyssey".

Leading a high salary Sakukou, work, is particularly selling, and even spending gold, please call the Herko (the authors of the dunk "personally check the 3D modeling of the character, the script writer returned (Japanese contemporary writer) verify each dialog in the game But because the "lost Odyssey" is too large, the game has been extended again, the R & D budget of the game has also been added again, and the final game's research and development costs have not been able to publish the land on the outside world (there is a game magazine estimated cost more than $ 100 million), Microsoft is the "heavy game" like this, and finally with the Xbox360 stones the sea.

Sakukou blog has even unwilling to file this game, in the face of the media interview with Sakukou, said: "It was pushed to do games like a black boat ..."

Microsoft has also learned from this matter to a lesson: doing games cannot be done in person. This is also difficult for Microsoft, I didn't do the game's talent, nothing, I have money. Since then, Microsoft opened the purchase of buying bought in the acquisition of game studios, and Microsoft's Xbox burning series came to the third generation, the fourth-generation product Xbox One, Xbox Series. In 2011, Microsoft acquired the game manufacturer Zipline, and developed a well-known game "War Machine"; in 2014, Microsoft acquired Swedish game company Mojang, the world's most famous sandbox game "My World" in $ 2.5 billion. Income in the income.

In 2020, Microsoft acquired Bethesda's parent company with $ 7.5 billion prices, thoroughly put the American RPG "The Elder Scroll", "Grand Theft Warrior" and "Radiation" series all into the arms. In 2020, Microsoft even wanted to buy a well-known Platinum Studio (the evil attorney, Hunting angel the developer), but the Platinum Studio lost autonomy in the studio after Microsoft's income. Microsoft.

Microsoft's game studio is more countless. In 2007, Microsoft purchased Bigpark, returned to the racing game "Holiday Big Car"; 2011, Microsoft and Twisted Pixel, Leisure Game "Pet Alien" and "Explosives" become a member; 2010, Microsoft Buy Press Play; 2018, Microsoft swallowed and obsidian ...

As of now, Microsoft has more than 20 game studios, until it eventually swallowed the blizzard. This means that Microsoft has many IP assets, allowing these games to become the first IP game of Xbox, which is close to Microsoft's game dreams.

What kind of spark can Microsoft blizzard?

Microsoft's experience in this acquisition of the blizzard is actually not exciting, because moving Blizzard is in the most difficult moment in history, and Microsoft also uses some "unconventional" means.

Some foreign media pointed out that Microsoft was in November 2021 in November 2021, and the person in charge of the Microsoft Xbox department announced that it would reassess and the cooperation of moving blizzard. Previously, the blizzard did have an internal existence of discrimination and sexual harassment, but there was no stealing, and the Microsoft executives were equal to the "judgment" for moving blizzard.

This directly leads to the sharp decline in the stock price of moving blizzard and fell to the bottom of the valley after a few weeks. Because Microsoft's remarks of moving blizzard's remarks, the staff of the moving blizzard began to support Microsoft's acquisition, and there was a sharply pointed out that Microsoft gave a knife that moved the blizzard.

The moving Blizzard has been ill. Blizzard has also had a brilliant history of "Blizzard, must be boutique", but since the merger of the Metacity Repeated scandal, etc.

In recent years, the blizzard has become a game company without any new work. There is no new game for many years, "Diablo 4" and "Watching Pioneer 2" are far from time to time. In addition, the previously profitable e-sports projects have been in a state of half-dead, and the world's local positions have long been unstable.

What is the most concerned about the market is that the stock price of moving Blizzard has not stopped signs from falling in June 2021. From the market reaction, the investor is optimistic about this Microsoft's acquisition. After Microsoft announces the acquisition, the shares of moving blizzard ushered in incredible rising, from the 57 US dollar that fell to low. It became $ 87, the increase of once reached 36%.

But many players do not optimize this acquisition, this can be seen from the many tesches circulated online:

There is a game industry, Li Wei, said to BT Finance, the biggest problem of moving blizzard is to lose innovation, and funds are not the biggest problem. This is a big problem with his internal management. Generally, there are creative game companies to adjust resources as the core. This game product is also more energetic, but the moving blizzard is currently responsible for internal management bureaucrats, everything With KPI as the core, do not make money, even if there is Microsoft to join this situation, let alone Microsoft consistently, do not rule out the next moving blizzard, there will be a leaving tide.

Li Wei also pointed out that this acquisition is definitely a good thing for Microsoft. It can make up for Microsoft's current game camp, which does not mean that Microsoft is full overwhelming, now Microsoft can say that there is And Sony's strength in the game host business.

The moving blizzard, I am afraid it is also the same, the CEO of the Movie Blizzard is not based on the Microsoft, and CEO of the moving Sprinkek has recently acquired several game media (PC Gamer) to control negative comments. The pressure is coming.

At present, whether the purchase of Microsoft and moving Blizzard can pass smoothly or unknown, because of anti-monopoly problem. However, according to the market, the possibility of "abortion" is generally predicted.

The market is more concerned about whether Microsoft can complete Microsoft "Game Dream" through this huge acquisition.

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